Waffle House Menu USA with Prices January 2024

The Waffle House food chain takes great pride while serving its delicious food products, especially the waffles, to the food lovers in the USA. They basically mix things up and try different combinations of waffles with other products such as Chicken and Shrimp etc. Along with their signature waffles, they also serve some juicy sandwiches at affordable prices. Here is the complete Waffle House menu USA with Prices:

Chicken and Buttermilk WafflePKR 11.99
Chicken and Strawberry WafflePKR 13.25
Chicken and Red Velvet WafflePKR 12.99
Chicken and Oreo WafflePKR 13.25
ShrimpPKR 10.89

Chicken and Waffle

Chicken and Strawberry WafflePKR 13.25
Chicken and Buttermilk WafflePKR 11.99
Chicken and Cherry WafflePKR 13.25
Chicken and Tropical WafflePKR 13.25
Chicken and Blueberry WafflePKR 13.50
Chicken and Oreo WafflePKR 13.25
Chicken and Bacon WafflePKR 13.50
Comes with a side of syrup and butter.PKR 12.99
Chicken and Red Velvet WafflePKR 12.96

In the Chicken and Waffle section of the Waffle House menu, you will get various combinations of crispy chicken with savory waffles. All the items here are prepared to perfection by highly qualified chefs who pay attention to the smallest details. Every food item has its own unique aura and taste which would enchant your taste buds for sure. Whenever you visit this restaurant, make sure that you try their best seller Chicken and Bacon Waffle that is served with a side of syrup and yummy butter.

Shrimp and Waffle

Shrimp and Cherry WafflePKR 15.00
Shrimp and Strawberry WafflePKR 15.00
Shrimp and Tropical WafflePKR 15.25
Shrimp and Blueberry WafflePKR 15.50
Shrimp and Oreo WafflePKR 14.75
Shrimp and Bacon WafflePKR 15.50
Shrimp and Red Velvet WafflePKR 14.50
Shrimp and buttermilk WafflePKR 13.99

It is a universal fact that Americans adore Shrimp food from the core of their hearts. Having said that, the owners of the Waffle House restaurant were aware of this fact as well. Therefore, they introduced Shrimp and Waffle combinations in the Waffle House menu for the locals. There are a total of eight different team ups of these two scrumptious food items for the visitors and each is priced under sixteen dollars to keep the cost budget friendly.

Chicken and Shrimp Waffle

Chicken and Shrimp Oreo WafflePKR 15.50
Chicken and Shrimp Oreo WafflePKR 16.00
Chicken and Shrimp Cherry WafflePKR 16.50
Chicken and Shrimp Strawberry WafflePKR 16.25
Chicken and Shrimp Tropical WafflePKR 16.50
Chicken and Shrimp Blueberry WafflePKR 16.50
Chicken and Shrimp Bacon WafflePKR 15.50
Chicken and Shrimp Red Velvet WafflePKR 14.50
Chicken and Shrimp Buttermilk WafflePKR 14.50

You have come to know about Chicken and Waffles then Shrimp and Waffle but it’s now time for the three in one section of the waffle house menu which is Chicken and Shrimp Waffle. There are various flavors of these experimental combinations for the food adventurers such as strawberry, bacon, red velvet and many more. Their price rates, quality, taste and names may differ from each other but they have one thing in common; they all come with a side of syrup and butter.


Cherry WafflePKR 10.00
Blueberry WafflePKR 10.00
Red Velvet WafflePKR 9.75
Strawberry WafflePKR 10.00
Tropical WafflePKR 10.00
Oreo WafflePKR 10.00
Bacon WafflePKR 10.00
Buttermilk WafflePKR 9.50

The Waffle House menu has a completely separate section dedicated to its signature Waffles. These waffles are made with the purest ingredients possible which give the foodies an authentic taste. They are such a kind of food that can easily mesmerize your taste buds and can even make your mouth water while craving for more more because you just can not get enough of these. The Waffles have their own league of deliciousness which will make you ponder why you didn’t visit them before.


Raspberry LemonadePKR 3.00
Strawberry LemonadePKR 3.00
Pineapples LemonadePKR 3.00
Cherry LemonadePKR 3.00
Peach LemonadePKR 3.00
Fruit Punch LemonadePKR 3.00
Brooklyn Waffle House LemonadePKR 4.00
WaterPKR 1.00
Passion Fruit LemonadePKR 3.00

After a tasty meal, Beverages come in handy as they have the capability to make your digestion easy. For this sole purpose, the Waffle House store has some of the yummiest Beverages for its customers. Pineapple Lemonade is a must try drink if you need suggestions. If you don’t feel like enjoying cold drinks after your meal then worry not because they also serve simple water with which you can quench your thirst.


Honey MustardPKR 0.75
Waffle SyrupPKR 0.75

If something can make your ordered meal more magical then it is definitely the sauce. At the Waffle House restaurant, you will have the privilege to choose the sauce of your own liking from two available options. Each sauce has some separate qualities to its name. One of the sauces comes with a savory maple syrup.


ShrimpPKR 10.89

The Waffle House menu offers its visitors two choices in the sides section. Most of the food lovers in America go with the shrimp one as it offers six pieces of titillating fried shrimp at the price of ten dollars and eighty seven cents. Again, the cost means nothing as long as the food is heavenly.


Po BoyPKR 15.50
Buffalo Chicken SandwichPKR 15.99
Buttermilk Waffle SandwichPKR 14.99
Red Velvet Waffle SandwichPKR 14.99

Sandwiches at the Waffle House are so gratifying that for a moment you will forget that the waffles are their signature food. These sandwiches can be enjoyed during breakfast, lunch and dinner meals and that’s the beauty of them. You should try their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich which is served with a side of season fries, house made sauce, onions and lettuce.

About Waffle House

In 1955, two Georgia neighbors came up with an idea to open a restaurant that would change the locals’ way of dining.  Joe Rogers Sr. and Tom Furkner decided to open a 24-hour, sit-down restaurant for their friends and neighbors and focused on people on both sides of the counter. 

Paris Baguette Menu

With the immensely positive response from the visitors came the confidence to open new restaurants in Georgia as well as neighboring states, and the “Yellow Sign” soon became a familiar landmark along city streets and interstate highways across the country. 

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