The Burger Den Menu Prices 2024

If you are in the USA and want to have some scrumptious and the best quality burgers then The Burger Den menu will tick all the criteria you are searching for! The Burger Den is a fast food store that, as it is clear from the name, masters in offering some incredible varieties of Burgers.

They don’t just depend on their burgers to attract visitors, instead, they also offer some delicious beverages and milkshakes. You will notice that everything is made to perfection with so much concentration and dedication. Moreover, you will be happy to see their payable prices. Here is the complete list of the latest The Burger Den menu with prices:

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Menu ItemsPrices
Wake & Bacon Burger£15.90
Mad for Mozza Burger£15.90
Rodeo Ring Burger£15.90
Double the Fun Burger£16.42
Build Me Up Burger£14.34

100% Beef Burgers

You will be in for a marvelous treat at The Burger Den if you love beef. Their 100℅ Beef Burgers are the flag bearers of top-notch quality and brilliant taste. You will love this menu, even more, when you will find out about eight different types of burgers here. Every single item is worth a shot. Despite the praiseworthy taste and standard, these burgers range from fifteen to eighteen dollars in price, which is easily affordable.

Menu ItemsPrices
Rodeo Ring Burger£15.90
Feel the Burn Burger£15.79
Double the Fun Burger£16.42
Spill the Bourbon Burger£16.73
Wake & Bacon Burger£15.90
Vibe with Shrooms Burger£15.79
Mad for Mozza Burger£15.90
Build Me Up Burger£14.34

Chicken Burgers

Chicken Burgers are a sensation among fast food lovers not only in the USA but all around the world. No matter to which community you belong, you will definitely adore the Chicken Burgers that are offered by The Burger Den. All the items here have the ability to fulfill your tummy but, if you are a true food lover and want to have more and more then Build Me Up Grilled Chicken is the one you should ask for.

Menu ItemsPrices
Fire it Up Chicken Burger£15.58
Pig ‘n’ Chicken Burger£15.90
Raid the Roost Chicken Burger£14.75
Build Me Up Grilled Chicken£14.34
Build Me Up Fried Chicken£14.34
Baja Beach Chicken Burger£15.90

Beyond Burgers

Size does matter when you are going to have some burgers. If the taste is delectable, then you would ask for more and more. Beyond Burgers offer you a lot of food as they are so rich with pure and natural ingredients. These burgers are filled with nutritional constituents. There are basically three kinds of burgers that are served on this menu.

Menu ItemsPrices
Rodeo Ring Beyond Burger®£16.73
Build Me Up Beyond Burger£16.42
Baja Beach Beyond Burger®£17.25

Kid’s Burgers

Kid’s Burgers menu contains one special burger especially made for kids. This burger consists of two buns covering meat and cheese.

Menu ItemsPrices
Just For Kids Burger£6.02

Milk Shakes

Sometimes you need some healthy drink after consuming some really spicy fast food. To avoid any inconvenience on the spot, Burger Den has introduced a new menu of Milk Shakes. You will get six yummy varieties of shakes via this section. They are very well priced and are available in distinctive yet glorious flavors so you can have the time of your life.

Menu ItemsPrices
Vanilla Milk Shake£6.74
Chocolate Milk Shake£6.74
Strawberry Milk Shake£6.74
Cake Batter Milk Shake£6.74
OREO® Milk Shake£6.74
Strawberry Cheesecake Milk Shake£6.74


Besides some very famous flavors of shakes, they also offer some other beverages. These beverages are added to the menu with the sole purpose of entertaining the customers. All the items are equally priced so you can just ask for your favorite drink without worry.

Menu ItemsPrices
Soft Drinks£4.35
Minute Maid® Lemonade£4.35


Menu ItemsPrices
New York Style Cheesecake£6.02

About The Burger Den

The Burger Den Menu USA is everyone’s first choice when it comes to enjoying the best burgers in the country. They offer some Big, Bold Burgers in a flash, with a specific focus on high-quality ingredients and big, bold flavor combinations. All these characteristics catch the eyes of food adventures.

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The Burger Den is cooking up the classics you expect and also the crafty concoctions you do not. Then partnering with your favorite delivery apps, so you never have to leave your couch and face any trouble. We would recommend you to personally visit them and enjoy their exceptional services.

Everything at The Den Burgers restaurant will please your mood. Whether it’s their crew, store, or the menu itself, all is good. You will have some really great memories there.

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