Piada Italian Street Food menu USA with prices January 2024

Piada Italian Street Food restaurant in the USA has got a lot of fame and praise because of serving traditional Italian cuisines to the Italian food cravers. You will find a large number of Italian dishes in their menu where one would be superior to the other.

They provide a very clean and comfy environment to its visitors. People love to choose Piada as their eating place because of its mouthwatering menu and off the budget prices. Also they have incredibly active and friendly staff which tries their best to make you happy and satisfied. Here is the whole Piada Italian Street Food menu USA with affordable prices.

Pastas menu with prices

Create Your Own Pasta$7.49+
Pomodoro Pasta$7.49+
Diavolo Pasta$7.49+
Basil Pesto Pasta$7.49+
Carbonara Pasta$7.49+

Piada Italian Street Food menu proudly introduces its first and one of the best food items; Pasta. These pastas are going to take you on a journey of ambrosial ness and excitement. A very fine quality of ingredients are used to make each of these recipes. If you desire to taste something different and unique in pasta then these are your destiny to fulfill that desire. Whether it’s about taste or quality, they will not let you down for sure. There are 3 to 5 flavors of pastas available at Piada starting with a price range of 7$.


Create Your Own Piada$7.89+
Chef's Favorite Piada$7.89+
BLT Piada$7.89+
Avocado Piada$8.89+
Mediterranean Piada$9.29+

Piada, without any doubt, is the reason behind the popularity and fame of Piada Italian Street Food menu USA. It is the most famous Italian dish that is high in demand and also loved by many Americans. All of them are baked on a stone grill and hand-rolled with fresh authentic ingredients which they collect after a great concentration and struggle.  The most selected item in this category of the menu is Chef’s Favorite Piada, an Italian-style street wrap with spicy sauce, romaine, mozzarella, sweet peppers, and spicy ranch.


Create Your Own Salad$6.99+
Classic Caesar$5.99+
The Farmers Market Salad$7.49+
Power Bowl$10.49+
Deluxe Caesar$6.99+
Bacon & Blue$7.49+

One of the marvelous areas of their menu is Salads. Every food lover knows very well the worth and need of having salad on the menu. So to make your dining experience more healthy, freshy and interesting, Piada Italian street Food menu has brought plenty of options in the salads for you. For making your body and mind healthy and active, they select those ingredients which are fresh and 100% natural and they gather them on a regular basis.


Chicken Fingers$4.99
Kids Meatballs$5.99+
Kids Pasta$4.99+

For the little fellas, there is a kids menu featuring smaller versions of the main menu items which is quite fascinating. Kids can have fun by enjoying these excellent dishes especially made for them. The top ranked item among the list is Kids Meatballs. They are Grass-fed meatballs topped with Pomodoro sauce and parmesan. For the happiness of the kids and making you satisfied too, they charge very reasonable prices on the kids menu.

Street sides

Take and Bake Piada Sticks$5.99
Side Salad$3.99+
Grass-Fed Meatballs$3.99
Calamari Fritto Misto$5.99
Cup of Lobster Bisque$3.39
Garlic Dough$1.59
Parmesan Piada Stick$2.99
Pepperoni Piada Stick$2.99
Sweet Corn Salad$2.49

Piada Italian Street Food menu USA is completely aware of the fact how precious the customers are and what they require and demand. Therefore, to make their main dishes brilliant and worthy, they serve the complements that suited them perfectly. Piada Food menu offer you an ample amount of Street Sides. Every side item comes in a different variety and has a distinct flavor. They serve more than 10 side dishes in this menu section with a price range varying from 2 dollars to 6 dollars.


Gallon of Blackberry Hibiscus Lemonade$15.99
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water$2.99
Acqua Panna Spring Water$2.99
Large Soft Drink$3.49
Regular Soft Drink$2.79
Blackberry Hibiscus Lemonade$3.49
Kids Low-Fat Milk$1.29
Kids Chocolate Milk$1.29
Kids Apple Juice$1.29

Aside from providing a wide range of food products on the menu, there is quite an impressive list of Beverages that Piada Italian Street Food menu has to offer. They don’t make any compromise in the quality and that is why they serve only those drinks which possess high quality. Also another prime factor about these Italian Street menu drinks are their prices as they offer each of these beverages at quite a balanced price rate.


Chocolate Brownie$2.29
Salted Caramel Cookie$2.29
Chocolate Chunk Cookie$2.29
Cannoli Chips$3.99

One of the finest ways of treating yourself is having something sweet on the table and to make this happen, Piada menu has some highly appreciated desserts to serve. If you are a sweet lover then you must take a look at this side of the menu and order any of these desserts to get an experience that for sure you would never have at any other places. Hurry up and satisfy your sweet tooth with one of the best desserts in town.

About Piada Italian Street Food USA

The Corner Deli Menu USA 

A fast food Italian cuisine restaurant, Piada Italian Street Food USA was established in 2010. It was founded by Chris Doody who is also a co-founder of the Bravo Brio Restaurant Group chain. After successfully opening their first branch in Ohio, they began to serve with a mission to create fresh, modern Italian food focused on the preparation of high quality ingredients and attention to simplistic cooking. Today’s consumers are looking for healthier, better quality food with convenient, fast delivery to accommodate their hectic lifestyles. Piada was created with the belief that you don’t have to sacrifice quality and flavor for speed and value.

They offer quite a simple yet clean environment which feels like home to  the customers. Their staff members are highly cooperative and dedicated. Their aims are to make a home -like environment for the consumers for the clients, serve them the best possible food of their choices, satisfy their cravings and make them feel joyous.

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