Noble Pie Parlor menu with Prices 2024

Noble Pie Parlor is the leading Pie serving franchise in the US. Their goal is to provide the best quality pie to the pie lovers. The Noble Pie Parlor menu offers pies with unique and innovative taste that you have never tasted before. Along with pies, Here is the whole Noble Pie menu with prices:

Picked for you

14″ Cheese Pizza$21.99
16″ Cheese Pizza$24.99
Full Pound Wings$19.99
Two Pounds Wings$32.99
One and Half Pound Wings$27.99
Manhattan Meatball$13.99
Chicky Parmy$13.99

Small plates

No doubt, you will get some of the most demanding and popular food items in this section of the
small plates Noble Pie Parlor menu. Not only are these recipes high in demand but their taste and quality is also highly appraisable.

Buffalo Chips$14.39
Garlic Knots$7.99
Pesto Chips$13.29
Mushrooms, Fried$9.29
Bocconcini, Fried$11.49
Pizza Rolls$9.99


There some top quality Salads are served in the Noble Pie Parlor salads menu. These Salads are Vegan and Gluten free and come with a huge variety. if we talk about their taste it is very hard to comprehend.

Small Mandarin Salad$9.99
Large Mandarin Salad$12.49
Large Mandarin Salad$16.99
Small Signature Salad$7.99
Small Signature Salad with Rotisserie Chicken$11.29
Large Signature Salad$11.49
Large Signature Salad with Rotisserie Chicken$15.99
Small Mandarin Salad with Rotisserie Chicken$12.49


Fries is one of the menu items that is loved by almost everyone. The Noble Pie Parlor menu
offers crispy and luscious fries of great quality at quite suitable price range.

One Tater$6.49
Two Taters$10.99
Three Taters$15.99


These spicy, crispy and yummy Wings are also added in the Vast Noble Pie Parlor menu. There
is an option for you to choose whether you want half or full pound wings to order.

Half Pound Wings$9.99
Full Pound Wings$19.99
One and Half Pound Wings$27.99
Two Pounds Wings$32.99

Housemade Meatballs

Another extremely delicious and irresistible item from the Noble Pie Parlor Housemade Meatballs menu. These meatballs are homemade and prepared after choosing healthy ingredients.

Meatball Sliders on Focaccia Bun (4)$14.99
Vegan Meatballs$14.29


Noble Pie Parlor Polenta menu serves a few different varieties of fried Polenta. There is a Polenta with Marinara, with Meatballs or with a Vegan Meatballs that you can order and enjoy at a
reasonable price range.

Fried Polenta with Marinara$10.49
Fried Polenta with Meatballs$15.49
Vegan Fried Polenta with Vegan Meatballs$17.99

Massive Munchies

Massive Munchies is another amazing offering of Noble Pie Parlor menu. Each of these items will have the topping of Noble Pie Parlor signature sauce and ranch.

Vegan Frachos$21.49
Ring of Fire$23.49
Vegan Ring of Fire$27.49

Pizza Pie

One of the Signature items of the Noble Pie Parlor Pizza Pie menu which is high in demand. This
innovative Pizza Pie is truly scrumptious. It comes in different sizes and each size is worthy
enough to get customers attention.

18″ Cheese Pizza$29.99
16″ Cheese Pizza$24.99
14″ Cheese Pizza$21.99

12″ Gluten Free / Cauliflower (Keto) Pizza

Comes in the list of the best selling products of the Noble Pie Parlor 12” Pizza menu. These gluten free pizza have the privilege to be called as the most loveable Item from the entire menu of Noble
Pie Parlor.

12″ GF Backyard Chicken$23.99
12″ Backyard J’icken$23.99
12″ GF Nobleman$23.99
12″ GF Steerhead$23.99
12″ GF Pep In Yo’ Step$23.99
12″ GF PB & J$23.99
12″ GF Hey Zeus$23.99
12″ GF S/C/L$23.99
12″ GF The Fritz$23.99
12″ GF The Resa Special$23.99
12″ GF Mighty Aphrodite$23.99
12″ GF T-Pane$23.99
12″ GF White-Boy$23.99
12″ GF White Girl$23.99
12″ GF Wrangler$23.99

14″ Specialty Pizza Pies

There is a wide variety of 14″ Pizza Pie and the list is so long that you will not get tired of ordering as there are so many options available here.

14″ Backyard Chicken$29.99
14″ PB & J$29.99
14″ The Resa Special$29.99
14″ White Gurl$29.99
14″ Backyard J’icken$29.99
14″ Noblemen$29.99
14″ Pep In Yo’ Step$29.99
14″ Steerhead$29.99
14″ The Fritz$29.99
14″ T-Pane$29.99
14″ White-Boy$29.99
14″ Wrangler$29.99
14″ Hey Zeus$29.99
14″ S/C/L$29.99
14″ Mighty Aphrodite$29.99
14″ Wang Thang$29.99

16″ Specialty Pizza Pie

The taste and quality of 16″Speciality Pizza Pie is quite similar to the previous with only a difference of size and price.

16″ Backyard Chicken$34.99
16″ PB & J$34.99
16″ The Resa Special$34.99
16″ White Gurl$34.99
16″ Backyard J”icken$34.99
16″ Noblemen$34.99
16″ Steerhead$34.99
16″ The Fritz$34.99
16″ T-Pane$34.99
16″ White-Boy$34.99
16″ Hey Zeus$34.99
16″ Wrangler$34.99
16″ S/C/L$34.99
16″ Mighty Aphrodite$34.99
16″ Wang Thang$34.99
16″ Pep In Yo’ Step$34.99

18″ Specialty Pizza Pies

These Pizza Pies are very enormous in size and prepared specially for the families. Come and enjoy these specialty Pizza Pies of the Noble Pie Parlor menu with your friends and family.

18″ Backyard Chicken$38.99
18″ PB & J$38.99
18″ The Resa Special$38.99
18″ White Gurl$38.99
18″ Backyard J’icken$38.99
18″ Noblemen$38.99
18″ Steerhead$38.99
18″ The Fritz$38.99
18″ T-Pane$38.99
18″ White-Boy$38.99
18″ Wrangler$38.99
18″ Hey Zeus$38.99
18″ S/C/L$38.99
18″ Mighty Aphrodite$38.99
18″ Wang Thang$38.99
18″ Pep In Yo’ Step$38.99

Extras & Sides

The Noble Pie Parlor menu offers well tasted extra and side dishes. These recipes are very
helpful to fulfill timeless hunger and can be treated as an appetizer.

Bleu Cheese$0.50
Vegan Pesto$0.50
Brooklyn Red Sauce$0.50
Backyard BBQ Sauce$0.50
Wing Sauce$0.50

About Noble Pie Parlor USA

Noble Pie Parlor was established in 2016 and has become a recognizable food serving company in no time. In addition to the original Noble Pie Parlor in downtown Reno, there is now a second outlet in the Midtown area.

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Noble Pie Parlor uses only the best locally sourced organic and non-GMO ingredients for their
handcrafted sausages and meatballs. Only the best meats and cheeses are used at Noble Pie
Parlor, including those from New York City.

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