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Assembly Food Hall menu USA is a very popular multi-level enjoyment destination for food adventurers. They are the best organizers for your parties and gatherings. All the ingredients used in the preparation of food products are of the best quality possible.

However, the prices are very reasonable as compared to the exceptional service and quality. Here is the complete Assembly Food Hall menu USA with prices:

Popular Items

Assembly Food Hall specializes in serving delectable varieties of delights such as ice, candy, cakes, and ice creams followed by some quality beverages. The crew is fantastic and delivers your order very quickly.

Pink Vanilla Bag£12.00
Cotton & Snow£12.00
Strawberry Slice£12.00
Banana Slice£12.00
Pineapple Slice£12.00

Shaved Ice

The Assembly Food Hall menu starts with Shaved Ice. In this part of the menu, you will be entertained with various flavors of ice such as strawberry, banana, and many more.

All the flavors and items here are of quality and offer you a mellow taste. The Shaved Ice is a perfect treat on summer days. All the products are frozen perfectly and offer you a healthy diet.

Cotton & Snow£16.80
Hawaiian Rainbow£16.80
Strawberry Shortcake£16.80
Banana Pudding£16.80
Sour Tart£16.80
Hawaiian Colada£16.80
Potter Brew£16.80

Customized Shaved Ice

When they realized that Shaved Ice is in great public demand, the Assembly Food Hall introduced customized shaved ice to cover a large number of customers. They did so in order to engage more and more visitors.

This area of the menu has a lot of items and each item has a distinct taste from the others. You will feel like you are in the heaven of delights.

Blue Raspberry£9.00
Blue Cotton Candy£9.00
Butter Scotch£9.00
Cake Batter£9.00
Cold Brew£9.00
Mai Tai£9.00
Pina Colada£9.00
Pink Bubble Gum£9.00
Pink Cotton Candy£9.00
Pink Lemonade£9.00
Red Raspberry£9.00
Red Velvet Cake£9.00
Root Beer£9.00
Tiger’s Blood£9.00
Wedding Cake£9.00

Ice Cream Cup

What can make your summer days the best days other than the ice cream? Assembly Food Hall does business according to the requirements of the time.

Therefore, they have introduced an Ice Cream Cup menu for the customers and it has proved to be extremely beneficial for the store. You will be in for a treat as they offer the best varieties of ice cream.

Birthday Cake£7.80
Cotton Candy£7.80
Key Lime Pie£7.80
Pina Colada£7.80

Cutton Candy Pin Container

Cotton Candy Pint Container is another great menu offered by the Assembly Food Hall USA. This one is quite special as it offers many tasty kinds of candies to candy lovers.

If you don’t like candies, we are sure that you are gonna love them after trying these. They won’t put a burden on your pocket as the prices are very reasonable.

Blue Raspberry Bag£12.00
Pink Vanilla Bag£12.00


The cake is something that is liked by visitors of all ages and the Assembly Food Hall menu knows this fact. In order to be appealing to cake lovers, they have added a cake menu that serves some of the most famous flavors of cakes. All the cakes are made with the best ingredients possible.

Strawberry Slice£12.00
Caramel Slice£12.00
Red Velvet Slice£12.00
Banana Slice£12.00
Pineapple Slice£12.00

Hot Coffee

Besides all the eating items, the Assembly Food Hall menu also serves some delectable beverages. Hot Coffee is something that is in trend nowadays.

Caramel Macchiato and Americano are the most ordered from the hot coffee menu. One thing noticeable about this menu is that it offers six types of coffee but at the same prices.

Caramel Machiato£9.60
Vanilla Bean Latte£9.60
Crisp Apple Machiato£9.60
Toasted Hazlenut£9.60
Mocha Latte£9.60

Iced Coffee

Iced Coffee is as famous as hot coffee. It offers you all the items from the hot coffee menu but in iced form. Moreover, the prices are kept the same for both of the menus so it makes it easy for you to just select your desired type of coffee and enjoy it.

Menu ItemsPrices
Iced Caramel Machiatto£9.60
Iced Vanilla Bean Latte£9.60
Iced Apple Crisp Machiatto£9.60
Iced Americano£9.60
Iced Toasted Hazlenut£9.60
Iced Mocha Latte£9.60

About Assembly Food Hall Restaurant

Assembly Food Hall is a multi-level, comprehensive culinary and entertainment destination that complements and rounds out the downtown Nashville experience and also happens to be the best one in the race of such big restaurants. This is really a huge project.

The over 100,000 square-foot project is a central gathering place with marvelous 30+ eateries and bars, Sixty Vines restaurants, three live performance stages, and a massive rooftop terrace featuring a live music venue with epic Nashville views delivering a fun, energetic vibe that will draw visitors from all across the region. All of these features make it one of the most booked places for dining and celebration purposes throughout the USA.

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They are basically a cultural hub where all the best sights, sounds, and flavors of a community come together under one roof and make the environment aesthetic for food and fun lovers. They are not just experts in developing and managing successful food halls, they create a disruptive entertainment and dining concept in local communities so everyone can have the privilege to enjoy food.

They are innovators setting a new standard in F&B and real estate. The Assembly Food Hall menu USA is an e-commerce-proof, sustainable anchor tenant on the leading edge of culture. Their services are the best. The crew is fantastic and the food quality is just remarkable.

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