Filiberto’s Menu with Prices 2024

Filiberto’s restaurant in the USA is a very popular food chain that is famous for Arizona’s Favorite Mexican Food. They boast of serving the best Mexican-themed food products in the country. Their popularity has increased significantly because of their recently updated menu. You can get various scrumptious dishes as well as many upgraded varieties of them at the Filiberto’s.

They produce the highest quality possible food which is made from scratch using pure and natural ingredients. They also serve very tasty and healthy breakfast meals at affordable prices. Here we will guide you through the complete Filiberto’s menu with prices:


Filiberto’s menu begins with some of the most tasteful Salads. These salads mostly contain vegetables as the major ingredient but at Filiberto’s, you will get to taste chicken and beef salads mixed up with other items.

These salads are so smooth to eat. Your taste buds will be happy to have such food with your original order. There are three types of Salads you can order from.

Menu ItemsPrices
Taco Salad chicken£8.45
Fili’s Chicken Salad£7.71
taco salad beef£7.71

Combination Platters

Filiberto’s menu in the USA offers some delicious Combination Platters. These platters contain a large amount of food. There are seventeen scrumptious combinations that are made available to visitors.

The food quality is heavenly. All the combination platters are priced very reasonably. They offer you ample food quantity which is often enough for more than two people.

Menu ItemsPrices
#9 Carne Asada Plate£12.31
#17 Two Chiles Rellenos£10.51
Super Nachos£11.76
Pollo Asado #1£10.22
#2 Burrito and Taco£9.45
#3 Two Beef Tacos£10.11
#4 Fajitas steak£12.68
#5 Two Enchiladas£9.37
#6 Camarones Rancheros£12.96
#7 Tostada and Taco£9.45
#8 Four Rolled Tacos£10.54
#10 Two Chicken Tacos£10.11
#11 Green Chile Plate£10.22
#12 Adobada Plate£9.85
#13 Chimichanga Plate£10.88
#14 Two Carne Asada Burrito£15.13
#15 Carnitas Plate£10.58
#16 Two Fish Tacos£9.97
#18 Two Carne Asada Tacos£12.68
#19 Burrito and Enchilada£10.11
#20 Taco and Enchilada£10.11
Carne Asada Fries£10.22
Cowboy Fries£10.22


Visiting a Mexican-themed restaurant comes with a guarantee that you will definitely find Burritos there for your dining. The visitors are pleased with the fish, pork, shrimp, and Arizona special burritos. If you love Mexican food, especially burritos, then you will be happy to know that they offer so many different types of Burritos.

Menu ItemsPrices
Bean and cheese£4.28
Pollo Asada Burrito(Grilled chicken)£7.05
Carne Asada burrito(Steak)£7.79
Beef burrito£6.98
chicken burrito (shredded red spicy)£6.25
Carnitas burrito (Pork)£7.05
Pescado burrito(Fish)£7.05
Chile Relleno burrito£7.05
Adobada burrito(Marinated Pork)£7.05
Green Chile burrito£7.05
Arizona burrito£7.79
Camaron burrito (Shrimp)£8.89
Extreme Fajita£9.44


Tacos are a very likable Mexican food and there is no one who doesn’t like having it. The Tacos on Filiberto’s menu possess a nice taste. You can order your favorite tacos from a large list of items. These adorable tacos range from two to nine dollars. All the ingredients are pure which makes your tacos taste really great.

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken taco£2.95
Beef taco£3.33
Pollo Asada taco£3.49
Carne Asada taco£4.06
Carnitas taco£3.49
Pescado taco£3.49
Camaron taco£4.03
Adobada taco£3.49
Three Rolled Tacos Cheese£3.91
Three Rolled Tacos Cheese with Guacamole£4.65
Five Rolled Tacos Cheese with Guacamole£5.99
Five Rolled Tacos Cheese with Carne Asada£8.93


There are some ambrosial kinds of Tostadas that Filiberto’s menu the USA offers to everyone. You can get chicken, pork, and nachos including dishes from this menu. Some of the most ordered items from the entire menu are also present here. You can try Chimichanga if you love to taste some authentic Mexican food.

