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Juan Pollo menu USA is a rapidly growing food chain because of its traditional Chicken dishes. They offer the best quality chicken products with a divine taste and odor. They have been really fortunate in what they do. They have earned the respect of their customers and as a result, whoever visits their plans to have his meals only at their place. They offer you the best dining experience at affordable prices. Here is the complete list of Juan Pollo menu USA with prices:

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Menu ItemsPrices
Mini Pak (Feeds 3-4 people)£33.78
Family Pak (Feeds 6-7 people)£58.49
Juan’s Big Bowl£12.99
Chicken Meal (1/2)£15.58
1 chicken£19.49

Meal Paks

Juan Pollo is proud of its Meal Paks menu. Through this menu, it pleases its customers with the signature chicken dishes which are the main reason for customers’ attraction towards the restaurant. If you want to taste a complete chicken with a luscious taste and mouth-watering odor then it is the best you can ever get. There are meals available for a gathering of three to ten people. Different meal packs have different quantities and different price rates likewise. These meal packs will increase the level of your dining because nothing can top these babies.

Menu ItemsPrices
Mini Pak (Feeds 3-4 people)£33.78
Family Pak (Feeds 6-7 people)£58.49
Jumbo Pak (Feeds 9-10 people)£86.99

A La Carte Chicken

The main source of Juan Pollo’s success is its Chicken meals. A La Carte Chicken menu is just another step towards greatness and dignity. You will be floating in the ocean of taste while eating the marvelously scrumptious dishes from this section. You will have the privilege to order specific parts of the chicken like legs, thighs etc with an additional option to have the complete chicken itself. Moreover, you can increase the number of chickens according to the demand.

Menu ItemsPrices
Thigh & Leg (1/4)£6.48
Breast & Wing (1/4)£6.80
1/2 Chicken£11.05
1 chicken£19.49
2 Chickens£36.38
3 Chickens£51.99


Salads play a crucial role not only in a man’s diet but also in the reputation of the restaurant which offers it. Juan Pollo boasts of its delicious salads made only with the purest ingredients possible.

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken Salad£14.95


Juan Pollo offers its traditional Entrees to all visitors. You will experience traditional southern American taste in these entrees. All the products are of very high quality. There are three distinguishable types of entrees you can choose from. If you need any suggestions we would like to recommend you their Juan’s Big Burrito. It is quite impressive entree and contains a one pound burrito accompanied by chicken, beans, rice, lettuce, and cheese. In the end, it is served with salsa which is as exquisite as it sounds.

Menu ItemsPrices
Juan’s Big Burrito£12.99
Chicken Taco£3.88
Soft Taco Platter£10.38


Juan Pollo offers only one bowl which is enough to satisfy your tummy. It is great in taste and affordable in price.

Menu ItemsPrices
Juan’s Big Bowl£12.99


Mostly, people need something extra to accompany their ordered chicken meal at the Juan Pollo restaurant. To fulfill this desire of the visitors, they have introduced the Sides menu. Through this menu, you can get four different sides. These sides make your food look great. One interesting fact you should know before visiting them is that all the sides are made available at the same rate. You can easily order the desired side when price variation isn’t a problem.

Menu ItemsPrices
Potato Salad£3.88
Green Salad£3.88


The meals section from the Juan Pollo menu is one of the most ordered menus because it offers the signature chicken dishes. It contains the most demanded chicken items because they use the best chickens only. You can ask for any dish from the three options. We would like to suggest that you must ask for the Chicken Meal. It consists of perfectly cooked chicken breast, wing, thigh, and leg with a choice of two small sides. It is served with salsa and tortillas.

Menu ItemsPrices
Dark Meal (1/4)£12.99
White Meal (1/4)£13.33
Chicken Meal (1/2)£15.58


In beverages, Juan Pollo offers casual drinks which almost every restaurant offers.

Menu ItemsPrices

About Juan Pollo

It all began in January 1984 when Albert Okura opened the first Juan Pollo in Ontario, California. His brother-in-law, Armando Parra, helped to develop the initial rotisserie chicken recipe deriving back from his roots in Chihuahua, Mexico which was a sensation at that time. Their goal was to master a recipe that enhanced the natural flavors of the chicken and they finally did. More than thirty-five years later, Juan Pollo still uses this original recipe in all 26 active locations in Southern California.

Juan Pollo Restaurant
Juan Pollo

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