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Dimo’s Pizza Menu USA is a famous fast food store among pizza lovers because of its high quality and gratifying pizzas. If you love pizzas then the Dimo’s pizza menu has all the qualities you may ask for, for your pizza food cravings. They offer you well-prepared pizzas with additional items to make your dining memorable. All the pizzas are made by the professional chefs who dive deep in the ocean of taste to provide you something that is authentic in taste, royal in quality and easy in price. The customers find it very pleasing when they know about the reasonable prices set by Dimo’s Pizza menu. Here is the whole Dimo’s Pizza menu USA with prices:

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Menu ItemsPrices
Cheesy Garlic Bread£8.00
The Mac£11.00
Pep 2.0£16.00

Classics (8 Inch)

The Dimo’s pizza menu feels great joy while serving its classic menu pizzas to the visitors. All these pizzas are eight inches and are made with a traditional recipe. Shrooms of Rad is one of the most demanded pizzas here. It is, without a doubt, the best mushroom pizza in the city. It is a fresh mozzarella over white sauce topped with a mixed mushroom medley finished with pickled grapes, arugula, pickled shallots, and a truffle porcini cream sauce.

Menu ItemsPrices
Shrooms of Rad£11.00
Prosciutto Arugula£11.00
Dimo Florentine£9.00

Staples (8 Inch)

Staples is another sub menu on the Dimo’s pizza menu USA. It serves some savory kinds of pizzas which not only look great but also taste heavenly. There are four different varieties of pizzas available for the visitors but the most special one is The Mac. It is their most popular slice now with macaroni noodles, mild cheddar, sharp white cheddar, smoked provolone, and parmesan topped with green onions on a homemade white sauce base.

Menu ItemsPrices
The Mac£11.00
Buff Chick£12.00
Pep 2.0£12.00

Classics (12 Inch)

Classics (12 inch) is an increased and larger version of the original Classics menu of the Dimo’s pizza menu. You can get some extra pizza from this section to fulfill your appetite because sometimes a small pizza may not be enough. Dimo Florentine is a must try from this specific menu. It contains a Sliced Roma tomatoes, sauteed spinach, and mozzarella on a marinara base, topped with crumbled feta cheese.

Menu ItemsPrices
Shrooms of Rad£13.00
Prosciutto Arugula£15.00
Dimo Florentine£14.00

Staples (12 Inch)

Just like the classics menu, the Dimo’s pizza menu also offers the superior version of Staples menu which is Staples (12 inch). You are bound to get some scrumptious pizzas in this section as well. Pep 2.0 is highly recommended if you are visiting them for the first time. It is a very tasty pizza consisting of pepperoni and whipped ricotta with mozzarella on a marinara base, topped with parmesan, fresh basil, and homemade orange habanero honey.

Menu ItemsPrices
BBQ Chicken£16.00
Buff Chick£15.00
Pep 2.0£16.00


Besides all the top quality pizzas, the Dimo’s menu USA also offers some palatable sides for your food cravings. You will be free to pick the side of your desire. These sides make your pizzas look more attractive. G.O.A.T Cheese is their house-made marinara topped with goat cheese and baked. Finished with red pepper flake, olive oil, and fresh basil. It isServed with six homemade garlic bites.

Menu ItemsPrices
Garlic Bread Bites (4 pcs)£3.00
G.O.A.T Cheese£5.00
Vegan Brownie£2.50
Baked Mac N Cheese£5.00
Cheesy Garlic Bread£8.00


The Dimo’s Pizza menu serves some great beverages to the customers at affordable price rates. You can order your favorite beverage from the three available varieties.

Menu ItemsPrices
Mexican Coke£2.50
Diet Coke£1.25

About Dimo’s Pizza

Dimo’s Pizza exists as a for-profit hospitality organization that champions unity, development and justice for their guests, their team and their communities in order to lead the charge in creating a positive, long-lasting impact and they have been successful in their aim.

You see that pizza as their crispy, chewy, edible passion – a platform on which they can imagine all their culinary ambitions. And they believe that their pizza can only be as relevant, radical and creative as the people who make it, support it and love it. As a people-centric company, every decision they make comes from their employees and stakeholders.

They believe that their values are the DNA of their company because they are the DNA of their employees. They hire their staff based on their alignment with these Core Values and a passion for community engagement. As a result, though Dimo’s pizza operates as a for-profit entity, they utilize tenets from not-for-profit businesses in their operations by combining profit maximization with a focus on societal improvement.

At Dimo’s Pizza, you will be treated like a family member. They provide their excellent services to the visitors whole heartedly. All of their employees are well mannered and respectful to every group of people. They thrive on one particular goal which is to satisfy their customers with their service and quality pizzas.
They use all pure and natural ingredients in the making of every single food item on the menu.


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