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The Bubble Bee Tea menu 2022 USA takes pride in serving the most amazing tea in the country. They have only one mission which is to offer quality tea and its various yummy varieties to the ones who passionately crave for tea. Their tea is made with the best ingredients which are especially imported from other countries. They offer you many yummy, juicy, and creamy flavors of tea.

Their service is undoubtedly very impressive. They try to give the visitors something more at every visit. Their first and top most priority is to provide quality teas to the visitors at affordable prices. Here we will provide you the complete Bubble Bee Tea menu with prices:

Blended Creamy Tea

Cloud 9 - Organic Honey Boba$7.19
Coco and Rose - Honey Boba$7.19
Dark Matter - Organic Honey Boba$7.19
King Taro - Organic Honey Boba$7.19
Love Story - Strawberry Popper$7.19
Ruby Slipper - Strawberry Popper$7.19
Snow Bowl - Organic Honey Boba$7.19
South Beach - Mango Popper$7.19
Apes Escape - Organic Honey Boba$7.19

Blended Creamy Tea is the first menu or should we say the starter menu of the Bubble Bee Tea restaurant. Their first specialty is their captivating designs of the cups. All the teas in this menu possess heavenly taste which will please your taste buds. The sweetness is just perfect and is favorable even for the patients of diabetes. Ordering these delicious teas will bring you pure joy. All the items are very reasonably priced and are easily manageable.

Blended Fruity Tea

Big Bang - Orange Popper$6.99
Berry Bling Bling - Pomegranate Popper$6.99
Cali Girl - Strawberry Popper$6.99
First Date - Passion Fruit Popper$6.99
Goldilocks - Mango Jelly$6.99
P4X - Pineapple Jelly$6.99
PM - Mango Popper and Peach Jelly$6.99
Traffic Light - Kiwi Popper and Strawberry Jelly$6.99
Tropical Island - Yogurt Popper$6.99

After Blended Creamy Tea, the Bubble Bee Tea store offers its Blended Fruity Tea menu which is also very famous like the earlier one. Traffic Light – Kiwi Popper and Strawberry Jelly is very popular among the customers for its savory taste. You will see so many different varieties of tea having only one thing in common, the price rates. There are many flavors to pick from like jelly, strawberry etc.

Over Ice Creamy Tea

Coffee Break - Organic Honey Boba and Coffee Jelly $6.69
Enchanted Chai - Organic Honey Boba$6.69
High Thai - Organic Honey Boba$6.69
Ice Age - Organic Honey Boba$6.69
Matchacha - Organic Honey Boba$6.69
Sweetheart - Organic Honey Boba$6.69
The Original - Organic Honey Boba$6.69
Queen Taro - Organic Honey Boba$6.69
Valentine - Organic Honey Boba$6.69

If you are visiting the Bubble Bee Tea restaurant for the very first time and want something zesty then the Over Ice Creamy Tea menu is for you. You will be amazed to see the delicious tea which is served with Boba. You will also get some creamy chocolate toppings which are so soothing and relaxing. You will visit them again for the same experience because it is just fantastic.

Over Ice Fruity Tea

BFF - Kiwi Popper and Strawberry Jelly$6.09
Casual Friday - Orange Popper and Mango Jelly$6.09
Mango All the Way - Mango Popper and Mango Jelly$6.09
Papa Guava - Yogurt Popper and Strawberry Jelly$6.09
Peach Pal - Peach Popper and Lychee Jelly$6.09
Peachy Lychee - Lychee Popper and Peach Jelly$6.09
Pomegranate Paradise - Pomegranate Popper and Lychee Jelly$6.09
Spring Break - Peach Popper and Mango Jelly$6.09
Strawberry Fiesta - Yogurt Popper and Strawberry Jelly$6.09

Over Ice Fruity Tea menu is yet another banger offered by the Bubble Bee Tea menu. Like all other decorative and fabulous menus, customers enjoy this one as well. There are different flavors for the visitors and all these flavors have different colors. There are some teas which have not one but two colors. All the items here are catchy and so yummy to taste. The quality is second to none for obvious reasons.

