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Los Pollos Hermanos menu is known for its crispy chicken products like Wings and some other combos. They make the best Wings in the USA and people love their food products. Their popularity went sky high after their resemblance with a restaurant owned by a same-named owner in a universally acclaimed web series.

Besides this publicity, they in fact serve high-quality food to the customers at very budget-friendly prices which makes them stand tall among other Wings serving food stores. Here is the complete Los Pollos Hermanos menu with prices:

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Menu ItemsPrices
Pollos Tenders£11.99
Remoulade Sauce£3.00
Hot Honey£2.25
The Pinkman£17.00
Chef’s Ranch Sauce£1.50

Pollos Combos

The Pollos Combos menu from the Los Pollos Hermanos menú USA offers you quite tasty fries and wings at the price of seventeen dollars only. This combo is very much appreciated by visitors because of its quality and quantity. This combo is enough for two people. You can also take it home to enjoy it with your family.

Menu ItemsPrices
The Pinkman£17.00

Pollos Mains

If you want to try something that should satisfy your taste buds at the Los Pollos Hermanos menu then Pollos Mains are the ones for you. Pollos Mains offers you two of the most delectable items from the entire menu. The taste is heavenly. If you love spicy fast food, you will be in for a treat.

Menu ItemsPrices
Pollos Tenders£11.99
Herr Schuler’s Waffle Fry Frenzy£8.99

Pollos Bone In Wings

The Los Pollos Hermanos menu USA is proud of serving its signature Pollos Bone in Wings menu to visitors. You can order any kind of wings like BBQ, plain or lemon, etc for your dining. They offer you the sauce of your liking which makes your food savory to taste. They serve six varieties of wings that contain bones in them and make it easy for you to hold your food.

Menu ItemsPrices
BBQ WingsUnavailabel.$0.00
HOT WingsUnavailabel.$0.00
Plain WingsUnavailabel.$0.00
Lemon Pepper WingsUnavailabel.$0.00
Garlic Parmesan WingsUnavailabel.$0.00
Gojuchang WingsUnavailabel.$0.00

Pollos Boneless Wings

The Bone in Wings menu is altered in the Pollos Boneless Wings menu at the Los Pollos Hermanos restaurant. You will be able to enjoy Boneless chicken wings without any inconvenience which might ruin your mood in the bone-in wings section. Lemon Pepper Boneless Wings are highly recommended and also come on the list of most ordered items from the whole menu.

Menu ItemsPrices
Hot Boneless WingsUnavailabel.$0.00
BBQ Boneless WingsUnavailabel.$0.00
Plain Boneless WingsUnavailabel.$0.00
Lemon Pepper Boneless WingsUnavailabel.$0.00
Garlic Parmesan Boneless WingsUnavailabel.$0.00
Gojuchang Boneless WingsUnavailabel.$0.00

Pollos Sides

The Los Pollos Hermanos menú USA offers the Pollos Sides at very reasonable prices. You will see that they have eight distinctive sides. Furthermore, you will have the freedom to elect the side of your liking with your ordered wings. Waffle Fries are ordered by all the customers because of their interesting shape and spicy taste.

Menu ItemsPrices
505 BBQ Sauce£1.50
Chef’s Ranch Sauce£1.50
Remoulade Sauce£3.00
Hot Honey£2.25
Garlic Parmesan£2.25
Blue Cheese£2.50
Sriracha Aioli£2.25
Waffle Fries£4.50

Pollos Desserts

The Los Pollos Hermanos menu serves some quality desserts to give a nice ending to your dining at their restaurant. Sweet Street Peruvian Chocolate Brownie is the most loved dessert offered by them. The main reason behind its popularity among the customers is its chocolaty taste.

Menu ItemsPrices
Sweet Street Large Chocolate Chunk Cookie£4.99
Sweet Street Large Salted Caramel Crunch Cookie£4.99
Sweet Street Chewy Marshmallow Rice Crispy Bar (Gluten Free)£4.99
Sweet Street Peruvian Chocolate Brownie£5.99

Pollos Ice Cream

Pollos Ice Cream was recently introduced to the menu and it has proved itself to be very beneficial to further authorities. During the summer days, it remained on the most ordered list and sometimes even overshadowed the signature wings. Cookies N’ Cream Ice Cream is a must-try whenever you visit them.

Menu ItemsPrices
Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (Pint)£8.99
Pistachio Ice Cream (Pint)£8.99
Butter Pecan Ice Cream (Pint)£8.99
Cookies N’ Cream Ice Cream (Pint)£8.99
Rocky Road Ice Cream (Pint)£8.99

Pollos Drinks

The Los Pollos Hermanos menu USA offers some dainty beverages often known as the Pollos Drinks. You are free to order any drink from the six available varieties. They are best suitable after finishing your meal but you can also enjoy these drinks while having some scrumptious chicken wings or nuggets.

Menu ItemsPrices
Diet Coke£2.95
Mexican Coke (bottle)£4.99
Water (bottle)£2.00
Root beer£2.95

About Los Pollos Hermanos

The Los Pollos Hermanos menú USA is a very popular food store. It is particularly famous for its brilliant chicken products like the wings and nuggets but it also offers some other food items. The food quality is top order. Everyone prefers going there whenever they want some crunchy and spicy wings for their dining. The Los Pollos Hermanos was established by Gustavo Gus Fring with the sole purpose to provide the best chicken products to the locals at easy prices.

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Ever since its foundation, the Los Pollos Hermanos food store has achieved many milestones. It has received a great fan following for its awesome service. The crew is amazing as well. They are so gentle and kind. The environment there is also great, you will feel comfortable around everyone. The interior designs are quite captivating too. The kitchens are so clean.

The chefs are highly trained and they make everything with so much attention that you won’t find anything less or more in the taste. They also contribute a lot to community services. They also have a delivery service. You can order food online and they will deliver it to your doorstep. All these qualities make them worthy of all the praise they get from the visitors.

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