Oi Asian Fusion Menu with Prices 2024

Oi Asian Fusion menu USA is very famous among the locals for its western Asian combinations of food items. You can enjoy their servings at reasonable prices. All the products are made with full concentration and care. Without any worry, you can eat anything at the Oi Asian Fusion menu because all the products are made according to the health standards set by the food authorities. Their specialty is in making and serving some mouthwatering Buns. Here is the complete Oi Asian Fusion menu USA with prices:

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Menu ItemsPrices
Adobo Bowl£12.99
Dynamite Sweet Fries£6.99
Pork Bun£6.99
Ube Upside Down Pie£6.99


The Oi Asian Fusion menu serves some delectable bowls to the Asian food lovers. These bowls contain food which is so spicy, tasty and healthy at the same time. Some of the bowls include eggs which are very helpful in maintaining your nutritional needs. There are ten varieties of bowls you can choose from. One thing they all have in common is the mind blowing taste. Moreover, the bowls are so clean and the food in them looks very aesthetic.

Menu ItemsPrices
Adobo Bowl£12.99
Pork Belly and Umami Gravy£12.99
Chicken Longanisa£12.99
Dynamite Crawfish£15.59
Fried Chicken Adobo£12.99
Karaage Rice Bowl£12.99
Loco Burger Bowl£12.99
Mushroom and Egg£14.99
Ribeye Bistek Bowl£16.59
Shredded Pork Bowl£12.99


Sides offered by the Oi Asian Fusion restaurant are probably one of the best. You can choose the side of your liking from the six available varieties. All the sides are good. You can get fries and tacos via this menu. You can also get some chicken products as your side while dining at the Oi Asian Fusion restaurant.

Menu ItemsPrices
Dynamite Sweet Fries£6.99
French Fries£4.00
Karaage Fried Chicken£10.59
Pork Belly Jicama Taco£6.99
Sweet Potato Fries£5.99
Red Raddish£0.75


The Oi Asian Fusion menu serves some high quality buns which may range from six to fourteen dollars in price. The prices may vary from size to size. There are a total of four buns you can order from. They also put some vegetables in them. These buns are not so hard, instead they are really delicate and soft. Their taste will last long in your core memory.

Menu ItemsPrices
Pork Bun£6.99
Angus Burger Bun£6.99
Karaage Fried Chicken Bun£6.99
Oi Burger£13.99


When you finish your ordered meal you always need something to give a final touch to your appetite. The Oi Asian Fusion menu fulfills your desire with its savory Desserts. There are three kinds of desserts on the menu. The price rates can’t make you confused because all the desserts cost the same.

Menu ItemsPrices
Ube Upside Down Pie£6.99
Buko Pandan£6.99
Manila Mango£6.99


In the drinks menu, the Oi Asian Fusion menu USA offers some drinks and water bottles. These quality drinks will help you to quench your thirst. The prices are affordable as well so don’t worry about the money. There are four types of drinks and coke is the most ordered one whether its diet or can.

Menu ItemsPrices
Diet Coke®£2.50
Can Coke£2.50
Can Green Tea£3.50
Bottled Water£2.50
Adobo Sauce£0.75
Cilantro Cream£0.75
Dynamite Sauce£0.75
Garlic Sauce£0.75
Umami Gravy£0.75
Wasabi Cream£0.75

About Oi Asian Fusion

Oi Asian Fusion is a unique restaurant which came into existence because of a unique idea. The idea behind its foundation was to combine some western meals with the Asian ones to provide a spot to the food adventurers where they can enjoy both at the same time. This unique concept was admired by the locals.

The Oi Asian Fusion is a great place to dine in. Their services are applaud worthy. Their first and top most priority is to satisfy the customer at any cost. All the products are made with the choicest and the purest ingredients to give everyone an authentic Asian taste. They also provide a delivery service which you can avail via online portals.

You can order your food through some famous online delivery websites and your food will be delivered at your destination. One thing that makes the Oi Asian Fusion menu a must visit place is their humbleness and their motive to help the needy people. They contribute a lot of their profit to the community services.

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