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Owning a unique name, Human Bean is a coffee brand that is widely famous for serving coffee in the US. Along with authentic coffee, the Human Bean menu 2024 offers various other valuable products to the customers such as smoothies, little beans, cookies, food, dessert and more. All the menu items of Human Bean are balanced in prices compared to their quality and taste.

Espresso And Specialty Drinks

The menu items in Espresso and Speciality Drinks are not only most in demand but also have a marked impact on the customers heart.  In this section of the Human Bean Espresso And Specialty Drinks menu you will get tremendously awesome and distinct varieties of Mocha and Latte. The specialty of these drinks is that they are prepared by superior quality ingredients and Keen concentration in order to be tasted the best.

Snowy Mocha$6.55+
Caramel Mocha$6.55+
Mexi Mocha$6.55+
Caramel Hazelnut Mocha$6.55+
Vanilla Mocha$6.55+
Irish Cream Breve$6.55+
Chocolate Mac Breve$6.55+
Chai Latte$6.55+


The Classics Human Bean menu offers the coffee cravers some welcoming and classic flavors of coffee and tea. It is guaranteed that you are gonna love these drinks and will not resist yourself for a second go. Another pleasing factor about these drinks is that they are low and prices and hence easily reachable for every person.

Fresh Brewed Coffee$4.00+
Steve Smith Tea$4.35+
Cold Brew$5.45+
Hot Chocolate$4.00+
Flavored Steamer$4.00+
Espresso Shots$2.20+

Frozen Favorites and Iced Beverages

The Human Bean menu not only entertains its customers with amazingly tasty hot drinks and tea but also they have an immense amount of heart melting Iced beverages available for its seeker. Filled with rich ingredients and crafted by the professional, these Iced beverages are successfully attaining the attention of the customers.

Rockstar Smoothie$8.35+
Java Chip Granita$7.25+
Real Fruit Smoothie$6.55+
Frozen Hot Chocolate$6.20+
20 Oz. Infused Rockstar$6.55+
Java Chip Smoothie$7.25+
Vanilla Smoothie$6.20+
Green Tea Smoothie$6.90+
Chai Smoothie$6.55+
Low Carb$7.25+
Italian Soda$4.00+

Little Beans

In the Little Beans section, the Human Bean menu serves smoothies specially for the kids. These Smoothies are available in some popular flavors like Vanilla, Chocolate and Real Fruits that are irresistible for little kids.

Kids Real Fruit Smoothie$5.80+
Kids Vanilla Smoothie$6.20+
Kids Frozen Hot Chocolate$6.20+
Kids Italian Soda$4.00
Kids Creamosa$4.00+
Kids Hot Chocolate$4.00+
Kids Flavored Steamer$4.00+


What could be more pleasing for a food explorer than to have the best quality coffee as well as deliciously yummy food at the same time and same place. This is the fun fact about the Human Bean Food menu. Therefore, even having a diverse variety of coffee, the Human Bean menu delights the clients by serving luscious dishes on the table.

Bagel Sandwiches$7.65
Jumbo Muffins$4.00
Cream Cheese$0.75
Liege Belgian Waffle$4.35
Coffee Cake$4.70

About Human Bean USA

The story of the Human Bean began in 1998 when it was founded with a commitment to developing the very best coffee drive-thru in Southern Oregon. The early success of Human Bean led to franchising the brand and system in 2002.

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The demand for convenient, quality coffee & espresso grew and soon after opening the original location in Ashland, Human Bean expanded to surrounding cities in Southern Oregon. The Human Bean brand currently has over 300 locations open or under development in 25 states.

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