Fat Guy’s Burgers Menu with Prices 2024

Fat Guy’s Burgers menu USA is a fast food chain famous for its unusually large sized Burgers and is adored by every burger fan across the country. They specialize in serving the top quality and big sized burgers to the visitors. They are one of their kind and that’s why they get plenty of food adventurers. All the products prepared by them are made only with the best ingredients. They don’t compromise on quality at any cost. However, the price list clearly shows that they serve their products at very reasonable prices. Here is the Fat Guy’s Burgers menu USA with prices:

Picked for you
Bacon Cheeseburger$11.25
Spicy Fried Pickle Burger$11.25
Large Fries$6.85
Fat and Juicy$9.35

Jumbo Burgers

Fat Guy’s Burgers menu starts with their Jumbo Burgers. Just like the name, they have an ample quantity and size to fulfill your appetite. They are made with pure ingredients so the taste is just remarkable. Every burger contains triple meat in it! There are four varieties of Jumbo Burgers menu.

Jumbo Bacon Cheeseburger$14.55
Jumbo Hamburger$10.35
Jumbo Bacon Burger$13.75
Jumbo Cheeseburger$11.15

Not a Burger

Not a burger section from the fat guy’s burgers menu USA is quite exciting. It has several delectable items to be entertained with. Besides burgers, you can also get Chipotle Chicken whose taste is mesmerizing and makes you crave for more.

Fat Guy’s Dog$6.25
Veggie Burger$9.35
Dodge Style Dog$7.85
Chipotle Chicken$11.65

Ballpark Fries

Fat Guy’s Burgers menu offers its very tasty Ballpark Fries to the visitors. These fries are easily distinguishable from the others because of the unique taste and look. You can get these Ballpark Fries in regular as well as in large size quantities.

Sweet Potato Waffle Fries$4.99
Regular Fries$3.75
Large Fries$6.85

Fat Guy’s Chili

Fat guy’s burgers menu is filled with so many exciting items and Fat Guy’s Chili is one of them. All the items in this section are quite spicy. You will surely like them because these aren’t available anywhere else.

Frito Chili Pie$7.49
Chili Cheese Fries$10.99
Chili Cheese Dog$7.85

Fat Guys Burgers

Fat Guys Burgers are the signature burgers from the Fat Guy’s Burgers menu USA. All the burgers are among the best sellers too. People love them and no one has ever complained about the quality or taste of the burgers. Rejoice yourself with these luscious burgers at budget friendly prices.

Bacon Cheeseburger$11.25
Sausage Cheeseburger$9.15
Bacon Burger$10.75

Specialty Burgers

Specialty Burgers are especially made by the Fat Guy’s Burgers’ crew. One thing that makes them so special is their appetite increasing look accompanied by delicious taste. The Pizza Burger is among the most ordered items. We assure you that you won’t regret if you order anything from this particular menu.

Sweet Caroline$10.35
Spicy Fried Pickle Burger$11.25
Pizza Burger$11.25
Thunder Burger$11.25
Peanut Butter Bacon Burger$11.25
Fat and Juicy$9.35
Black and Bleu Burger$10.35

Fat Wings

Fat Guy’s Burgers menu also offers Fat Wings along with its tasty fat burgers. The size of these wings is huge because they only use healthy chickens to make these savory wings. Boneless wings are the best.

Bone In$16.25

Kids Mains

Fat Guy’s Burgers menu cares for its customers belonging to every age group. As a result, they have introduced a Kids Mains menu which offers likable food items for kids especially. Kid Burger is quite fascinating and is even liked by the adults to some extent.

Kid Burger$5.99
Kid Cheeseburger$6.25
Junior Dog$4.35
Grilled Cheese$4.15


Beverages offered by the Fat Guy’s Burgers menu are of the highest quality possible. Moreover, the prices are affordable so you can easily have your favorite beverage after finishing your meal.

Rootbeer Freeze$4.99
Rootbeer Float$4.99

About Fat Guy’s Burgers

The Fat Guy’s Burgers menu USA is  known as the home of the fat and juicy burgers. They take two beef patties, put butter and cheese in between them, seal them up and then cook’em.

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when it’s ready, you have a burger with melted butter and cheese filling the inside and all these items turned into one giant burger give you heavenly taste. Just be careful how you eat it! follow

Their instructions properly  to avoid making a cheesy mess everywhere.

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