Pappadeaux Menu With Prices November 2024

If you are looking for a restaurant that offers the best seafood then Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is your destination to dine. Pappadeaux menu USA is a very famous restaurant that serves delicious food, mainly seafood, to its customers and also entertains them with many other palatable food items.

All the products are made with full care and attention. The taste is just heavenly and the dining experience at Pappadeaux will stick long in your core memory. The food prices are kept very reasonable as well. Here is the complete Pappadeaux Menu with Prices:


The Pappadeaux menu opens up with its marvelous appetizers which are so crunchy and tasty. Their main purpose is to make your wait for your order delightful. You can order different types of cakes, shrimps and dips. All the products are made available at cheap prices.

Menu ItemsPrices
Fried Calamari£16.75
Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes£16.75
Crab and Spinach Dip£19.90
Crispy Alligator£17.80
Mozzarella Cheese Bites£11.50
Shrimp and Crawfish Fondeaux£20.95

Soups and Salads

The Pappadeaux menu boasts of its amazing soups and salads. They serve some savory soups which give you an aesthetic taste with every single spoon you take. Seafood Cobb Salad is one of the most ordered items from the menu. You will get a lot of stuff in a single order of salad.

Menu ItemsPrices
“Louisiana” Gumbo Soup£10.45
Pappadeaux House Salad£8.35
Classic Caesar£9.40
Pappas Greek Salad (Serves 1-2)£15.70
Chopped Salad£17.95
Caesar Salad£17.95
Seafood Cobb Salad£19.95


The Pappadeaux menu takes great pleasure while offering its amazing sides to the visitors of all ages and groups. These sides are of the highest quality. Moreover, you will have the complete freedom of choosing the side of your desire with your placed order. These sides will make your dining experience even better.

Menu ItemsPrices
Fresh Green Beans and Almonds£6.25
Red Beans and Rice£6.25
Butternut Squash£6.25
Baked Potato£8.35
Sauteed Spinach£6.25
Cheese Grits Andouille and Corn£6.25
Spaghetti Squash£6.25
French Fries£4.15
Garlic Bread£5.20


Mains offered by the Pappadeaux menu are so scrumptious that they will melt in your mouth with their exhilarating taste. The mains menu is the first choice of everyone after tasting any of the items from this section. There are so many options to choose from. The prices are good keeping in view the quality, quantity and taste of the food.

Menu ItemsPrices
Grilled Tilapia and Jumbo Shrimp£27.95
American Red Snapper and Shrimp£40.95
Atlantic Salmon Alexander£34.95
Shrimp, Scallop, and Jumbo Lump Crab Pappardelle Pasta£34.95
Giant Shrimp and Grits£30.95
Crispy Atlantic Salmon£36.95
Mississippi Catfish Opelousas£39.95
Texas Redfish and Jumbo Shrimp£40.95
Naked Redfish£34.95
Rainbow Trout and Crab£28.95

Steak, Lobster, and Crab

The steak, lobster, and crab is yet another part of the Pappadeaux menu which will make you love it even more. All the items here are served in oz weight so it is easy for the customers to pick the required quantity of food for their dining.

Menu ItemsPrices
Filet Mignon (9 oz)£36.95
Filet Mignon Oscar (9 oz)£45.95
Aged Beef Ribeye (16 oz)£42.90
Grilled Caribbean Lobster Tail (10-12 oz)£54.95
Alaskan King Crab£80.95

Fried Seafood

One thing for which the Pappadeaux menu USA is famous for is its luscious seafood items. Fried Seafood offered by them is giving tough competition to other only seafood serving food chains. This pretty much explains its standard. Shrimp, crabs and crawfish are a must try from this part of the menu.

Menu ItemsPrices
Fried Shrimp£19.95
Fried Oysters£20.95
Stuffed Crab£15.95
Stuffed Shrimp£14.95
Crawfish Dinner£20.95
Soft Shell Crab£22.95
Shrimp and Cajun Chicken Tenderloins£19.95
Cajun Chicken Tenderloins£14.95
Catfish Fillets£20.95
Shrimp and Catfish Fillets£27.95

Fried Platters

Fried platters fall under the list of the best sellers from the Pappadeaux menu. There are three delectable varieties of fried platters available for the food lovers. Every platter is different from the other in size, taste and in price as well. There’s ample quantity of food in these platters so the price seems reasonable.

