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WingStop, as the name suggests, is a casual fast food chain which is famous for serving one of the best wings in town. The flavor and taste Wingstop menu produces in their Wings is incompetent.  You will find a great variety of Wings and other worth trying products to eat in the Wing Spot menu USA. Wing Spot menu, without a shadow of doubt, has become the top foremost choice of the food explorer for satisfying their cravings.  It is the place where your every visit will be worthwhile.

They are very well aware of the importance of their visit and they make them happy at any cost. The ingredients they put in the making of their products are of the top quality. To make you even more comfortable, they charge a very suitable amount of money on their menu. Here is the entire WingStop menu USA with prices:

Wing Combos
Small 6 Piece Wing Combo$13.39+
Medium 8 Piece Wing Combo$14.89+
Large 10 Piece Wing Combo$16.79+

The demand for different varieties of food has increased so much that every restaurant is trying their best to serve something unique and innovative to their visitors and  as a result the addition of different types of Combos  in the menu is increasing day by day. Being well aware of this fact, Wingstop menu has recently introduced a new section to their customers that is Wing Combos.

Not only are Wing Combos glorifying in looks but also they have splendid taste and quality. These Combos are so yummy and savory that once someone has tried them, he cannot resist himself for the second go. There are a total of  3 different selections of Wing Combos available in the menu that you can choose from.

Thigh Combos

Regular Thigh Bites Combo$10.55+
Large Thigh Bites Combo$14.29+
Regular Thighs and 3 Classic Wings Combo$16.05+

It is the section that has gathered a huge response and love from the food admirers. Thigh Combos has the pride to be called the most demanding and popular area of the menu.

These crispy, spicy and crunchy Combos will make your mouth watered with just their appetite. If you are searching for something different to try then you must try them. They will leave you to another world for sure!

Wing Combos

Small 6 Piece Wing Combo$13.39+
Medium 8 Piece Wing Combo$14.89+
Large 10 Piece Wing Combo$16.79+

Without a question, the most fascinating part of the Wingstop menu USA is Wing Group Packs. A whole bundle of amusement and excitement lies in these fantastic Packs. Wing Group Packs, a section of the menu that contains enormous sized meals. There you will find some great varieties of Wings combined with various other delicious items.

They have a large collection of bone-in and boneless wings for those who love to eat with their friends and family. Wing Group Packs come as a whole package of many savory treats. They are more in numbers and massive in size.

Thigh Group Packs

Thigh Bites Meal For 2$19.59+
Thigh Bites Group Pack$25.99+

Like Wing Group Packs, the Thigh Group Packs of the Wings menu has the equal preference among the fast food lovers. The only difference between these sections is the number of items as Wing Group Packs has some more options to offer. But in taste and quality, they are kind of the same. Wingstop offers these menu items to its visitors at the price range that they can easily afford.

Wings By The Piece

10 Wings$13.19+
15 Wings$19.02+
20 Wings$25.59+
30 Wings$37.94+
50 Wings$63.24+
75 Wings$94.81+
100 Wings$125.17+

Wing By The Piece is yet another heart loving area for the foodies. The Wings served in this region are simply the best and stand second to none. Wingstop menu cares for their valuable customers and makes every way possible to please them.

The quality of these Wings is top notch as only the fresh and pure quality ingredients are used by the professional chefs while making these Wings. You can select from 10 to 100 wings here according to your level of hunger. The number of available items in this section is 7.

Thighs By The Piece

Regular Thigh Bites$7.58+
Large Thigh Bites$10.45+

After gratifying their clients with savory Wings, Wingstop menu USA proudly presents its Thigh By The Piece menu. Thigh By The Piece contains two different types of mouth watering chicken thighs pieces which are prepared with dedication. They offer these delights at easily accessible prices.

Wingstop Tenders

Small 3pc Crispy Tender Combo$14.75+
Large 5pc Crispy Tender Combo$18.99+
8pc Meal for Two - Crispy Tenders$33.09+
16pc Crispy Tender Pack$46.99+
24pc Crispy Tender Pack$61.49+
4 Crispy Tenders$11.05+
7 Crispy Tenders$17.79+
15 Crispy Tenders$35.39+
20 Crispy Tenders$44.29+
30 Crispy Tenders$64.99+

Wingstop Tenders is one of the highly appreciated sections of the menu which is loaded with exceptionally good products. Each of these tenders will give you proof of Wingstop excellency.

There is a long list of these tenders. They come in different combos and you have the opportunity to choose your favorite from the list mentioned below. They are served at the price starting from 16 dollars to 60 dollars. Depends upon you what you choose.


Seasoned Fries$4.29+
Cheese Fries$5.65+
Louisiana Voodoo Fries$6.19+
Buffalo French Fries$6.19+
Cajun Fried Corn$5.15+
Fresh Baked Rolls$1.25+
Veggie Sticks$2.49

Seeing the high level of craze and desperation for Sides among the food adventurers, it has become necessary for every famous restaurant to make them a part of their menu. Wingstop menu follows the same tradition and allows its respectable clients to get delighted from luscious and heartwarming Sides.

To make your dining experience even more flavorful, they give you various options in Sides. Moreover, you can have them with Wings or Thighs as they can be perfectly suited with anything you order.

Dips and Flavors

Cheese Sauce$2.45+
Side of Flavor$2.08

For increasing the taste of your Wings and making them more luscious, Their menu lets you rejoice with their Dips and Flavors menu. This menu section

contains savory and ambrosial sauce and mustard of fine quality for the customers.


Soft Drink$3.49+
Simply Lemonade®$5.79

Wingstop menu takes the pride of serving their fantastic yet refreshing drinks. They know that after having their spicy and hot wings you will need something soft or light to drink. Therefore, to fulfill this desire they offer you some seriously refreshing  and mind freezing drinks. There are a total of 2 different drinks available here given at a reasonable price range.


Triple Chocolate Brownie$2.79

At the concluding part of the Wing Spot menu, you will see something sweet and buttery which is dessert. The dessert they offer is handmade under the supervision of the professional chefs. All the ingredients used the making process are pure and certified.

About Wingstop USA

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The restaurant is the leading fast food chain in the United States. They are all about taking their wings to another level, saucing and tossing the freshest flavors you crave along the way. With a welcoming environment and dedicated staff members and professional chefs, Wingstop is conquering the hearts of its visitors. It has also become one of the fastest-growing concepts in the country, attracting not only the customers but also top entrepreneurs and operators.

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