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The Zip’s Drive-In Menu USA has been serving the locals for more than sixty years now. It is famous for its quick meals. At first, it was established because there was a dire need for a restaurant that could serve the factory workers back then. Right after its foundation, Zip’s Drive-In became a hit. Since then, it has never looked back and is still providing its applause-worthy services to the visitors. Zip’s Drive-in restaurant is famous for its fast food items like burgers and sandwiches. It makes sure that everyone gets a good meal at a fair price. Here is the whole Zip’s Drive-in menu USA with prices:

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Menu ItemsPrices
Chili Fries£7.69
French Dip£8.99
Roast Beef Sandwich£9.99
Chili Dog£8.79

Burgers and Dogs

The Zip’s Drive-in menu begins with quite tasty Burgers and Dogs where the latter refers to Hot Dogs of course. They are proud of serving their classic burgers for more than a half century now. You would be offered so many varieties of burgers that your tummy might get full just by tasting all of them. There are some tasty hot dogs as well. You should try their Belly Buster burger. It contains one meat, one American cheese, one ham, one bacon, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato.

Menu ItemsPrices
Bacon Double Cheese Burger£8.29
Triple Cheese Burger£9.59
Belly Buster£5.99
Cheese Burger£4.39
Double Burger£6.19
Double Cheese Burger£6.59
Salad Burger£6.19
Hot Dog£4.99
Super Deluxe Loaded Hamburger£3.99
Papa Joe£4.79
Bacon Burger£5.99

Big Burgers

When you feel like you need something big to eat, you must ask for Big Burgers at the Zip’s Drive-in food store. These burgers are not only great in size but also in quality and taste. You get so many ingredients stuffed into one burger at a reasonable price. There are so many choices of burgers to pick from. However, my personal favorite is The Boss Burger. It has three types of meat, two ham, two bacon, two American cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, pickles, lettuce, and tomato.

Menu ItemsPrices
The Boss Burger£13.99
Big Zipper Burger£10.99
Homer Burger£10.99
Re-Fueler Burger£9.89
Wrangler Burger£9.89


Along with the most amazing burgers in the town, Zip’s Drive-in menu also boasts of its mind-blowing Sandwiches. These sandwiches are so great because they are made only with the choicest and freshest constituents. You won’t be able to taste all of them at once cause there are a total of eleven marvelous varieties of Sandwiches for you. All of them offer you finger-licking taste.

Menu ItemsPrices
Turkey Club Sandwich£8.99
Chicken Sandwich£5.99
Turkey and Swiss Sandwich£7.99
Turkey Bagel Sandwich£5.99
Roast Beef Sandwich£9.99
French Dip£8.99
BLT Sandwich£7.99
Ham and Cheese Sandwich£7.99
Grilled Cheese Sandwich£3.99
Fish Wich£3.99
Halibut Sandwich£6.99


The Zip’s Drive-in menu USA has a sub-menu named Baskets. You can get seriously crispy and crunchy fries through this menu at affordable prices. They also have some shrimps to offer. All the baskets have ample food for the visitors as they serve everything in packs. Moreover, to make things crazier, they offer you two types of sauces to accompany your ordered fries. You can choose the sauce of your liking.

Menu ItemsPrices
Chicken & Fries Basket (2pc)£5.99
Cod & Fries Basket (3pc)£7.69
Butterfly Shrimp & Fries Basket (6pc)£10.79
Popcorn Shrimp & Fries Basket (6oz Portion)£10.79


The Chili menu at the Zip’s Drive-in store has some delectable varieties of burgers and fries to offer. All the items here are very reasonably priced. You can pass your time while having these especially made chili fries. You can get these on your way to a long drive. The taste is really good and will surely please your food craving taste buds. However, the prices may vary from four to ten dollars according to your order.

Menu ItemsPrices
Chili Burger£9.89
Chili Dog£8.79
Chili Fries£7.69


You will be pleased to know that like all the great restaurants in the USA, the Zip’s Drive-in also offers some really awesome Sides. There are ten different sides available, in case you are wondering. Plus point is that you can choose your favorite one with your ordered food. French Fries is one of the most ordered sides. These fries are regular in size and come with onesauce. When they are large sized they come with two sauces. Tub comes with three sauces.

Menu ItemsPrices
Tater Tots£3.29
Onion Rings£3.99
Mozzarella Sticks£7.49
Corn Dog£2.19
French Fries£2.69
Curly Fries£3.29
Popcorn Chicken£3.99
Chicken Wings£9.89


Whenever you visit some restaurant, you always find yourself in a dire need of a drink after a heavy meal. To save you from the trouble, the Zip’s Drive-in menu offers energetic Drinks. These drinks include soft drinks, juices and water bottles etc. All the drinks are very fairly priced so there is no need to argue about the rates.

Menu ItemsPrices
Fountain Drinks£2.39
Apple Juice£2.39
Orange Juice£2.39
Bottled Water£1.59
Aquafina 16.9 oz. bottle£2.39
Chocolate Milk£2.39

About Zip’s Drive-in

There really was a guy named “Zip.” Robert “Zip” Zube who built his first Zip’s Drive-in with the motto “Thrift and Swift” in Kennewick Washington in 1953. He had a business mind so he wisely figured out how to serve the workers, scientists, and their families coming to the Tri-Cities to work in the new nuclear industry.

Zip, after getting a very positive response for his first store, built his next store, in Spokane, on North Division. It was an immediate hit with the students at nearby Gonzaga College. In 1958 he sold the store to Jake Vorrath who then opened the second Spokane drive-in on this site of the well-known, Gage’s Diner on Northwest Boulevard, he in turn sold the store to Harold Laing, and the Division Street store to the drive-in’s young manager, Harold Fettig. Laing passed away in 1969, and his wife sold the business to Ed Minor, a Nalley’s Potato Chip salesman, who partnered with Don Kelly, a Wonder Bread salesman. Fettig, Minor, Kelly, their families and former store managers remain operators of the majority of the Zip’s Drive-ins today.

Minor and Kelly were savvy enough to see this trend and built some of the Northwest’s first drive-through lanes, allowing Zip’s Drive-in to remain one of the few local hamburger chains to continue to thrive, still keeping Robert “Zip” Zuber’s motto “Thrift and Swift” at the heart of our business today. They have been serving the customers since 1953 and have gained huge respect from the visitors.

Zip's Drive-in
Zip’s Drive-in

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