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Susiecakes menu USA is a rapidly growing food chain in the country which is well known for its marvelously mellow baked treats. The quality of these wonderful delights is probably one of the best among all the bakery stores in the USA.

They use only the purest ingredients in the making process. Even after producing the best quality products, Susiecakes offers all the items at affordable and easy prices. Here is the entire Susiecakes menu USA with prices:

Picked for you
2 Specialty Cake Slices$19.10
4 Box Cupcake Assortment$20.40
4 Box Chocolate Chip Cookies$17.00
Happy Birthday Cupcake 4 Box$25.20
12 Box Cupcake Assortment$61.20


Susiecakes menu is famous for delights, everyone knows that, but their Cupcakes are the proof if you have any doubt. These cupcakes are so mellow and soft that every single bite melts in your mouth and surprises your taste buds in a positive way. The prices are reasonable too.

4 Box Cupcake Assortment$20.40
8 Box Cupcake Assortment$40.80
Happy Birthday Cupcake 4 Box$25.20
Happy Birthday Cupcake Dozen Box$75.60
Congrats Cupcake 4 Box$25.20
Congrats Cupcake 4 Box$25.20
12 Box Cupcake Assortment$61.20

Specialty Cakes

You won’t find the best cakes anywhere except on the Specialty Cakes section of Susiecakes menu USA. These specialty cakes are made by highly qualified chefs with care and affection. The owner has her own recipe to make these yummy and delicious Specialty Cakes. Her emotional connection to these cakes makes them even better.

Luscious Lemon CakePriced by add-ons
Celebration CakePriced by add-ons
Old-Fashioned Chocolate CakePriced by add-ons
Southern Red Velvet CakePriced by add-ons
Classic Marble CakePriced by add-ons
Carrot CakePriced by add-ons
Tropical Coconut CakePriced by add-ons
2 Specialty Cake Slices$19.10


At Susiecakes store, you are promised to be entertained with quality pies. These pies are made with quality ingredients. The taste is great too and it tastes even better when you are craving for delights. You will be in for a treat at susiecakes while having their most ordered pies.

Key Lime Pie – 9″$35.95

Cookies & Bars

The Susiecakes menu is filled with many tremendous and incredibly delightful baked products. Their Cookies and Bars menu is like a chef’s kiss. These items are enough to make your mouth water with their savory and sweet taste.

4 Box Chocolate Chip Cookies$17.00
4 Box Snickerdoodles$17.00

Party Supplies

If you want to have a party and want baked delights to entertain your guests then the Party Supplies menu at the Susiecakes is definitely meant for you. You will get ample cakes and other items that you could easily satisfy the appetite of your guests or family members.

Meri Meri – Happy Birthday Acrylic Topper$15.00
Meri Meri – Birthday Fringe Small Napkins$10.80
Meri Meri – Birthday Cake Plates$10.80
Meri Meri – Gold Stripe Small Napkins$10.80
Meri Meri – Gold Small Plates$10.80
SusieCakes Cake Server$3.60

About Susiecakes

The Susiecakes menu USA is a unique bakery store and its story is deeply rooted in the life of its owner. SusieCakes’ founder, Susan Sarich, grew up in the beautiful state of Chicago. There she was called Susie  by her two beloved grandmothers, Mildred  and Madeline.

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Every single day Susie would come home from school to enjoy her grandmothers’ company over a glass of milk and a fresh baked treat and it became her favorite routine. This daily baking ritual and special time together in the kitchen left a lasting impression on her heart and mind.

When Susie grew up to become Susan and moved to the West Coast, she brought along her grandmothers’ carefully recorded recipes on handwritten 3×5 cards.

The pure and simple connection those recipes fostered helped Susan form SusieCakes bakeries to share her experience with others and this inspired her to open a bakery food store to relive her beautiful past memories with her grandmothers.

The Susiecakes store became a success which brought fortune for Susan. Through SusieCakes, Susan honors Mildred and Madeline: both in her dedication to their baking traditions, and her commitment to providing women with progressive careers in the food & hospitality industry. Today, she is responsible for providing respectable jobs to many unemployed women.

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