85C Bakery Menu with Prices 2024

85C Bakery Menu is one of the most popular food stores in the USA. It basically specializes in serving quality Bread and Pastries with additional Full Cakes, Cake Slices, Assorted Desserts, Espresso Coffee, Tea, and some other Drinks at very cheap prices as compared to others.

Let’s present to you the whole 85C Bakery Menu USA with prices:

Picked for you

Menu itemsPrices
Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh MilkGBP 8.90
Strawberry Cream Donuts (2 pcs)GBP 8.50
Custard Puff (3 pcs)GBP 10.30
Portuguese Egg Tarts (2 pcs)GBP 9.90
Egg Tart (3 pcs)GBP 8.60


Menu itemsPrices
LatteGBP 5.40
85°C CoffeeGBP 5.40
Long BlackGBP 4.50
Caramel MacchiatoGBP 6.50
Flat WhiteGBP 5.40
Caramel LatteGBP 6.20
MochaGBP 6.20
CappuccinoGBP 5.40
Hazelnut LatteGBP 6.20

Fresh Fuit Tea Series

Menu itemsPrices
Pork Floss Cake + Large Cream Float Chilled MangoGBP 18.90
The One Orange TeaGBP 8.10
The One Lemon TeaGBP 8.10
Honey Citron TeaGBP 7.40
Fresh Orangejuice with YakultGBP 10.30
Fresh Lemonjuice with YakultGBP 10.30
Chilled Mango Cream with Agar White PearlsGBP 9.80
Fresh Lime Juice with Pink KonnyakuGBP 8.80
Seasalt Strawberry and Green TeaGBP 8.80
Peach Black Tea with Coconut JellyGBP 8.20
Lychee Black Tea with Coconut JellyGBP 8.20
Mango Green Tea with Rainbow JellyGBP 8.20
Passionfruit Green Tea with Rainbow JellyGBP 8.20
Lemon Green Thai TeaGBP 8.90

Milk Tea and Fresh Milk Tea Series

Menu itemsPrices
Royal Milk TeaGBP 6.50
Taro Pearl Milk TeaGBP 7.80
Brown Sugar Pearl Fresh MilkGBP 8.90
Pearl Milk TeaGBP 6.50
Matcha LatteGBP 6.50
Mango YogurtGBP 9.20
Strawberry YogurtGBP 9.20
Passionfruit YogurtGBP 9.20
Milky BubbleGBP 10.70
Jasmine Green Milk Tea with Grass JellyGBP 6.50

Cake Slices and Small Cakes

Menu itemsPrices
Pork Floss Cake + Large Cream Float Chilled MangoGBP 18.90
Black ForestGBP 9.90
Swiss Devil ChocolateGBP 10.00
Italian Chocolate MousseGBP 9.90
Taro Cream cakeGBP 9.90
rainbow cakeGBP 11.10
Chantilly Mango CakeGBP 10.00
Strawberry LoverGBP 9.40
Chocolate NapoleonGBP 9.90
White Chocolate NapoleonGBP 9.90
IngotGBP 8.50
Hokkaido CheeseGBP 9.20
Snowflake BearGBP 10.00
Coffee BruleeGBP 7.60
English CheesecakeGBP 10.80
Blueberry Cheese CakeGBP 11.20
Golden Light Cheese CakeGBP 9.80
Hokkaido Swiss CakeGBP 8.30
Chocolate Swiss cakeGBP 8.30
Tiger Skin Taro Swiss cakeGBP 8.30
Black Sesame Swiss CakeGBP 8.30
Green Tea and Red Bean Roll CakeGBP 9.80
Pork Floss Half Moon CakeGBP 9.80
Almond Half Moon CakeGBP 9.40
Egg Yolk Red bean Pastry(2 pcs)GBP 13.80
Taro Egg Yolk Pastries(2 pcs)GBP 13.80
Manbo TigerPrint CakeGBP 4.30
Custard Puff (3 pcs)GBP 10.30
Soy Custard Cream Puff (3pcs)GBP 10.80
Oreo Chocolate CupGBP 9.30
Honey CakeGBP 7.20
Pandan Cake CupGBP 7.90
Strawberry Cake CupGBP 8.60
Angras Chocolate Cake CupGBP 7.90


