Blk Dot Coffee Menu Prices 2024 

Blk Dot Coffee Menu USA is a very well-known Coffee serving food chain across the country and it specializes in making Vietnamese-style Coffee.

Blk Dot Coffee menu offers yummy varieties of Brewed Coffees which include Iced Espresso & Coffee, Hot Espresso & Coffee, Iced Tea, Hot Tea, Frappe, Iced Brown Sugar Series, Bagels & Bowls, Buns, Toasts, and some other qualitative Sides to please the food adventurers at very suitable prices.

Here we will give you Blk Dot Coffee Menu USA with prices:

Picked for you

Menu itemsPrices
Avocado Toast£11.95
Ultimate Brekkie Bowl£14.50
Iced Uji Matcha£6.55
Breakfast Bun£13.50
Iced LVTM (Light Vietnamese Coffee)£6.35

Iced Espresso Coffee

Menu itemsPrices
Iced VTM (Vietnamese Coffee)£6.35
Iced LVTM (Light Vietnamese Coffee)£6.35
Iced BLK VTM Black Vietnamese Coffee)£6.35
Iced BLK’ND Mojito Coffee£6.35
Iced Sea Salt Coffee£6.15
Iced Cold Brew£5.55
Iced Americano£4.95
Iced Latte£5.75
Iced Caramel Macchiato£6.15
Iced Mocha£6.15
Iced White Chocolate£6.15
Iced White Chocolate£6.55

Hot Espresso Coffee

Menu itemsPrices
Hot VTM (Vietnamese Coffee)£5.95
Hot LVTM (Light Vietnamese Coffee)£5.95
Hot Americano£4.75
Hot Cappuccino£5.50
Hot Latte£5.50
Hot Caramel Macchiato£5.75
Hot Mocha£5.75
Hot White Chocolate Mocha£5.75
Hot Spanish Latte£6.25
Sausage + Egg Bun-Mi£11.95
Daily Brew Medium Roast Coffee£3.95

Espresso Frappe

Menu itemsPrices
VTM (Vietnamese Coffee) Frappe£6.55
LVTM (Light Vietnamese Coffee) Frappe£6.55
Caramel Frappe£6.35
Mocha Frappe£6.35

Non-Espresso Frappe

Menu itemsPrices
Oreo Cookies & Cream Frappe£6.75

Hot Non-Espresso

Menu itemsPrices
Hot Chocolate£4.75
Hot Vanilla Steamer£4.75

Hot Tea

Menu itemsPrices
Hot Thai Tea Latte£5.75
Hot Uji Matcha Latte£6.35
Hot Milk Tea Latte£5.75
Hot Chai Latte£5.75

Iced Tea

Menu itemsPrices
Iced Thai Tea£5.75
Iced Uji Matcha£6.55
Iced Exotic Passion Green Tea£6.25
Iced Mango Delight Green Tea£6.25
Iced Lychee Peach Black Tea£6.25
Iced Milk Tea£5.75
Iced Chai Latte£5.75


Menu itemsPrices
Avocado Toast£11.95
Breakfast Bun£13.50
Turkey Bacon Bun£14.25
Kickin’ Tuna Bun£13.50
Cobb Toast£14.25
Hot Honey Toast£14.25
Ultimate Brekkie Bowl£14.50
Wild Brekkie Bowl£14.50
Egg + Mushroom Toast£13.25
Tuna Nest Bowl£14.50
Jammin’ Toast£11.95
Jammin’ Bagel£10.95

Bottled Beverages

Menu itemsPrices
VTM Bottle – 16oz£11.95
VTM Bottle- 8 oz£6.95

Blk Dot Coffee Updated Menu USA 2023

Blk Dot Coffee owners know their customers well and always try to live up to their expectations. Their urge to serve the visitors inspires them to proudly present Blk Dot Coffee Updated menu USA.

Blk Dot Coffee’s updated menu means that new and quite amazing products are introduced to the menu on a regular basis so that the customers can have a great time. When it comes to serving Vietnamese-style coffee, nobody can do it better than the Blk Dot Coffee restaurant. You can enjoy a lot of flavors of coffee at their store.