Coffee / Energy Drinks

Chococcino - Organic Honey Boba and Coffee Jelly$7.29
Mochaccino - Organic Honey Boba and Coffee Jelly$7.29
Vanillaccino - Organic Honey Boba and Coffee Jelly$7.29
24/7 - Passion Fruit Popper and Strawberry Jelly$7.29
Party Animal - Lychee Popper and Mango Jelly$7.29
T.G.I.F - Orange Popper and Mango Jelly$7.29
The Hulk - Lychee Popper and Mango Jelly$7.29

The Bubble Bee Tea restaurant takes immense pleasure when it serves its quite famous Coffee / Energy Drinks menu in a style. If we look at the number of items, there are a total of seven of them. However, when it comes to the most ordered ones, you should ask for The Hulk – Lychee Popper and Mango Jelly. Like its name, it too is a strong drink to have. It will surely boost your mood and will make you feel refreshed.

Carbonated Sparkling Tea

Craving - Strawberry Popper and Passion Fruit Jelly$6.29
Charming - Kiwi Popper and Mango Jelly$6.29
Desire - Orange Popper and Pineapple Jelly$6.29
Envy - Strawberry Popper and Passion Fruit Jelly$6.29
Fancy - Peach Popper and Pineapple Jelly$6.29
Glamorous - Peach Popper and Strawberry Jelly$6.29
Funky Town-Pomegranate Popper and Coffee Jelly$6.29

Carbonated Sparkling Tea menu offers you exquisite varieties of teas. The Bubble Bee Tea menu introduced this particular section of teas with a sole purpose to attract more customers. And we are being very neutral when we say that they have really hit the jackpot with this step. They have not only gained an increase in customers but also in visitor’s trust. The tea quality is of top order as its motto states.

Carbonated 0 Cal Tea

Absolute Berry$6.29
Escape Plan$6.29
Purely Peach$6.29
Simply Strawberry$6.29
Summer Vacay$6.29

Carbonated 0 Cal Tea section of the Bubble Bee Tea menu comprises the teas which contain absolutely zero Calories. These teas are usually recommended for the people who want to reduce fat. Nonetheless, they are equally famous among normal customers because of the melodious taste. All the items are priced in the same manner, however, the taste is unique. You will surely love these zero calories teas.

Pure Tea (Iced)

Organic Black Tea$6.19
Organic Green Tea$6.19
Organic White Tea$6.19
Organic Oolong Tea$6.19
Pure USDA Organic Oolong Tea.$6.19

The Bubble Bee Tea menu USA boasts of offering the Pure Tea menu. They are the purest they ever get. You will see that every single tea is purely organic in nature. Things get more enjoyable when the customer sees four different varieties of pure teas. There is one more thing you should know that you can customize sweetness level, sweetener, creamer etc.

About Bubble Bee Tea

The Bubble Bee Tea is a well  renowned store which specializes in serving delectable quality teas around the USA. Their mission is to introduce high-quality, innovative fresh beverages to the locals as well as to the international visitors. Quality is the heart of their business and it has been their secret of success. They use locally sourced fresh fruits and source their teas directly from the world’s  best tea farmers who work day and night to produce the best quality.

Juice Crafters menu with prices USA

All of their beverages are made with the best ingredients. They use real Cane Sugar, in house fruit jams/ purees, and Organic milk. They select only premium quality ingredients to create satisfaction that goes beyond expectations and blows the mind of the customers. They value the entire process of tea production, from cultivation to the selection of tea leaves, drying, fermentation, and purification.

Their drink masters produce exceptional products with a commitment to the highest level of craftsmanship with honor and passion. They follow precise recipes and standards to ensure consistency at all of their stores. They aspire to inspire and make the ordinary extraordinary. They continue to stand at the forefront of trends and to challenge norms with innovation and creativity

At their outlets, they greet everyone warmly and sincerely to create happiness not only in every cup, but in every heart. They treat their customers and team members with integrity and dignity

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