Mecatos Bakery and Cafe menu Pric 2024

The goal of Mecatos Bakery and Cafe is to serve their customers a kind of an experience that they never had before and make them try something unique and different on each of their visits.  

Mecatos Bakery and Cafe is a famous place in Orlando where food explorers are entertained with wide varieties of items. It creates an inviting environment where a great cup of coffee can be accompanied by delicious Colombian based baked goods, hot bites and desserts. Here is the complete Mecatos Bakery and Cafe menu with reasonable prices:


In this Combo section, the Mecatos Bakery and Cafe combos menu 2022 gives its customers an opportunity to enjoy the exciting deals of food and drink altogether. Here you can order any combos which would accompany any beverage of your choice, at a reasonable price.

Mallorca Sandwich and Drink$10.95+
Colombian Hot Dog and Drink$10.25+
4 Empanadas + Drink$10.95+
4 Pan de Bonos + Drink$10.95+
Breakfast Croissant + Drink$10.95+
Stuffed Arepa + Drink$10.95+
Avocado Toast + Drink$10.95+

Hot Bites

Just Like the name, the food items of Hot Bites which Mecatos Bakery and Cafe menu offers are exceptionally well in taste and highly demandable. There is a wide range of Hot Bites menu items in this very portion. Most of these menu items can be enjoyed as an appetizer while others are perfect for filling the hungry tummies..

3 Empanadas$6.75
Empanada de Carne/Beef$2.25
Empanada de Pollo/Chicken$2.25
Empanda de Queso/Cheese$2.25
Empanada Hawaiian$2.25
Arepa Mecatos$10.95
Avocado Toast$9.45
Arepas Rellenas$9.45+
2 Pastel de Yuca$7.20
Pastel de Pollo$3.95
2 Tequeno$4.00
Arepa de Choclo con Queso$3.50
Mallorca Sandwich$9.45
Colombian Hot Dog$8.95
Ham Egg & Cheese Croissant$9.45
Bacon Egg & Cheese Croissant$9.45
Tropical Salad$9.99+
Mecatos Salad$9.49+
Deluxe Tropical Salad$10.49+
Cheese croissant.$4.50
Croissant de Jamon y Queso$6.75

Breakfast Eggs

As the name suggests, this area of Mecatos Cafe menu is specifically famous for providing recipes filled with egg. You will get various delicacies here that would surely become first pick for your breakfast as well as other eating routines.

Huevos al Gusto/Eggs to Order$4.95+
Cebolla Tomate Pimenton$1.25
Ham and Cheese Bread$3.95+


Mecatos Bakery and Cafe bread menu is specialized in making one of the best quality breads. Every bread of the Mecatos Cafe is fresh and great in demand and prepared handmade on a regular basis. And the ingredients used to make them are premium and healthy.

3 Pan de Bono$6.00
Dulce de Leche Pan de Bono$2.40
Nutella Pan de Bono$2.40
3 Bunuelo$6.00
Pan con Jamon y Queso$3.95
Pan Trensado$4.95
Pan Grande con Queso$4.95
Pan Grande$4.50
Roscon con Bocadilla (Guava)$4.95
Roscon con Arequipe (Dulce de Leche)$4.95


To sweet and cake lovers, Macetos Bakery and Cafe menu has a large variety of cakes to offer. Same as bread, these cakes are made with freshly picked ingredients from different trustable locations by the professional chefs. Here, different types and distinct flavors of cakes are available for every age of people.

Cheesecake Plain$4.95
Chocolate Cake$4.95
Strawberry Shortcake$4.95
Mocha Cake$4.95
Tres Leches$4.95


Nothing is comparable against the softness and deliciousness of these pastries of the Macetos Bakery and Cafe menu. They are so sweet and delicate that a sweet craver cannot resist himself not to try them more than once.

Assorted Cookie Box$6.00
Corazones (Elephant Ears)$2.95
Apple Turnover$2.95
Guava & Cheese Pastry$2.95

Espresso Drinks

Aside from the huge and delectable list of food menu, Mecatos Cafe has various options in drinks such as Coffee and Tea for the customers. All the products of this section are rich in quality, made dedicatedly and give an unforgettable experience. Not only the taste is fantastic but the cost of these items is also friendly and approachable.

Classic Latte$4.40+
Chai Latte$4.40+
Hot Tea$2.10+

Iced Drinks

Along with the Hot drinks, the Mecatos Bakery and Cafe Iced Drinks menu also offers fresh and top-quality Iced drinks to the customers. There are so many delicious flavors available in these iced drinks and each of them has a unique taste. These drinks are heart melting and are capable of making you feel refreshed and energetic all day long.

Iced Coffee$3.85+
Iced Latte$3.95+
Iced Mocha$4.95+
Iced Caramel$4.95+
Mocha Frappe$5.90+
Caramel Frappe$5.90+


Last but not the least. It is obvious that beverages have become an important part for any good menu and without them a menu would be considered incomplete. Mecatos Bakery and Cafe menu offers a wide range of beverages at affordable prices.

16 oz. Smoothies Fruit$4.50+
20 oz Fruit Smoothie$5.50+
Postobon Sodas$2.70
20 oz. Coke Sodas$2.00
Pony Malta$2.70
Orange Juice$2.25
13 oz. Hit$2.25
Malta India$2.70

About Mecatos Bakery and Cafe USA

Mecatos Bakery & Café was established in 2015 and opened the doors of their first café on April 1st, 2016 and In a very short period of time has become a huge brand. They serve the City of Orlando with three locations.

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Mecatos opened their 2nd store located in Lake Underhill Road and began development to open their 3rd location in the Downtown Orlando area, which opened on February 14th 2020.

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