Menu ItemsPrices
Super Nachos£11.76
Pollo tostada£5.38
Carne Asada£6.12
Chips with Guacamole£6.73
Half Super Nachos£8.63

Quesadillas Supreme

Quesadillas Supreme’s menu became an instant hit as soon as it was introduced in the menu. This menu took the popularity of Filiberto’s to a literally whole new level. You can order and enjoy steak, pork, chicken, and shrimp through this menu. All the products cost in between ten to thirteen dollars which isn’t much keeping in view the marvelous taste and quality of the food.

Menu ItemsPrices
Carne Asada£11.27
Mar Y Tierra£12.25


Filiberto’s menu takes great pride while offering its distinctive and divine Enchiladas to the new as well as to the old customers. The demand for Enchiladas has never gotten low. They have always been in the league of bestsellers because their roots are deepened in the traditional recipes of Arizona’s Mexican food.

Menu ItemsPrices
Two Chile Rellenos£7.48


Filiberto’s menu is more than happy to offer its titillating Tortas to Mexican food admirers. There are basically four types of Tortas available for the customers. You can freely order any of these because the prices are very budget-friendly and the taste is sapid.

Menu ItemsPrices
Carne Asada£7.95


Everyone loves bowls and when they are the Bowls of Filiberto’s menu, then the craze for them is on the next level. When you can’t decide what to order, you should go for the bowls because they will give your taste buds a satisfying taste and make your tummy happy with gratifying food. The prices may vary in accordance with the size of the bowl.

Menu ItemsPrices
Carne Asada£8.93

Jr. Burritos

After the great success of the original Filiberto’s Burritos, they have now introduced Jr. Burritos which have brought them a great fortune. This has inspired them to make their Burritos with more passion and dedication. All the items in this menu are reasonably priced which won’t put any significant burden on your wallet.

Menu ItemsPrices
Jr. Bean and Cheese£4.23
Jr. Arizona£5.99
Jr. Carne Asada£5.99
Jr. Adobada£5.99
Jr. Carnitas£4.99
Jr. Chicken£4.99
Jr. Chile Relleno£5.99
Jr. Fish£5.99
Jr. Green Chile£4.99
Jr. Pollo Asado£5.99
Jr. Machaca£4.99
Jr. Texas£6.14
Jr. Shrimp£5.76
Jr. Patron£5.76
Jr. Extreme£5.76


Everyone loves sides because they make your food look very pleasing. There are five choices of sides available for you at Filiberto’s. And just like all the good food stores, Filiberto’s also gives you the privilege to choose the side of your liking with your ordered Mexican food. Pint of Guacamole is one of the best sides to accompany your food.

Menu ItemsPrices
Cheese Quesadilla£5.32
Chips with Salsa£3.98
Pint of Beans£3.54
Pint of Guacamole£10.09


Extras play a very key role in the completion of any great and famous menu. Filiberto’s menu is well aware of that fact and this is the reason it delights the food adventurers not only with some amazingly tasty extras but also provides these luscious items at a suitable price range. There are seven distinctive extras that are ever ready to make your food memorable.

Menu ItemsPrices
Sour Cream£1.73
Pico de Gallo£1.73
Enchilada Style£1.59
Extra Meat£2.01


Filiberto’s menu Beverages contain two mellow and soft drinks which add some new excitement and flavor to your meal. These beverages will surely make your dining more tasteful.

Menu ItemsPrices
Fountain Drinks£2.49
Mexican Juices£2.69

About Filiberto’s

Filiberto’s menu is well known for its Arizona’s Favorite Mexican Food products. Filiberto cooks everything from scratch daily and serves it to the food lovers with a warm heart. All of the tacos, burritos, and carne asada fries are made with fresh meat and natural ingredients which give the visitors an authentic Mexican taste.

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Filiberto’s has been serving the locals since 1993. Throughout its twenty-nine-year journey, it has achieved many milestones.
It is the celebration of Mexico’s vibrant history and culture. The crew behaves very professionally. They take your order and serve it to your table without any inconvenience.

Moreover, you will be treated like one of their own. The atmosphere is quite friendly at Filiberto’s. If you are hesitant to go out, you can avail of the service from their home delivery facility. You can order your desired food online and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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