Paris Baguette Menu with Prices January 2024

When you feel like you need something sweet and freshly baked in the USA then the Paris Baguette restaurant is the place which you should visit to satisfy your baked food cravings. They have a stunning menu which includes various flavors of Cakes, Bakery products, Breads and Sandwiches, Coffees, Espressos etc. Furthermore, every item is very fairly priced for the visitors. Here is the whole Paris Baguette menu USA with prices:

Crab Meat CroquettePKR 5.65
Almond PastryPKR 5.99
24oz Iced Caramel LattePKR 7.55
Mocha Cake SlicePKR 9.35


Red Velvet Soft Cream CakePKR 53.99
Mini Strawberry Soft Cream CakePKR 46.79
Chocolate Strawberry CakePKR 58.79
Snow Bunny CakePKR 56.39
Mocha CakePKR 58.79
Strawberry Soft Cream CakePKR 59.99
Chocolate CakePKR 59.99
Rainbow CakePKR 53.99
Tiramisu CakePKR 53.99
Chocoholic ChiffonPKR 58.79
Souffle CheesecakePKR 53.99
Tropical Mango Coconut CakePKR 53.99
Blueberry ChiffonPKR 59.99
Cappuccino CakePKR 46.79

Whether it is a birthday party, an event or a celebration of any kind, Cakes have become an integral part of all the celebrations nowadays. That’s why the Paris Baguette restaurant menu does everything in its reach to produce the best Cakes in the USA for its customers. They prepare these cakes with the freshest and purest of ingredients possible. There are so many flavors of cakes and each one has a distinctive look, texture and taste. Blueberry Chiffon is the best seller from the heavenly collection of cakes at the Paris Baguette bakery shop.


Caramel Almond DanishPKR 5.55
Chocolate BretzelPKR 5.89
Cinnamon Apple Cream CroissantPKR 5.99
Cinnamon Apple King Cream DonutPKR 5.89
Custard Almond BretzelPKR 5.89
Green Apple Mochi DonutPKR 5.05
Macadamia Nut CookiePKR 5.39
Mango & Cream BriochePKR 5.75
Peanut Butter CookiePKR 5.39
Pumpkin Pie Mochi DonutPKR 5.05
Savory Breakfast Sausage PastryPKR 5.89
Savory Mushroom PastryPKR 5.89
Savory Roasted Vegetable PastryPKR 5.89
Scream Cream DonutPKR 5.89
Triple Chocolate Chip CookiePKR 5.39
Jumbo Twisted DonutPKR 5.29
Strawberry Mochi DonutPKR 5.05
Twisted DonutPKR 5.15
Strawberry CroissantPKR 6.95
Soft Strawberry CakePKR 5.75
Garlic Sausage PastryPKR 5.39
Cream Cheese PastryPKR 5.89
Pastry FrankPKR 5.99
Mini Grain Cream Cheese Pastry (6pcs)PKR 7.19
Sweet Potato PastryPKR 5.39
Blueberry Cream Cheese PastryPKR 5.39
Pineapple Brulee PastryPKR 5.75
Fruit PastryPKR 6.85
Very Berry PastryPKR 5.55
Ham & Cheese PastryPKR 7.19
Almond PastryPKR 5.99
Maple Pecan DanishPKR 5.89
Sugar Mochi DonutPKR 5.65
Smoked Sausage BreadPKR 5.05
Butter Cream BreadPKR 6.59
Pain au ChocolatPKR 4.69
King Cream DonutPKR 5.89
hole Red bean BreadR 5.55
Fruit Bite (Raspberry)PKR 4.69
CastellaPKR 7.19
Choux Cream BreadPKR 5.39
Mini Feuillete au Chocolat (6pcs)PKR 5.75
Pain aux RaisinsPKR 4.35
Soft Cheese CakePKR 4.35
Tiramisu TartPKR 5.39
Egg TartPKR 5.39
Chocolate CroissantPKR 5.39
Feuillete au ChocolatPKR 4.55
Coffee DanishPKR 4.55
Sweet Rice DonutPKR 4.35
CroissantPKR 5.65
Cheese TartPKR 4.69
Crab Meat CroquettePKR 4.69
Coffee BunPKR 2.99
Walnut Cream BreadPKR 6.85
Triple Chocolate CookiePKR 6.95
Mini Croissant (6pcs)PKR 4.55
Mini Garlic Croissant (6pcs)PKR 4.55
Ms. BearPKR 5.65
Mr. BearPKR 5.65
Curry CroquettePKR 4.35
Cherry & Greek Yogurt DanishPKR 4.36
Pastel De NataPKR 4.35

