Barcenas Mexican Restaurant Menu USA with Prices 2024

The Barcenas Mexican Restaurant menu USA, as it is crystal clear from the name itself, boasts of serving the best quality Mexican food to the food adventurers who always like to try something fresh and new. Your hungry soul will be in heaven at the Barcenas Mexican Restaurant. Here you will have a lot of Mexican food menus to choose from. All the products are made with fresh ingredients. The taste is luscious and the prices are quite affordable. Here is the complete Barcenas Mexican Restaurant menu USA with prices:

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Menu ItemsPrices
Quesadillas Fajita£10.50
Chile con Queso Dip£6.50
Enchiladas “Laurita” (3)£10.50
Enchiladas Cheese (3)£10.50
Enchiladas Suizas “Mel’s” Style (3)£9.50


The Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu starts with some really tasty appetizers. They offer you the best appetizers collection as you will see that there are so many items in this menu. All the products are perfectly made and make your tummy ready for the upcoming Mexican classics.

Menu ItemsPrices
Nachos Barcenas£13.50
Mini Changas£9.00
Nachos Can-Cun£12.00
Nachos Compuestos£9.00
Nachos Mexicanos£9.00
Nachos Lulu’s Style£13.50
Nachos Regulares£9.00
Buffalo Wings (8 pcs)£8.00
Chile con Queso Dip£6.50
Chile con Queso Barcenas£6.00

Soups and Salads

If you want to taste some scrumptious quality of Soups and Salads then the Barcenas Mexican Restaurant menu has all the qualities you could ask for. They serve you the best soups made from scratch as well as some delicious salads. These products are healthy and give you a soothing taste.

Menu ItemsPrices
Ensalada Cancun£14.50
Shrimp Cocktail£14.50
Chicken Soup£8.50
Azteca Soup£8.50
Guacamole Salad£5.00
Josie’s Taco Salad£13.50
Julie’s Taco Salad£10.00


Hamburguesas menu at the Barcenas Mexican restaurant is placed with a sole purpose to serve the best and tasty varieties of hamburgers to the customers. There are two different hamburgers which you can order and have fun with.

Menu ItemsPrices

Breakfast Burritos

You go to a Mexican themed restaurant and don’t see burritos. It is an impossible thing to imagine. The Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu offers you their well renowned Breakfast Burritos to start your day. These burritos will boost your mood for the rest of the day.

Menu ItemsPrices
Your Choice of Burrito‎£6.25


Breakfast Burritos are just the starters of burritos. The Barcenas Mexican restaurant offers some awesome varieties of Burritos to the visitors with great pleasure. The taste will leave you to crave for more and more until you have them to your full.

Menu ItemsPrices
Burrito Fajita£12.99
Burrito Azteca£10.50
Burrito “Gabriel’s” Style£11.00
Burrito de Carne Guisada£10.50
Burrito “Chris” Style£11.00
Burrito Texano£10.00
Burrito Beans£8.00


Quesadillas are some of the greatest Mexican food items ever. At the Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu, you will get the best version of them. Their quality is kept the highest possible and the taste is unforgettable. There are like six items in this menu which cost between nine to eleven dollars.

Menu ItemsPrices
Quesadillas Fajita£10.50
Quesadillas de Espinacas£9.50
Quesadillas Shrimp£10.50
Quesadillas Vegetable£9.50
Quesadillas Jessica£9.50
Quesadillas Poblanas£9.50

Breakfast Tacos

Tacos are probably the signature items of a Mexican restaurant. And at the Barcenas Mexican restaurant, they offer their customers Breakfast Tacos whose taste is great and prices are reasonable. No matter what you order from this menu, the price rate will remain the same.

Menu Items
Taco Huevo con Chorizo£2.25
Huevo con Jamon£2.25
Huevo con Tocino£2.25
Huevos con Papas£2.25


Followed by the Breakfast Tacos, the Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu serves its superb Tacos. There are different varieties to pick from. One mutual quality they all share is that they come in the form of packs which means you will have ample food to consume at cheap prices.

Menu ItemsPrices
Tacos Al Carbon (3 pcs)£14.50
Tacos de Carnitas (3)£11.00
Crispy Tacos Fajita (3)£13.50
Crispy Tacos Regulares (3)£10.00
Tacos Suaves (3)£9.00
Tacos de Barbacoa£13.50
Tacos Al Pastor (3)£11.00
Fish Tacos (3)£9.50
Shrimp Tacos (3)£11.50

Pechugas de Pollo

Pechugas de Pollo is an amazing collection of dishes offered by none other than the Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu USA. You will be pleased to see different kinds of these dishes. If you are a newcomer, then you are definitely recommended to try these fabulous food products.

Menu ItemsPrices
Squires Chicken Breast£9.00
Pechuga Al Comal£11.00
Pechuga with BBQ£11.00
Pechuga Al Gratin£11.00
Pechuga Vegetable£11.00
Pechuga Flameada£11.00
Pechuga Azteca with Nopales£11.00
Pechuga Geo’s Style£11.00
Pechuga Empanizada£11.00

Los Pollos

The Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu takes pride while serving its marvelous Los Pollos. There are two items in this menu ready to be served as soon as you order them.

