Juice Crafters menu with prices USA January 2024

You will find a lot of options and flavour of juices, smoothies and many more in the menu of Juice Crafters. They do all the work and craft fresh and healthy vitamin rich 100% pure juice that you can enjoy any time of the day without the work. Here is the whole list of all the available products of the Juice Crafters menu with prices:

picked for you

Acai - Classic Bowl$12.99
Muscle Builder$11.95
#3 - Mother Earth$10.75
Acai - Protein Bowl$16.99
Flax Power$11.99

Juice crafters, as the name mentioned, is the most popular juice bar in the United States. It is a wonderful location for the people who want to enjoy and treat themselves with juices filled with healthy and natural ingredients. Here fruits and vegetables are handpicked by local farmers and delivered regularly to guarantee quality and freshness that you can taste with your every sip.

Bowls menu

Acai - Classic Bowl$12.99
Acai - Chocolate Bowl$16.99
Acai - Protein Bowl$16.99
Acai - Kale Bowl$12.99
Dragon Fruit Bowl$12.99
Berry Blast Bowl$12.99
Coco Maui Bowl$11.99
Mucho Mango Bowl$11.99
Matcha Coco Bliss Bowl$11.99
Spicy Mango Bowl$11.99

The Juice Crafters menu introduces its mind-blowing and extremely scrumptious bowls to the sweet cravers. There are various fruitful flavors of bowls served here to the customers. The serving design of these bowls is fascinating and the serving size is huge and well enough to satisfy your sweet cravings. Each of these bowls contains natural ingredients and a richness of fruit and does two jobs at the same time which is making the customer healthy and happy.


Wake Me Up!
Acai Power Boost$10.99
Amazonian Breakfast$11.99
Blue Bird$10.99
Crunchy Monkey$11.99
Divine Start$13.50
Dragon Fruit Reboot$11.50
East West$8.99
Flax Power$11.99
Fountain of Youth$11.99
Golden Gate$10.99
Good Fibes Only$11.99
Green Island$10.99
Green Soul$11.99
In N' Oat$10.50
Muscle Builder$11.95
Oh Kale Yes!$9.99
Pacific Love$10.99
Silver Cup$10.99
Silver Lily$10.99
Sunny Malibu$10.99
Talk O' The Town$10.50
U Like Um$8.99
Venice Cove$10.50

Smoothies are the most demanding and highly attractive menu item of Juice Crafters. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that smoothies have a massive hand in making Juice Crafters the top-tier juice bar in the United States. They offer you endless flavors and varieties of smoothies that you can enjoy all day long and don’t let you get tired of visiting here and having them again and again. Their chefs work hard and make sure to give you the best quality smoothy that you deserve. Every smoothie has a distinct taste and superior quality and is offered at an affordable price range.


#1 - Green Fields$10.75
#1.5 - Ojai’s Special$10.75
#2 - Green Supreme$10.75
#2.5 - Maui's Garden$10.75
#3 - Mother Earth$10.75
#3.5 - 8 Shades of Green$10.75
#4 - Gut Tonic$10.45
#5 - Skinny Rescue$10.95
#6 - Beet Biotic$10.25
#8 - Heart Bae$10.25
#9 - G.O.A.T. Juice$9.25
#10 - Daily Synergy$10.25
#11 - Recover Me Softly$10.25
#13 - Beauty & Brains$10.25
#16 - Malibu's Fave$9.25
Ginger Ninja$6.95
Skin Magic$7.45
From the Garden of Eden$6.95
#7 - Beet Retreat$7.99
#12 - Alpha Beta Carotene$7.99
Brain Zener$7.95
Orange Juice$6.95

The reason for the popularity and fame of the Juice Crafters menu is their ultra delicious juices. Juices are the signature items of Juice Crafters and also have the privilege to be called their best sellers. If you want to make your boring and hectic day interesting and energetic then without wasting a second you should visit Juice Crafters. Juice Crafters’ Juices has the potential to give you the taste and quality that no other juice spot  is able to provide. Another great thing about them is the amount of money which they charge on these juices which is surprisingly accurate and under the budget.


Wheatgrass (Btl)$5.95
Cure Me Now (Btl)$5.95
Heart Core (Btl)$5.50
Acai Elixir (Btl)$5.95
Make Me Einstein (Btl)$8.00

Apart from the packed juices and other flavorful menu items, you can also treat yourself with these amazing and awesome shots offered by Juice Crafters. Just like their name is unique, the taste is also plausible. In Fact these are very effective and give an unforgettable taste.

H2O etc

Aloe Vera H2O$4.45
Chlorophyll H2O$4.95
Alkaline H2O$3.50
Good Vibes Hemp H2O$4.95

Juice Crafters tries to cover every area that can make it a perfect menu and by doing so, they offer something that is aside from the juices like H2O etc. In this portion of the menu you will find those items that are healthy for your body and especially for your skin. These H20 based items contain high filtered H2O and a high pH level to help neutralize the acid content of your bodily systems.


JC - Dried Mango$7.99
JC - Almonds$5.99
JC - Chia Seeds$6.99
JC - Walnuts
Kates Real Food Bar$3.75
Nelly's Organic Bar$3.99
Nugo Protein Bar$2.99
Cacao Nibs$17.99
Cacao Powder$17.99
Chaga Mushroom$23.99
Goji Berries$18.99
Golden Berries$18.99
Maca Root Powder$28.99

Besides quality juices and smoothies, Juice Crafters menu has to offer something more such as Snacks. The Snacks served here are not ordinary snacks but each of these menu items is filled with high vitamins and proteins. They aim to delight you with not only tasty delights but their main objective is to serve you with healthy and pure quality items which would be beneficial for your body.

Super Food

You can find some high quality powders of Turmeric, Berries and Mushroom in the Superfood area of the Juice Crafters. These powders come in highly appreciated packing and each of them has a superior quality as well. If we talk about the prices then you don’t have to worry as they have very reasonable prices.

Super Function Tincture$14.95
Adrenal Balance Tincture$14.95
Detox Magic Tincture$14.95
Energy & Stamina Tincture$14.95

Another menu item that is directly linked to the health of the body. We all know that Tincture is taken to relieve a wide range of health issues, or as a proactive way to support specific elements of your wellbeing. As the basic concern of Juice Crafters is to take care of the health of their respectable clients that’s why Juice Crafters include in their Tincture menu.  

About Juice Crafters USA

Juice Crafters is a family owned juice bar which uses raw gourmet natural ingredients to prepare some of the most amazing freshly pressed juices in the world. They serve products that will bring vitality to your life and introduce you to a completely new lifestyle that delivers better body performance and well-being. Their Motto is simple: Live well and be well.

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They have great affection for their valuable customers and believe in the importance of providing natural holistic wellness and have extracted nature’s medicine into their immunization juices. Additionally, they offer freshly made yummy juices that will suit anyone’s taste buds. Swing by one of Juice Crafters locations to grab a freshly pressed juice made to order.

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