The Paris Baguette menu takes immense pleasure while offering its wonderful Bakery products to the food lovers. The thing that makes their Bakery products collection very special is that you can find everything you can imagine in their bakery section. They left no stone unturned while making the decision to include every possible bakery item in their menu. You can guess from the number of items which are being served through their Bakery menu. There are up to fifty items that you can have the privilege to order at very reasonable prices.


BaguettePKR 5.39
Raisin BreadPKR 6.59
Milk BreadPKR 6.59
Brioche Rolls (4ct)PKR 6.59
Multi Grain BreadPKR 6.59

The Paris Baguette menu boasts of its high quality and freshly prepared Breads. The bakers are highly qualified who pay attention to every minute detail while making these amazing breads. There are a total of five varieties of breads which you can enjoy during your stay at the Paris Baguette bakery shop. You will praise them after tasting their signature Multi Grain Bread.

Gourmet Sandwiches

Caesar Chicken WrapPKR 10.79
Caprese BaguettePKR 11.99
Chicken Caesar BaguettePKR 11.99
Chipotle Chicken PaninoPKR 13.19
Egg Salad SandwichPKR 11.89
Ham & Cheese BaguettePKR 11.99
Harvest Chicken Salad SandwichPKR 13.19
Prosciutto BaguettePKR 11.99
Tuna PaninoPKR 13.19
Turkey Cranberry & Brie CroissantPKR 13.19
Turkey Avocado SandwichPKR 13.19
Turkey Mozzarella PaninoPKR 10.19
Ham Egg Swiss CroissantPKR 14.39

Do your taste buds a favor and give them a taste of awesome Gourmet Sandwiches offered by none other than the Paris Baguette menu itself. All the sandwiches here are made to perfection by the chefs who make no compromise on the quality of food. Most of the sandwiches here are made with chicken which is well appreciated by the customers of all age groups including kids, adults and old equally.

If you feel puzzled after seeing their mouth watering sandwiches then trust us and just ask for their most ordered sandwich which is the Harvest Chicken Salad Sandwich. Its taste will surely drag you to the Paris Baguette bakery again and again.


Apple Walnut & Chicken SaladPKR 15.35
Cobb SaladPKR 15.35
Grilled Chicken Caesar SaladPKR 14.99
Smoke Salmon Avocado SaladPKR 14.99
Tropical Crunch SaladPKR 13.79

Salads are very beneficial for health and many health experts advise to use salads regularly if you want to maintain a sound body and mind. The Paris Baguette restaurant serves some of the best quality Salads to its customers at very affordable price rates. There are different varieties of salads including vegetarian and non vegetarian so no matter whichever category you belong to, they have got you covered. If you have one of these delicious salads in your breakfast, it will keep you energetic throughout your whole working day.

Seasonal Beverages

20oz Peach Green Tea RefresherPKR 5.99
24oz Peach Green Tea RefresherPKR 6.59
16oz Peach Green Tea RefresherPKR 5.65
20oz Cold Brew with Soft CreamPKR 5.99
24oz Cold Brew with Soft CreamPKR 6.59
16oz Cold Brew with Soft CreamPKR 5.65
16oz Pumpkin Spice LattePKR 6.49
12oz Pumpkin Spice LattePKR 5.89
20oz Pumpkin Spice LattePKR 6.85
24oz Iced Pumpkin Spice LattePKR 6.85
20oz Iced Pumpkin Spice LattePKR 6.59
16oz Iced Pumpkin Spice LattePKR 5.75
16oz Coffee FrappePKR 5.99
20oz Coffee FrappePKR 6.59
24oz Coffee FrappePKR 7.09
16oz Lavender Matcha FrappePKR 6.35
20oz Lavender Matcha FrappPKR 6.75
24oz Lavender Matcha FrappPKR 6.95
16oz Mocha FrappePKR 5.99
20oz Mocha FrappePKR 6.59
24oz Mocha FrappePKR 7.09

Along with all the baked products and other side items, the Paris Baguette menu USA proudly serves Seasonal Beverages to the food adventurers across the country. As the fall season is coming, they have intelligently included the Pumpkin Spice Latte which is the most consumed beverage during this period of the year. Following this same tactic, they regularly update their menu with seasonal drinks to get more customers at their doorstep.