Menu ItemsPrices
1/2 Pollo Al Comal£10.00
1/2 Pollo con Mole£10.00

Fajita Steak

Fajita Steak is yet another great menu you will be entertained with at the Barcenas Mexican restaurant. The food quality here is awesome. The taste is good as well. You will feel like you are in a fairy world of food because nothing tastes like the Fajita Steaks of the Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu.

Menu ItemsPrices
Fajita Steak Jerri’s Style£12.99
Fajita Steak A La Mexicana£12.99
Fajita Poblana£12.99
Fajita Flameada£12.99
Fajita con Enchiladas£14.50
Brochette Can-Cun£20.00


Menu ItemsPrices
Salmon Al Sarten£14.99

Antojitos de Mexico

The Antojitos de Mexico menu is very famous among Mexican food lovers. It has a Mexican vibe in it which is the reason that it has one of the most ordered items in it. You will be pleased to know that all the products offered in this menu by the Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu, are available at affordable rates.

Menu ItemsPrices
Carne Guisada£10.99
Flautas (3)£9.50
Carnitas En Salsa Roja£10.50
Chimichanga Fajita£11.00
Chimichanga Ranchera£9.00
Tamales (3)£9.00
Mexican BBQ Plate£11.50
Camarones Al Gusto (Shrimp) (10 pcs)£13.00

Fajitas Al Carbon and Parrilladas

The Fajitas Al Carbon and Parrilladas menu sounds very Mexican already, doesn’t it? Through this menu, the Barcenas Mexican restaurant serves its visitors some beef and chicken products along with other famous Mexican food products.

Menu ItemsPrices
Fajita Beef£15.50
Fajita Chicken£15.50
Fajita Mix£14.50
Camarones A La Plancha£14.50
Parrillada “Los Dos Hermanos”£28.50
Parrillada “Barcenas”£49.99

Los Quesos

The Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu also has a Los Quesos menu which offers you a total of five brilliantly made dishes. All are liked by the visitors and are always in great demand. Melted white cheese, bell pepper, and onions are the common ingredients in all the items.

Menu ItemsPrices
Queso Flameado£11.99
Queso Parrilla£11.99
Queso Acapulco£11.99
Queso Vegetable£11.99
Queso Poblano£11.99

Breakfast Menu

The Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu cares for the customers so they have added a Breakfast Menu which includes the best breakfast food items you can imagine. All the items are Mexican in nature obviously but one thing that is noteworthy is that the prices are the same for each product.

Menu ItemsPrices
Huevos Rancheros£6.99
Huevos A La Mexicana£6.99
Huevos con Chorizo£6.99
Huevos con Papas£6.99
Huevos con Jamon£6.99
Huevos con Tochino£6.99
Huevos Revueltos£6.99
Chile con Huevo£6.99
Cheese Omelette£6.99
Huevos con Nopales£6.99

Breakfast La Especialidad‎

Breakfast La Especialidad‎ is the Mexican special breakfast. Via this menu, the Barcenas Mexican restaurant offers people some great food items to have breakfast with. Ingredients in the products include eggs, cheese , sauces etc.

Menu ItemsPrices
Barbacoa de Cachete£10.50
Machacado con Huevo£7.99
Apporreado Estillo Guerrero£10.50
Chilaquiles con Huevos£6.99

Specialties of the House

The Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu takes great pleasure while serving its Specialities of the House delights. All the products here are made with a special recipe which makes them worth a try. You won’t regret ordering from this menu because the taste is just heavenly and worth paying for.

Menu ItemsPrices
Las Campanitas£9.99
Homero’s Favorite Enchiladas£12.50
Chile Relleno£11.00
Carnitas de Puerco£10.00
Camarones Al La Espanola con Nopales (10)£13.00
Bisteck Ranchero£13.00
Baby Back Ribs£14.50
Stuffed Avocados£13.50
Tilapia Empanizada£9.50
Tilapia Ranchera£9.50
Camarones Empanizados£14.50


Chalupas is a special Mexican food presented by the Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu USA to the food explorers both locals as well as internationals. You will get to choose from three different types of Chalupas. Whatever you order from this menu will surely please your taste buds.

Menu ItemsPrices
Chalupas Especiales (2)£10.00
Chalupa Dailey Style (2)£10.00
Chalupas Regulares (2)£9.00


Just when you think you’ve seen enough, the Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu presents everyone’s favorite Enchiladas menu. It contains so many items that you might get confused about what to order. However, every item in this menu is brilliant so you don’t need to worry at all.