Mezza Luna Pizzeria Menu 

Blk Dot Coffee’s updated menu is a source of attraction for the customers. If you have never visited Blk Dot Coffee while you are in the USA, then now is the time. Blk Dot coffee’s updated menu has a lot of tempting food items such as delicious Sides, Buns Toasts, Drinks, and much more.

Here we will mention some famous products from Blk Dot Coffee’s updated menu that you must try:

Blk Dot Coffee VTM Tiger

Blk Dot Coffee VTM Tiger is an iced Espresso from their menu. VTM Tiger is one of the best-selling products which they offer and its taste is so soothing that it gives you a sense of relaxation with every single sip you take.

VTM Tiger is not an ordinary drink. In fact, it includes different high-quality items such as Vietnamese coffee latte and brown sugar jelly which makes it sweeter. VTM Tiger is incomplete without its tiger brown sugar syrup chilled over ice.

Our advice to you is to shake it well before drinking. VTM Tiger only costs $6.55 dollars. You can also add many optional items to it.

Blk Dot Coffee VTM Tiger
Blk Dot Coffee VTM Tiger

Blk Dot Coffee Iced VTM

If you want to try some traditional Vietnamese coffee then Blk Dot Coffee Iced VTM is your drink. Iced VTM is one of their signature coffees which is one of the most ordered products because of its unique taste.

Iced VTM is basically Blk Dot Coffee’s take on traditional Vietnamese coffee made with condensed milk and their house creamer. It is said that the Iced VTM is highly caffeinated and super concentrated.

It is a must-try if you ever visit any of the Blk Dot coffee restaurants. It is available at $5.75.

Blk Dot Coffee Iced VTM
Blk Dot Coffee Iced VTM

Iced Brown Sugar Series

Blk Dot Coffee has introduced its brand new Iced Brown Sugar series in the updated menu. Iced Brown sugar has received acclaim for its delectable taste. It has two items, the first is VTM Tiger and the other one is BLK Tiger.

We have already talked about VTM Tiger. Now we will discuss BLK Tiger. It is made with milk, brown sugar jelly, and tiger brown sugar syrup chilled over ice. You need to shake it well before drinking.

BLK Tiger is the best that you can get at $4.95. Although its price can vary if you want to add optional items to it. It is definitely recommended.

Blk Dot iced brown sugar series
Blk Dot iced brown sugar series

Blk Dot Bun

You see that Blk Dot Coffee doesn’t stop at serving varieties of Coffees. It also introduced the Blk Dot Bun menu which is a sub-menu to the original one. Blk Dot Bun is in great demand.

It has Turkey Bacon Bun which consists of artisan brioche bun, house chipotle mayo, roasted deli turkey, bacon, shaved cabbage, and avocado.

Blk Dot Bun also offers Breakfast Bun which includes artisan brioche bun, house chipotle mayo, citrus slaw, scrambled farm eggs, bacon, American cheese, and avocado. Furthermore, there are two more buns, Sausage + Egg Bun-Mi and Kickin Tuna Bun, which you can enjoy.

Blk Dot Bun
Blk Dot Bun

About Blk Dot Coffee Menu USA

Blk Dot Coffee is one of the fastest-growing coffee brands in the USA. Blk Dot Coffee menu offers you various kinds of Vietnamese coffees and teas. It has a very vast menu with a lot of options available for you to select from.

All the items are prepared with great care and affection. Every coffee, whether it’s iced or hot, has a distinctive taste. Blk Dot coffee menu in the USA takes great pleasure while serving their customers.

Blk Dot Coffee’s main goal is to provide quality drinks at very cheap prices. You can get a drink of your liking or can have something to eat for your breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They also provide Toast, Buns, and many other food items to fill up your empty stomach. Their delivery service is good. You can order your food online and they will deliver it to your doorstep.

 Blk Dot 
 Blk Dot 

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