Hot Coffee & Espresso

12oz Cafe LattePKR 5.75
16oz Cafe LattePKR 6.49
20oz Cafe LattePKR 7.09
12oz Vanilla LattePKR 5.39
16oz Vanilla LattePKR 5.99
20oz Vanilla LattePKR 6.59
12oz Matcha LattePKR 3.25
16oz Matcha LattePKR 3.85
20oz Matcha LattePKR 4.45
12oz Signature Brewed CoffeePKR 5.75
16oz Signature Brewed CoffeePKR 6.49
20oz Signature Brewed CoffeePKR 7.09
12oz Caramel LattePKR 4.19
16oz Caramel LattePKR 4.79
20oz Caramel LattePKR 5.39
12oz Hot ChocolatePKR 5.29
16oz Hot ChocolatePKR 5.99
20oz Hot ChocolatePKR 7.19
12oz CappuccinoPKR 5.75
16oz CappuccinoPKR 6.49
20oz CappuccinoPKR 7.09
12oz Hazelnut LattePKR 3.59
16oz Hazelnut LattePKR 4.69
20oz Hazelnut LattePKR 5.59
12oz AmericanoPKR 5.39
16oz AmericanoPKR 5.99
20oz AmericanoPKR 6.35
12oz Chai LattePKR 6.49
16oz Chai LattePKR 6.55
20oz Chai LattePKR 6.67
12oz Cafe MochaPKR 6.74
20oz Cafe MochaPKR 7.09

The Paris Baguette is actually known for its marvelous Hot Coffee and Espresso. They have figured out that every customer has his own needs, therefore, they have brought a huge number of Hot Coffees and hot espressos for them. Whether you are western or eastern, you can get the beverage of your liking from their store. Americano and Chain Latte are two of the most famous products among American people and the Baguette menu serves many flavors of these to the coffee and espresso lovers.

Cold Coffee & Espresso

20oz Organic Mango SmoothiePKR 7.69
16oz Organic Mango SmoothiePKR 6.95
24oz Organic Mango SmoothiePKR 8.65
20oz Matcha FrappePKR 7.65
16oz Matcha FrappePKR 7.05
24oz Matcha FrappePKR 8.65
16oz Organic Strawberry SmoothiePKR 6.95
20oz Organic Strawberry SmoothiePKR 7.69
24oz Organic Strawberry SmoothiePKR 8.65
16oz Cold BrewPKR 4.79
20oz Cold BrewPKR 5.29
24oz Cold BrewPKR 5.65
16oz Honey Cold Brew LattePKR 6.59
20oz Honey Cold Brew LattePKR 7.19
24oz Honey Cold Brew LattePKR 7.79
16oz Iced Black CoffeePKR 3.59
20oz Iced Black CoffeePKR 4.15
24oz Iced Black CoffeePKR 4.69
16oz Iced Milk CoffeePKR 4.19
20oz Iced Milk CoffeePKR 4.69
24oz Iced Milk CoffeePKR 5.05
16oz Iced AmericanoPKR 4.65
20oz Iced AmericanoPKR 5.10
24oz Iced AmericanoPKR 5.99
16oz Iced Cafe LattePKR 5.99
20oz Iced Cafe LattePKR 6.59
24oz Iced Cafe LattePKR 7.19
16oz Iced Vanilla LattePKR 6.35
20oz Iced Vanilla LattePKR 6.95
24oz Iced Vanilla LattePKR 7.55
16oz Iced Caramel LattePKR 6.35
20oz Iced Caramel LattePKR 7.45
24oz Iced Caramel LattePKR 7.55
16oz Iced Cafe MochaPKR 6.59
20oz Iced Cafe MochaPKR 7.19
24oz Iced Cafe MochaPKR 7.79
16oz Iced Hazelnut LattePKR 6.35
20oz Iced Hazelnut LattePKR 6.95
24oz Iced Hazelnut LattePKR 7.55
16oz Iced Chai LattePKR 5.99
20oz Iced Chai LattePKR 6.59
24oz Iced Chai LattePKR 7.55
16oz Iced Matcha LattePKR 5.99
20oz Iced Matcha LattePKR 6.59
24oz Iced Matcha LattePKR 7.55

So far you know that the Paris Baguette bakery serves hot coffees and espressos but they also serve their alternative menu which is the Cold Coffee and Espresso collection. They have done so that if a customer has an issue with the hot beverages he can easily the cold ones. These luscious drinkable food items will make you ask for more and more until your tummy is full or your pocket is empty.