Menu ItemsPrices
Sampler Platter£30.95
Seafood Platter£35.95
Pappadeaux Platter£40.95

Cajun Specialties

As we have mentioned earlier, the Pappadeaux menu is quite famous for its marvelous seafood items and Cajun Specialities is the part which strengthens our claim. You can get different types of fish dishes through this menu and enjoy them individually as well as in gathering.

Menu ItemsPrices
Crawfish Etouffee£30.95
Shrimp Etouffee£26.95
Crawfish Platter£33.95
Jumbo Shrimp Brochette£28.95
Blackened Catfish£20.95
Pasta Mardi Gras£32.95
Grilled Half Chicken£20.95


Dessert is something that completes your dining as they are taken in the end. The Pappadeaux menu serves some sweet desserts to entertain its visitors. These are obviously health friendly as everything is made according to the health standards.

Menu ItemsPrices
Vanilla Cheesecake£9.40
Key Lime Pie£8.35
Turtle Fudge Brownie£8.35
Creme Brulee£9.40

Family Dinners

Sometimes you might find it difficult to spend some quality time with families in this modern and materialistic world. The only time you get to meet your family is usually at the dining table. The Pappadeaux menu offers some quality Family Dinners deals so you can have a memorable meal with your family members.

Menu ItemsPrices
Fried Seafood Pack (Serves 4-6)£79.95
Surf and Turf Pack (Serves 3-4)£99.95

Entree Add-ons

There are a total of five varieties of entrees served by the Pappadeaux menu USA. All of them are so great in taste. Furthermore, all the entrees are served with whitw rice to satisfy your foodie soul and taste buds.

Menu ItemsPrices
Crawfish Etouffee (1/2 Gallon) (Serves 6)£54.95
Shrimp Etouffee (1/2 Gallon) (Serves 6)£39.95
Red Beans (1/2 Gallon) (Serves 8-10)£14.95
Shrimp Gumbo (1/2 Gallon) (Serves 6-8)£32.95
Greek Salad (Serves 6-8)£21.95

Beverages (To-go)

Menu ItemsPrices
Strawberry Lemonade£3.95

Kids Menu

The Pappadeaux menu cares for everyone and the kids menu is the proof of that. Their Kids Menu includes food which is specifically made for children so they can have a chance to enjoy quality food with their parents at the Pappadeaux menu USA. Many food items include fish as their main ingredient.

Menu ItemsPrices
Macaroni and Cheese£5.95
Grilled Shrimp£7.25
Grilled Catfish£7.25
Grilled Chicken Tenderloins£6.95
Fried Shrimp£7.25
Fried Catfish£7.25
Fried Chicken Tenderloins£6.95
Fried Shrimp and Catfish£7.95
Fried Shrimp and Chicken Tenderloins£7.95

Homemade Desserts

After the great success of desserts, the Pappadeaux menu has started serving their Homemade desserts to the visitors and the results have been quite satisfactory. They offer cheesecake and pie with a couple of other items.

Menu ItemsPrices
Vanilla Cheesecake£8.95
Turtle Fudge Brownie£7.95
Key Lime Pie£7.95
Creme Brulee£8.95

About Pappadeaux Menu

The Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen is the largest concept in one of the largest family-owned and operated restaurant companies in the United States. The Pappas family of restaurants offers many different delightful cuisines and traditions, but common to all is an obsession with quality food and superior service that’s reflected in every aspect of the Guest experience and for sure satisfies the guests from every age group.

Pappas is a respected leader in the competitive restaurant industry and has earned everyone’s respect and admiration through his hard work and passion. The Pappas philosophy has not changed much over the years. The drive still comes from a passion for excellence, a focus on innovation, and attention to detail and quality in everything they do, they do it for you.

The warm, inviting, and welcoming atmosphere and family-focused attitude found in every Pappas restaurant started well before the Pappas brothers opened their first restaurant in 1976. It all began with their legendary grandfather, H.D. Pappas who started this food chain and is the original creator. He left Greece in 1897 and traveled to America to pursue his dreams like every common man.

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He brought with him a passion for quality and service that became the benchmark of his success as he opened restaurants throughout Tennessee, Arkansas, and Texas and all of these branches became great successes. It was this same dedication to quality and service that H.D. passed down to his sons and grandsons and they have maintained his legacy very well.

His sons, Pete and Jim, chose a different path than their father and entered the restaurant equipment and supply business. They opened Pappas Refrigeration in 1945. It wasn’t until 1976 when Jim’s sons, Chris and Harris, following in their grandfather’s footsteps opened their first restaurant, bringing the family’s American dream full circle and that ends the Papas’ story of beginning here.

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