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Ben & Florentine menu USA is the name of excellence when it comes to making scrumptious breakfasts and other meals. You will find something for everyone whether it is sweet, salty, spicy, or healthy. Their passion for lunch and brunch drives them to constantly innovate the dishes they offer.

Along with delicious breakfast meals, they also offer specialty coffees and smoothies. All the products are very reasonably priced. Here is the complete Ben & Florentine menu USA with prices:

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Menu ItemsPrices
Aloha Smoothie£6.55
Potato Pancakes£4.90
Skillet Three Meat£18.10
Blueberry Smoothie£6.55


As soon as you open the Ben & Florentine menu you will see that their menu starts with the Benedicts offerings. Through this, they complete their desire to serve their signature traditional dishes to the customers. Some of these dishes are like fruit chats as they comprise ample fruits in them like apples.

The customers will have to select from various types of Benedict’s dishes. This will make you puzzled for a little as you just can not ignore any of these. All the items have a unique texture with a tantalizing taste for your taste buds.

Menu ItemsPrices
Benedict Avocado£18.45
Bacon and Caramelized Apples Benedict£18.45
Sriracha Benedict£18.65
Benedict Traditional£17.00
Florentine Benedict£16.75
Benedict Lox£20.10
Italian sausage & sriracha Benedict£18.10
Baloney Benedict£17.00

Avocado Toast

Before going into details of the avocado toast menu at Ben & Florentine you should know what an avocado is. It is a pear-shaped tropical fruit with green or blackish skin and rich yellowish pulp enclosing a single large seed which makes it clear that every dish here will be healthy.

There are several ambrosial types of avocados that you can order. Each item has unique features, tastes, and quantities so the prices are different as well.

Menu ItemsPrices
Avocado Toast Lox£20.10
Avocado, Bacon, and Goat Cheese£17.90
Avocado & Cucumber toast£16.25
Avocado & Grilled Vegetables toast£17.55

Crepes, Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toast

The Ben & Florentine menu offers very appetizing types of Crepes, Pancakes, Waffles, and French Toast. As you can see, four different food names are rolled into one here. This is just a symbolic node about what you are going to experience. The visitors like this menu because it offers all of their favorites rolled into one dish.

If you like fruity foods then, my pal, you will be in for a roller coaster ride. Just for an instance, you can get Bananas, Strawberries, Hazelnut, Chocolate, English Cream, and French Toast all at once in a single order!

Menu ItemsPrices
Crispy French Toast and Caramelized Apples£16.25
Apple and Cheddar Crepe£17.00
Brie and Blueberry French Toast£17.00
The Ultimate Pancake£17.00
Bananas, Strawberries, Hazelnut chocolate, english cream Crepe£16.75
Bananas, Strawberries, Hazelnut chocolate, english cream French Toast£16.75
Bananas, Strawberries, Hazelnut chocolate, english cream Waffle£16.75
Bananas, Strawberries, Hazelnut chocolate, english cream Pancake£16.75
Fresh fruits and english cream Crepe£16.75
Fresh fruits and english cream French Toast£16.75
Fresh fruits and english cream Waffle£16.75
Fresh fruits and english Pancake£16.75
Ham, Spinach Crepe£16.45

Breakfast Sandwiches

Now comes the best part of the menu, for which people actually visit Ben & Florentine, the Breakfast Sandwiches. There are not enough words to describe how sapid and savory these Sandwiches are.

Not only can you have their classic sandwiches here but you can also ask for fruit dishes. Breakfast Melt is everyone’s first priority from this particular menu. However, all the items keep you hooked with just their looks. They are exceptional.

Menu ItemsPrices
Breakfast Club£15.90
Breakfast Melt£16.80
Cream Cheese Bagel£12.40
Bagel BLT ETC£13.70
Cheeseburger Deluxe£17.55
Apple, bacon, cheddard grilled sandwich£15.70


What could be more satisfying than having Eggs in your breakfast meal? The answer is “nothing”. The Ben & Florentine boasts of its palatable eggs which are often served with signature dishes. These eggs are perfectly fried.

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They not only look adorable but also have brilliant taste. They try something different from time to time and keep experimenting with their fried eggs. Sometimes they are served with waffles and sometimes with bananas and chocolate.

Menu ItemsPrices
Apple Crepe Combo£18.10
Crispy French Toast Combo£18.45
Waffles and caramel apples£18.10
Two Eggs ETC£15.35
The Authentic£15.70
Big Ben£16.45
Ten on Ten£17.55
Ben and Florentine Poutine£15.90
Two Eggs Fresh Fruit£13.75
Banana & Chocolate crepe Combo£18.10


You instantly know that a restaurant is family-friendly when it has an entire section of its menu dedicated to kid meals. The Ben & Florentine menu offers great kids’ meals. These include some rolls with chocolate and some other items including fruits.

