Old Southern BBQ Menu with Prices 2024

Old Southern BBQ menu USA is one of the leading quality food chains across the country. Their main purpose is to serve the best BBQ to all the BBQ lovers in the USA. Here you will get everything fresh and real quick. No need to wait for the tables, just enter in the store and place your order and it will be served instantly. Despite everything being made to perfection at Old Southern BBQ, the prices are budget friendly in order to serve the food to the middle cakes people. Here we will guide you through the complete Old Southern BBQ menu USA with prices:

Picked for you
Two Meat Platter$18.39
Slow Smoked Texas Beef Brisket$22.99
Smoked Wings Snack (5)$8.61
Smokey St. Louis Ribs (Slab)$32.19
Texas Hot Link$5.74

BBQ Bowls

As it is clear from the name itself, Old Southern BBQ menu specializes in making luscious BBQ dishes. These dishes are mostly available in the form of bowls. All the BBQ Bowls are really great in taste and have an appetizing odor. Their savory taste not only completes your cravings but also makes you energetic and healthy.

Memphis Bowl$12.64
Soul Bowl$12.64
Dixie Bowl$12.64
Build Your Own Bowl$12.64


In order to expand their menu and to appeal to more and more customers, Old Southern BBQ menu offers delicious and amazingly smokin’ sandwiches to the visitors. These sandwiches are of the best quality and tasteful. Moreover, you get a side with each sandwich you order from their Sandwiches menu. The taste is just awesome.

Pulled Pork Sandwich$8.63
Memphis Mayhem$9.76
Texas Hot Link Sandwich$7.48
Brisket Sandwich$10.91
Chopped Chicken Sandwich$9.76
Chicken Bacon Ranch!$10.91

Pitmaster Platters

The Pitmaster Platters section from the Old Southern BBQ menu is one of the best sellers and is, obviously, loved by everyone. You will get so much food in these Pitmaster platters. These are recommended to everyone who is planning to visit them in future.

Half Slab Rib Platter$18.39
Two Meat Platter$18.39
Pulled Pork Platter$13.79
Brisket Platter$18.39
Full Slab Rib Platter$34.49
Half Chicken Platter$13.79
Memphis Combo Platter$14.94
Texas Hot Link Platter$13.79

Salad and Chili

Salad and Chili are what make your food more aesthetic and tasty. At the Old Southern BBQ menu you are guaranteed to get the best and healthy salad and chili at perfectly  reasonable prices.

Southern Garden Salad$11.49
Side Salad$4.03

By the Pound

Another great thing about the Old Southern BBQ is its ‘By the Pound’ menu. In this menu you will get so many food options to choose from. Every item is made to perfection by the chefs and is served in pound weight, hence the name. You will be entertained with many tasty kinds of pork, ribs, brisket and so on.

1/2 Smoked Chicken$10.34
Texas Hot Link$5.74
Pulled Pork$17.24
Memphis Combo$17.24
Smokey St. Louis Ribs (Slab)$32.19
Slow Smoked Texas Beef Brisket$22.99

Kids Meals

One thing that makes the Old southern BBQ menu so great and famous is that it offers food for everyone like youth, kids and the older citizens. Kids Meals menu contains many savory food items for kids. Kids can enjoy their favorite Mac and Cheese, Tacos and many more items.

1/4 Chicken$6.31
Mac & Cheese$6.31
Pulled Pork Sandwich$6.31


The Old Southern BBQ menu USA boasts of serving the best beverages with its already marvelous food products.

Honey Kissed Lemonade$2.88
Aquafina Water (16.9 oz)$2.30

Legendary Sides

The Old Southern BBQ menu takes great pride while serving you. It’s one of the best sides at easily affordable prices. There are a lot of choices to pick from. Regular, pint and quart varieties of sides are the most ordered ones from the menu. You can get the sides of your liking with your ordered food from a vast variety of sides.

Mashed Potatoes$3.45
Jimmie Beans$3.45
Mac & Cheese$3.45
Cornbread Muffin Tops One Dozen$16.09
Cornbread Muffin Tops One Piece$1.44
BBQ Rice$3.45
Sweet Potatoes$2.35
Party Corn$3.45
Quick Cukes$3.45
Tangy Coleslaw$3.45
Creamy Coleslaw$3.45
Dill Potato Salad$3.45
Toasted Almond Cranberry Slaw$4.02

Smoked Wings

Wings are in trend among the food brands and Old Southern BBQ isn’t shy to serve them. Their Smoked Wings have a savory and brilliant taste. These Smoked Wings are so crispy and crunchy and are bound to satisfy your wings cravings.

Smoked Wings Snack (5)$8.61
Smoked Wings Regular (10)$16.09
Smoked Wings Cluck’n Ton (40)$59.79

Smokehouse Packs

The Old Southern BBQ menu cares a lot for its customers and as a sign of care, it has introduced Smokehouse Packs for its admirers. Via these packs, customers will get ample food to be enjoyed with friends and family.

Pitmaster’s Feast$80.49
Party Pack$64.39
Southern Sampler$26.44
Que For Two$34.49


Everyone needs something to conclude their meal so the Old Southern BBQ menu USA has added some yummy desserts to please your tummy.


About Old Southern BBQ

The Old Southern BBQ  is a quick-serve neighborhood BBQ Joint famous for its everyones favorite BBQs! All of their meats are smoked fresh daily, sauces, sides, and everything in between are made from scratch and served fresh. When you walk in, you’ll be greeted by the sweet and savory smell of hickory smoked meats which are cut fresh to order.  Moreover, no need to wait for the tables or service here, simply walk in and place your order and it will be served real quick. Carry-Out, Call Ahead, and Catering services are also available at the Old Southern BBQ.

Sprinkles Menu USA with Prices 

An experienced and award winning pitmaster named James Anderson, son of America’s Rib King ‘Famous Dave’ Anderson, had the revolutionary vision to bring the world’s best BBQ to all the BBQ-lovers across Wisconsin, as quickly as possible. As a celebration of the all-American backyard BBQ party, each of their restaurants is slightly different from the others, yet offers the same aesthetically inviting atmosphere to people of all kinds.

Ever since the birth of the Old Southern BBQ, ​James has been dedicated to taking the recipes he learned from his grandfather, Jimmie Anderson and making them the best of the best. With a menu that features quality meats, fresh produce, and award-winning sauces still handmade in small batches by their own experienced team, your taste buds are in for a treat!

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