Menu itemsPrices
The Car CakeGBP 82.00
Happy ForestGBP 69.00
The WreathGBP 69.00
Chocolate ForestGBP 69.00
Hot Balloon UnicornGBP 69.00
Dreaming BearGBP 69.00
Sleeping ForestGBP 69.00
Black ForestGBP 62.00
Fruit ForestGBP 62.00
Cocoa GardenGBP 62.00
Shangari La MangoGBP 62.00
Mango SaharaGBP 62.00
Heart to HeartGBP 62.00
Coffee LoverGBP 62.00
Italian Chocolate MousseGBP 62.00
TiramisuGBP 62.00
Taro FantasyGBP 67.00
Pork Floss Taro Pudding CakeGBP 62.50
Matcha TiramisuGBP 62.00
Classic Tiramisu 6inchGBP 62.00
Princess Elsa 6”GBP 69.00
StellaLou Birthday Cake(Preorder Only)GBP 75.00
Little PrinceGBP 74.80
BabyMonkey StarGBP 69.00
Sunny HouseGBP 69.00
No.24–The Greatest of All TimeGBP 69.00
The SupercarGBP 78.00
Colorful UnicornGBP 69.00
Lucky DuckGBP 69.00
Super Hero No.1GBP 75.00
Oreo Chocolate Lava CakeGBP 40.00
Lina BellGBP 75.00
SweetheartGBP 69.00
Froggy ForestGBP 79.00
TheCrownGBP 75.00

Cookies and Biscuits

Menu itemsPrices
Chocolate CookieGBP 7.00
Coffee Walnut CookieGBP 7.00
Matcha CranberryGBP 6.90
Chocolate Chips Butter CookieGBP 7.20


Menu itemsPrices
Cheese DogGBP 5.90
Egg Tart (3 pcs)GBP 8.60
Garlic Cheese StickGBP 5.00
GibraltaGBP 4.60
Grilled HawaiianGBP 4.60
Ham Cheese RingGBP 6.00
Milk PuddingGBP 4.00
Pork Sung BunGBP 5.60
Shallot Pork FlossGBP 5.80
Taiwanese DonutGBP 3.20
Ham Tuna and Corn SandwichGBP 5.00

Single Pastries

Menu itemsPrices
Danish CroissantGBP 4.80
Danish Custard AppleGBP 4.60
Danish Custard BlueberryGBP 4.60
Danish Hot DogGBP 6.20
Hawaiian DanishGBP 6.00
Boroh Butter CheeseGBP 3.90
Hokkaido Butter CreamGBP 6.00
Japanese Cream Boroh BunGBP 4.80
Mini DomeGBP 4.00
Red Bean BreadGBP 4.80
Snow MilkyGBP 5.00
GBP 5.00GBP 6.50
Portuguese Egg Tarts (2 pcs)GBP 9.90


Menu itemsPrices
Baguette Sweet ToastGBP 8.30
MultigrainGBP 6.20
Walnut Raisin MultigrainGBP 6.20
Strawberry Cream Donuts (2 pcs)GBP 8.50
Ham Cheese CroissantGBP 5.90
Cute PawGBP 5.40
Creamy StickGBP 4.60
Double Cheese Smoked Chicken BunGBP 5.50
Double Cheese Tuna BunGBP 5.80
Pork Floss RingGBP 5.50
Chocolate & Cream Twist (New)GBP 5.90
Butter Cheese Bagel (New)GBP 5.50
Garlic Chicken Sausage Bun (New)GBP 6.00
Expresso Chocolate BreadGBP 4.60
Croissant Cheese HotdogGBP 6.50


Menu itemsPrices
Redbean ToastGBP 7.00
Taro Toast (Square)GBP 8.30
White ToastGBP 5.90
Milk ToastGBP 5.90
Chocolate Chip Bun (5pcs)GBP 6.90
Creamy BreadGBP 7.80
Raisin Toast (5 pcs)GBP 6.90
Toast Von Red BeanGBP 6.50
Raisin Toast Slice (6 Slices)GBP 7.00
Coconut Milky Toast(6 slices)GBP 7.20

One Dollar Add on

Menu itemsPrices
Orders over $20, grab a large Jasmine Green milk tea forGBP 1.00

85C Bakery Updated Menu USA 2024

The secret that has kept 85C Bakery running successfully since the year of its creation is the strategy to attract new customers of all ages. They have done so with the 85C Bakery Updated Menu USA. Like all the well known food chains across the world, 85C also takes good care of its customers and keeps tags of what makes them tickle.

Blk Dot Coffee Menu USA

85C Bakery menu gets regular updates and features new items to appeal to new as well as the old customers of all ages. The 85C Bakery updated menu USA has introduced various new varieties of their already famous food products such as Breads, Cakes, Coffee and Drinks etc.