Every item is the flag bearer of health and high quality. Kids usually don’t like breakfasts but they will love it at this restaurant. Bananalicious is the most loved dish from this menu of kids. It is as luscious as it sounds.

Menu ItemsPrices
Smores Crepe£7.45
Lil Delight£7.45
Koko Loko£7.45
Koko Loko£7.45
Grilled Cheese£7.45


You may have seen this in the media whenever someone wants to make you realize that he has a great taste in the food he uses skillets to do so. On the other hand, the Ben & Florentine menu actually has some enticing Skillets dishes.

One mutual item that almost all the products here have is fried eggs. The visitors get a full skillet of food. There are many varieties to order for your dining. Skillet Italian sausage and sriracha is one of the best sellers.

Menu ItemsPrices
Skillet italian sausage & sriracha£18.10
Skillet Maple Syrup£18.45
Bacon Avocado Skillet£17.55
Skillet Veggie£16.45
Skillet Three Meat£18.10
Skillet Baloney£17.55

Classic Eggs

Classic Eggs is yet another mouth-watering part of the Ben & Florentine menu USA. It offers its classic egg dishes to visitors with heart. Every dish here contains two eggs with some extra item of your choice.

For example, you can order two eggs with the meat of your choice. There are a handful of restaurants that offer delectable eggs and luckily Ben and Florentine is one of those.

Menu ItemsPrices
2 Eggs and Choice of Meat£12.05
2 Eggs and Fresh Fruit£14.25

Healthy Choices

If you are craving for healthy food very desperately then the Healthy Choices menu at the Ben & Florentine will definitely amuse you. They serve really great healthy delights. There are many types of healthy food, which is a great thing as it opens the doorway to a vast selection of items. Customers can ask for desirable food without worrying about their wallets because everything is available at an affordable price.

Menu ItemsPrices
Healthy Delight£15.70
Healthy Duo£16.45
Healthy Wrap£16.25
Bagel Lox£19.75
Old Fashioned Oatmeals£9.85


On the Ben and Florentine menu, you will get to taste some extraordinary Omelettes. These aren’t any ordinary omelets that you can easily make at home, in fact, they are the best version of omelets.

There are various types to pick from like cheese, bacon spinach, western, and many more. All these amazing omelets can be yours at prices under eighteen dollars. These are made according to the health standards of the locals.

Menu Items
Omelette Goat Cheese£16.75
Omelette Avocado Bacon Spinach£17.55
Omelette Western£15.90
Vegetarian Omelette£15.90
Butcher’s Choice Omelette£17.55

Side Orders

What could make your food more exquisite other than the Side Orders by Ben and Florentine restaurant? These humble sides have the quality to make your day. You can pick your side according to your mood and need.

The prices of these sides are budget-friendly. These will make your dining much more fun land memorable. These side orders are very rich in quality and unmatchable in taste.

Menu ItemsPrices
Potato Pancakes£4.90
Baked Beans£3.25
Swiss Cheese£3.25
Cottage Cheese£3.25
Brie Cheese£3.80
Cheddar Cheese£3.25
Goat Cheese£3.80
Cream Cheese£3.25
Famous Home Fries£3.25
Bowl of Fresh Fruit£5.45
Pure Maple Syrup£2.50
Hollandaise Sauce£1.40
Egg (1)£1.40
Turkey Bacon£4.15


The list of menus goes on and on at the Ben & Florentine restaurant in the USA. However, after a tasty meal, everybody needs something soft to drink. This desire is met with the best beverages offered by the store. You can ask for Milk, water, and some other drinks to quench your thirst. They also have specialty coffees if you like them.

Menu ItemsPrices
Chocolate Milk£3.25
Almond Milk£3.60
Mineral Water£3.25
Spring Water£2.15
Soft Drinks£2.75

Specialty Coffees

Menu ItemsPrices


At the end of the Ben & Florentine menu, you will see the collection of smoothies prepared with lots of love and care. These are made with the freshest and purest fruits available in the market. These smoothies are very suitable for health-conscious people who don’t want to consume anything but healthy food. Make sure you taste these whenever you visit this place because if you don’t you will definitely regret it.

Menu ItemsPrices
Aloha Smoothie£6.55
Fraisinette Smoothie£6.55
Blueberry Smoothie£6.55
Red Ruby Smoothie£6.55

About Ben & Florentine

The journey began in 2009 and since then, Ben & Florentine restaurants have flourished and established themselves as leaders in the Quebec brunch market. And their remarkable innovations never stop. From their famous old-fashioned skillets to avocado toast everything is cooked to perfection. Not to mention, their top quality, world-famous potatoes.

The atmosphere at the Ben and Florentine is very welcoming and friendly. All the staff is humble and respectful to the visitors. They also have a delivery service which delivers your order to the doorstep.

Ben & Florentine Restaurant
Ben & Florentine

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