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If you want to celebrate something then there’s nothing better than Sprinkles Menu which can help you. Sprinkles’ menu thrives to make your celebrations the best ones with its flawless and sweet Cakes, Cupcakes, Chocolates, and cookies. Every product has its own reputation among the customers. The prices are kept affordable no matter how amazing the quality is. Here is the complete Sprinkles Menu USA with prices:

Picked for you
Chocolate Marshmallow$6.25
Assorted Dozen Box$75.00
Lemon Blueberry$6.25
Vegan Red Velvet$6.25

The Sprinkles is the best in the business when it comes to making mellow, soft and yummy cupcakes. These cupcakes are the real deals. They have a savory taste and make you want more and more. Sprinkles’ Cupcakes menu has numerous varieties of Cupcakes ready to serve you. Just have a look at the menu, select your favorite cupcakes and they will be served in no time.

Red Velvet$6.00
Dark Chocolate$6.00
Black & White$6.00
Vanilla Milk Chocolate$6.00
Salty Caramel$6.00
Chocolate Marshmallow$6.25
Triple Cinnamon$6.00
Lemon Blueberry$6.25
Gluten Friendly Red Velvet$6.25
Vegan Red Velvet$6.25
Sugar Free Red Velvet$6.25


Sprinkles’ menu also has food available in Boxes. There are two items in this section of the menu to be precise. Select whatever you like and have fun.

Assorted Dozen Box$75.00
Bake Box$65.00

Cookies and Brownies

Along with delicate cupcakes, the Sprinkles menu also takes pride in serving the best quality Cookies as well as the Brownies. There are so many varieties to pick from. Americans love cookies and Sprinkles is the paradise of such products. With all the luxurious cookies and brownies, their menu is considered to be the best in offering baked products.

Chocolate Chip Cookie$5.00
Double Chocolate Cookie$5.00
Gluten Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookie$5.00
Fudge Brownie$5.00


To accompany the cupcakes, the Sprinkles menu has invented a unique variety of cakes which is Pupcakes. A typical Pupcake is made when a sugar-free cupcake is topped with a yogurt “frosting”. One important thing is that the maximum quantity per order is six pupcakes. These are perfectly suited for gatherings.


About Sprinkles

Since 2005, Sprinkles menu USA has innovated their way to an ever growing, loyal fan base for their unexpected flavors as well as on-demand Cupcake ATMs, convenient online ordering and steadily expanding footprint of design forward bakeries coast to coast. Currently, the brand proudly uses its platform to support the empowerment of women and continuously put their guests first.

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One thing that makes Sprinkles’ menu one of the greats is its generous habit of giving back to communities. It is indeed their best trait. The Sprinkles stand for equality and justice and oppose injustice.  The owners believe in the power of cupcakes to sweeten an individual’s day and make an even larger impact on the community by partnering and supporting organizations who are making an impact in local communities. The Sprinkles group has teamed up with many helpful organizations such as The Center for the Healing of Racism, Los Angeles LGBT, World Central Kitchen, National Breast Cancer Foundation, Step Up, Lupus LA, and Baby2Baby. All these features make the Sprinkles the best in the business.

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