What has made a huge difference in their popularity is the Milk Tea Bun and Brioche. Besides them, some new cakes and Coffees are also doing well among the visitors. Here we will discuss some famous products from the 85C Bakery Menu USA:

85 Degrees Milk Tea Bun

85 Degree Milk Tea Bun is one of the most favorite go-to items at 85 Degree Bakery menu USA. Let us give you a brief description of it. When it is fresh, the bun is soft, and the cream inside has a really nice and apparent milk tea flavor. There is also boba inside with the cream that gives it a great texture as well as variety too.

If some more cream is used then it can be made even more perfect. It is basically a Milk Tea-flavored bread with milk tea, cream & brown sugar mochi inside. It is made with a lot of ingredients and the nutrition is kept balanced for healthconscious people.

85 Degrees Milk Tea Bun
85 Degrees Milk Tea Bun

85 Degrees Brioche

Wanna try something battery and milky at the same time? Then 85 Degrees Brioche is the best item you can have from their menu which possesses both the qualities. It is soft and moist. Mainly, it is very rich with a buttery and milky flavor. It is quite healthy because of its ingredients.

Brioche is made of ingredients like High Gluten Wheat Flour, Eggs, Margarine, Water, Cake Flour, Sugar, Powdered Sugar, Milk Powder, Yeast, Sugar, Dough Conditioner, Dough Improver, Salt, Honey, Contains Egg, Milk, Soy, Wheat.

85 Degrees Brioche
85 Degrees Brioche

85 Degrees Bakery Cakes

85 Degree Bakery cakes are undeniably one of the most ordered items from the entire menu. They consist of such high quality cakes that you just can’t resist their appetizing temptation. Some honorable mentions from their Cakes menu are Deluxe Strawberry Cream and Blueberry Cheesecake.

Deluxe Strawberry Cream is a 85°C style cheesecake with raisins and coconutshavings. It is decorated with a variety of fresh fruits. While the Blueberry Cheesecake is aCreamy cheesecake and blueberry swirls based on a cookie crumble bottom. Boba Milk TeaRoll, Mango Brulee and Red Velvet with many others are also must tries.

85 Degrees Bakery Cakes
85 Degrees Bakery Cakes

85 Degrees Bakery Coffee

85 Degrees Bakery Coffee or simply known as Espresso Coffee menu offers a variety of coffees which are unique in taste and have an amazing odour. To start with, 85°C Coffee is a 85°Csignature coffee made with espresso shots with cream and sugar. On the other hand Sea Salt Coffee is a Sweetened Americano with sea salt whipped cream.

Brown Sugar Latte is an Espresso with steamed milk and brown sugar. Vanilla Latte, Caramel Macchiato, Hazelnut Latte, Americano etc are also quite famous among the coffee lovers. You can get coffees between the price range of $3.10 to $3.85 only.

85 Degrees Bakery Coffee
85 Degrees Bakery Coffee

About 85C Bakery Menu USA

It all started in 2003 when the founder as well as the current owner of 85°C Bakery Cafe, Mr. Cheng-Hsueh Wu visited a cafe in a 5-star hotel. While he was really enjoying gourmet pastries and drinks, he realized that the prices were set way too high for common people to enjoy on a whim.

From that very moment, Mr. Wu has envisioned a cafe that provides premium coffee, bread, and cake at affordable prices. Thus the 85°C Bakery Cafe journey began and till now it’s going really wonderful with all the love and praise it has received over the years from the visitors and food critics.

If we talk about today, 85°C has over 1,000 locations worldwide which is quite an achievement in itself. In 2008, the first U.S. store opened in Irvine, CA. The location quickly became an overnight sensation, with over 5,000 Yelp reviews and lines out the door.

Featured on TIME, CNN, NPR, and Travel Channel, 85°C Bakery Cafe has become a culinary phenomenon and anew cafe experience for all. All the chefs are highly qualified which focus on the minute detailsof the products under making. Their crew is very friendly too. They have a quick home delivery service too, which means you can order your food at your doorstep.

85C Bakery

Willa Moore, a true Brooklyn native, has been a local enthusiast since her earliest days, with her go-to bagel spot remaining a constant through the years. Her journey before joining The Infatuation involved a unique blend of event production and food styling, where her duties ranged from orchestrating large events to scouring New York City for the perfect pop rocks. This diverse experience not only honed her attention to detail, but also deepened her appreciation for culinary creativity.

At the heart of Willa’s gastronomic passion is her unwavering love for a well-crafted Bloody Mary. She believes that skeptics of this classic drink simply haven’t experienced its full potential. Her expertise and palate now find a new home at Zaika.com.co, where she delves into the world of restaurant menus and reviews. With a keen eye for culinary excellence and a taste for authentic flavors, Willa brings her Brooklyn-rooted, worldly perspective to guide food lovers through the diverse culinary landscape.

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