Bottled Beverages

Perricone OJPKR 5.99
PB Spring WaterPKR 2.99
San Pellegrino Blood OrangePKR 4.19
Horizon MilkPKR 4.19
San Pellegrino AranciataPKR 4.19
San Pellegrino LimonataPKR 4.19
Boylan Orange SodaPKR 4.19
Boylan Cane ColaPKR 4.79
Boylan Diet ColaPKR 4.79
Boylan Creme SodaPKR 4.79

The Paris Baguette owners care for their customers so they have introduced yummy kinds of Bottled Beverages in their menu for those who want to enjoy their drinks at home or someplace else instead of the restaurant itself. There are various drinks that you can enjoy such as cola, soda, milk etc. These beverages will soothe your mood and quench your thirst like no other. Moreover, the price rates of all the beverages are very budget friendly so everyone can enjoy them.

Packaged Roll Cakes and Castellas

Signature Roll CakePKR 32.39
Cafe Mocha Roll CakePKR 27.59
Green Tea Roll CakePKR 27.59
Heavenly CheesecakePKR 10.79
Macaron Set (6pcs)PKR 15.59)
Macaron Set (12pcs)PKR 31.19

Packaged Roll Cakes and Casteless is another eye-catching collection of tasty products on the Paris Baguette menu. The roll cakes have a fantastic fragrance along with the taste which is worth every penny. On the other hand, Casteless are available in the form of sets which means you will get several pieces of food. For instance, you can get the Macron Set in six as well as in twelve piece versions. However, the price may vary according to the quantity of food so keep your budget in mind while ordering.

Cake Slices

Cinnamon Apple Cream Tart PiecePKR 8.75
Tiramisu Mascarpone CheesecakePKR 7.79
Strawberry Soft Cream Cake SlicePKR 9.59
Ganache Cream Cake SlicePKR 10.69
Tiramisu CupPKR 9.35
Blueberry Chiffon Cake SlicePKR 10.19
Mocha Cake SlicePKR 9.35
Souffle Cheesecake PiecePKR 8.35
Rainbow Cake PiecePKR 9.35
Tropical Mango Coconut Cake PiecePKR 9.59
Berry TartPKR 11.39
Chocolate Cream Puffs (6pcs)PKR 8.99

Order your favorite Cake Slices from the twelve available options on the Paris Baguette menu USA. These slices are made to perfection using only the freshest constituents which give them an authentic taste. Every single cake slice has its own unique taste and you just can’t compare any slice with the others as they are perfect in their own way. If you are visiting them for the first time then you should try their savory Blueberry Chiffon Cake Slice. It will simply melt in your mouth while giving a sense of satisfaction to your taste buds at the same time.

About Paris Baguette

Wingstop menu

Paris Baguette is a name built on customer’s trust and has been thriving since its foundation in the USA. Treating you as their neighbor means treating you to the very best. It’s why they pour their heart into everything they do. It’s why pastries to us aren’t just a product, they’re their passion. And why Paris Baguette bakers and baristas go further every day to perfect their craft, serving up freshly-baked breads, delicious coffee and cakes more than worthy of their pedestals.

And they do it all to bring a smile to your face, because they believe the world needs more moments of joy.  There’s no better place to find it than a place that feels just like home, for instance the Paris Baguette restaurant. Where you can share good conversation over an even better bite, and where the community comes together, and life is richer for it.

Willa Moore, a true Brooklyn native, has been a local enthusiast since her earliest days, with her go-to bagel spot remaining a constant through the years. Her journey before joining The Infatuation involved a unique blend of event production and food styling, where her duties ranged from orchestrating large events to scouring New York City for the perfect pop rocks. This diverse experience not only honed her attention to detail, but also deepened her appreciation for culinary creativity.

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