Menu ItemsPrices
Enchiladas Al Carbon (3)£12.99
Enchiladas “Laurita” (3)£10.50
Enchiladas Mexicanas (3)£10.50
Enchiladas Aztecas (3)£10.50
Shrimp Enchiladas (3)£10.50
Enchiladas Enfrijoladas (3)£10.50
Enchiladas Suizas “Mel’s” Style (3)£9.50
Enchiladas Tex-Mex (3)£9.50
Enchiladas De Pollo (3)£14.50
Enchiladas De Mole (3)£9.50
Enchiladas Cheese (3)£10.50
Enchiladas con Chile con Queso (3)£10.50
Enchiladas “Trio”£9.50
Enchiladas De Espinacas£9.50

Cochinita Pibil

Cochinita Pibil also happens to be one of the best Mexican food items served across all the Mexican restaurants. But if you want to taste the best Cochinita Pibil then the Barcenas Mexican restaurant is the destination you are looking for.

Menu ItemsPrices
Cochinita Pibil Plate£9.99
Cochinita Pibil Tacos (3 pcs)£8.50
Cochinita Pibil Burger£6.99

A La Carte

A La Carte is a menu which is a crucial part of every Mexican restaurant menu. You get to enjoy so many great food items at the lowest price possible. A La Carte menu on the Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu is without a doubt one of the best.

Menu ItemsPrices
Chile Relleno£6.25
Stuffed Bell Pepper£3.99
Taco Al Carbon£2.99
Enchilada Al Carbon£2.99
Tamale con Chile Gravy£2.25
Cheese Enchilada£2.25
Crispy or Soft Taco£2.25
Bean Chalupa£2.25
Chile con Queso Puff£2.25
Chile Toreados (3)£1.50

Breakfast Side Orders‎

One thing that the Barcenas Mexican restaurant excels in is its breakfast menus. To make them even more exciting, it has a separate menu of the Breakfast Side Orders. There are six different side items present in this menu and you will have the privilege to choose one of your liking.

Menu ItemsPrices
Breakfast Papas£1.50
1 Egg£1.50
Tortillas (3)£0.90

Side Orders

The Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu offers delectable side orders to make your ordered food look promising and palatable. You are free to choose the sides of your liking while dining at their restaurant. You can order some spicy fries too.

Menu ItemsPrices
Frijoles A La Charra£1.75
Refried Beans£1.50
Pico De Gallo£2.25
Sour Cream£1.50
Grated Cheese£1.50
French Fries£1.50
Chile con Queso£2.99
Fresh Garden Salad£3.50
Nopales (Cactus)£2.99

Dinner Combination Plates

We have already mentioned above that the Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu excels in its breakfast menus but it also offers some serious quality Dinner Combination Plates for the customers. These dinner plates cost like nine to eleven dollars but the taste will blow your mind.

Menu ItemsPrices
Tia Luz£11.00
Jeanie’s Plate£9.00
Ed’s Mini-Changas (6 pcs)£9.00

Child’s Plate

The Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu cares for all the customers irrespective of their age. That’s the reason that they have introduced a Child’s Plate menu to give children something to cheer for. All the products here are made especially for the children.

Menu ItemsPrices
1 Cheese Enchilada£4.25
1 Crispy Taco£4.25
1 Tamale£4.25
1 Bean Chalupa£4.25
1 Cheese Quesadilla£4.25
1 Bean and Cheese Burrito£4.25
1 Taco Al Carbon£5.50
1 Lan’s Plate£4.25
Erin’s Corn Dog£4.25
Chicken Tenders£4.75


After a quality Mexican meal, you definitely need something to drink so the Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu serves some of the best Beverages in the business. You can have juices, milk, tea and some other items to quench your thirst.

Menu ItemsPrices
Coca-Cola® Cherry£2.25
Soft Drink£1.99
Hot Tea£1.75
Iced Tea£1.99
Raspberry Tea£1.99
Fresh Lemonade£2.25
Hot Cocoa£2.25
Shirley Temple£2.25


The Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu USA offers the visitors some sweet, sugary and mellow desserts at the end of your dining. All the desserts cost less than four dollars and there are five of them to order.

Menu ItemsPrices
Tres Leches Cake£3.99
Cheese Cake£3.99
Nieve Frita£3.99

Breakfast Pancakes‎

The Barcenas Mexican restaurant menu serves Breakfast Pancakes at budget rates. There are two types of pancakes so it is easy to choose what to eat.

Menu ItemsPrices
Pancake (1 pc)£1.99
Pancake (3 pcs)£4.99

About Barcenas Mexican Restaurant

The Barcenas Mexican Restaurant has been serving the nation for more than twenty four years now. Since 1998, their family owned business has been known for their authentic, homemade Mexican and Traditional Tex-Mex food. Their food is made fresh daily with only the finest ingredients and served with love, care and affection.

The crew of the Barcenas Mexican Restaurant is so friendly. They treat every customer like a member of the family. They don’t give a reason to complain. The environment at the Barcenas Mexican Restaurant is so comfy and aesthetic. Everything seems to be at the perfect place. The interior design is captivating as well.

For the past twenty four years, the Barcenas Mexican Restaurant menu USA has been offering its services to the locals as well the tourists. They also have a delivery service which means you can order your food and it will be delivered as soon as possible.

Barcenas Mexican Restaurant
Barcenas Mexican Restaurant

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