Wagamama Menu USA with Prices January 2024

The Wagamama menu is one of the most famous Asian restaurants in the USA. They are well known for their top quality traditional Asian cuisines which mostly include Japanese classic dishes. The food quality has gained them thousands of visitors across the world. In spite of all the good quality they produce, they have kept the prices very budget friendly. Here is the whole with prices:


104. edamame (vg)PKR 9.00
107. chili calamariPKR 12.50
110. bang bang cauliflower (vg)PKR 9.50
106. korean chicken wingsPKR 11.25

The Wagamama menu starts with their delicious Shareables. In this section you will get three different Japanese dishes for your dining. They taste so good that you will definitely ask for more of them. They have been recently added to the Wagamama menu but still have managed to make a lot of fans. All the items here are available at fair prices so you won’t need to argue for price adjustment.


115. pork belly + panko apple baoPKR 9.75
113. korean barbeque beef + red onion baoPKR 9.75
114. mixed mushroom + panko eggplant bao (v)PKR 9.25
100. steamed chicken gyozaPKR 9.50
105. steamed pork gyozaPKR 9.50

The second collection of items on the Wagamama menu is named Bao. It contains some scrumptious Asian dishes which include pork and Korean traditional dishes. You will also see some mixed dishes usually made of vegetables. These items are made with the freshest ingredients that’s why they taste so divine and satisfy your taste buds.


17. chicken katsu wrapPKR 9.50
18. cherry hoisin duck wrapPKR 9.50
19. lemongrass chicken wrapPKR 9.50

Almost all the Asian restaurants serve wraps and the Wagamama is no different from the others. These wraps are really delicious and simply melt in your mouth . They have been in the list of best sellers for so many times. They attract a lot of chicken food lovers into the store.


20. chicken ramenPKR 16.50
25. chili chicken ramenPKR 16.50
34. chili shrimp + kimchi ramenPKR 18.50
43. grilled duck ramenPKR 21.00
23. kare burosu (vg)PKR 16.00
31. shirodashi pork ramenPKR 18.50
87. short rib beef ramen0PKR 21.00
30. tantanmen beef brisket ramenPKR 19.50
35 | chicken gyoza ramenPKR 17.00
2 | spicy pork szechuanPKR 19.00

When we are discussing a Japanese themed restaurant then how can we forget about Ramen. Ramen is a traditional Japanese cuisine which has existed for centuries now. Many restaurants present it as their signature dish. The Wagamama restaurant offers the most amazing Ramen in the country. You will lick your fingers for sure after finishing your order. There are so many types of ramen like chicken, beef and many more.


71. chicken katsu curryPKR 18.00
72. yasai katsu curry (v)PKR 17.50
92. chicken firecrackerPKR 19.00
74 | duck massaman curryPKR 20.00

Curry is yet another thrilling item at the Wagamama restaurant menu in the USA. All of the branches have reported that the Curry is one of the most demanded items by the customers. The reason behind its popularity is its crazy taste and high quality. They make all the curry items, which are basically three in total, with so much attention and care. They use the choicest constituents and prepare them to the perfection.


40. yaki sobaPKR 15.50
44. ginger chicken udonPKR 15.50
46. spicy salmon teriyaki sobaPKR 19.00
48. chicken pad thaiPKR 17.00

The Wagamama owners take pride in serving their signature Teppanyaki dishes to the visitors. These dishes are typical udos and sobas. Some of the items include fish too which is great for do the job. People admire the effort of the chefs who make such delectable food for the food adventurers.


70. chicken teriyaki donburiPKR 18.00
69. spicy beef brisket + red onion donburiPKR 18.00

Just like Ramen, Donburi is also considered as the oldest yet the most liked Japanese traditional dish of all time. This fact is crystal clear to the Wagamama menu store owners so they have made sure that people get the best version of Donburi at their Wagamama restaurant. You will find some dishes mixed up with others which look fascinating. Make sure you order these when you make your next visit.

nourish your self

90. avant gard'n (vg)PKR 17.00
159. wagamama saladPKR 13.00
160 | chicken mandarin saladPKR 15.50

Nourish Yourself is a sub menu at the Wagamama store which offers you the privilege to refresh yourself with the food of your liking. You will get some salads as well as some yummy soups in this part of the whole menu. There are four items whose price is kept under seventeen dollars in order to avoid putting a burden on your wallet.

sweetest treats

132. chocolate layer cakePKR 9.50
146. lemon tartPKR 9.50
124. matcha cheesecakePKR 9.50

When you taste something extra spicy, which is basically every other Asian dish, you instantly need something sweet to balance the effect on your taste buds. This is where the Wagamama menu offers their Sweetest Treats. There are two items to choose from and both have the same price tag.


300. white ricePKR 2.00
301. noodlesPKR 2.00

In extras, the Wagamama offers its visitors two dishes. These two dishes are there to cheer you up. Moreover, when they accompany your ordered food, they just increase the grace of it because they make it look marvelous.

n/a drinks

cokePKR 4.00
diet cokePKR 2.50
ginger alePKR 2.50
sparkling lemonadePKR 2.50
spritePKR 5.00
12 oz bottle.PKR 2.50

The Wagamama restaurant offers Drinks too. These make your dining more comfortable. You can ask for coke or just water as you may like.


balance (vg)PKR 7.00
nourish-mint (vg)PKR 7.00
immunity booster (2oz)PKR 4.00
up-beetPKR 7.00
powerPKR 7.00
super greenPKR 7.00
positivePKR 7.00

The Wagamama food store ends its long menu with mellow selections of Juices. There are seven distinctive juices which you can enjoy at budget friendly prices. Each sip will satisfy your thirsty soul. Power juice is the best one if you need any guidance. It is an energetic drink which will refresh your mood.

About Wagamama

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The owners of the Wagamama have been practicing uh Kaizen since 1992, when they opened their first doors in London’s Bloomsbury. They were basically inspired by fast-paced Japanese Ramen bars and a celebration of Asian food and as a result Wagamama made its way into life. They set out to create a unique and distinguishable way of eating by bringing the fresh, nourishing amazing flavors of Asia to everyone in the USA.

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That was over 25 years ago now. They have spent two whole decades sharpening skills and refining their recipes. To play with spices and discover tastes they continue to get better with every day with so much dedication. They also provide a fast  home delivery service to the customers.

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