HuevoRito Menu with Prices 2024

HuevoRito is specially a Breakfast restaurant, that amazes the Americans with its
marvelous recipes. The HuevoRito menu 2024 comes with various exciting delights
that can become a trustable partner in your eating, especially in breakfast.

HuevoRito Menu USA
HuevoRito Breakfast

Mouthwatering and flavorful Burritos of the HuevoRito Restaurant that you can enjoy in
your breakfast are VegaRito, SausaRito and BacoRito.

HuevoRito menu USA with prices 2024

The HuevoRito Breakfast Restaurant is not only famous for serving amazing recipes to its customers but the prices of these products are also quite balanced and accessible. We have made it easy for you to get quick access to the HuevoRito menu with prices. Here is the complete list of food items:

Side of Guacamole$2.19
Side of Sour Cream$1.09
Side of Salsa$2.06
Breakfast Burritos
Combo Deals

In a combo deal of the Huevorito menu, you can get Burritos Combo and
Breakfast Burritos Platter ( 2 HuevoRitos, 2 BacoRitos, 4 cold brew coffees). The
HuevoRito also offers Guacamole, Sour Cream, Salsa, Potatoes and Bacon
as side dishes.

Any Burrito Combo$12.25
Breakfast Burrito Platter$32.99
Combo Deals
Desserts & Drinks

For killing the hot weather they serve cool and mind refreshing drinks and sweet dessert.

Churro Bites$7.31
Cold Brew Coffee$5.58
Bottled Cold Brew Coffee$5.14
Bottled Juice$4.07
Bottled Water$3.05
Iced Coffee$4.16
Orange Juice$4.43

Famous Foods Items of HuevoRito menu

Churro Bites

This dessert is perfect for sweet tooths and makes an everlasting impact. In this dessert, Fried dough pastries are dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with chocolate dipping sauce.

Mama Hong’s Vietnamese Kitchen menu
Cold Brew Coffee

Craving for a good iced coffee in this hot summer? Worry not as this cold brew
coffee is the perfect drink for this sweaty weather. Cold brew coffee is smooth
and sweet at the same time and it will not be wrong to say that it is a blessing for
coffee lovers.

Cold Brew Coffee
Cold Brew Coffee

This burrito is stuffed with scrambled vegan eggs, potatoes, plant-based protein, sautéed peppers and onions, salsa & vegan cheese shreds. VegaRito is capable of giving you the experience that you would never forget. Truly fantastic!

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