Yoshinoya menu With Prices 2024

Yoshinoya, is a Japanese inspired restaurant, popular for making Japanese recipes in usa. If we talk about the menu of Yoshinoya, it has almost every dish that a Japanese food lover wishes to have on the table. Furthermore, Yoshinoya also providing quick delivery service.

Gyūdon Beef Bowl is the signature and most demanding item of the Yoshinoya
restuaurant. Their beef bowls are served in deals (Combo XL, Combo, Large,
Regular,). Spring rolls and Clam Chowder are some of its appetizers.

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Other delectable dishes of the Yoshinoya menu items are Original Beef, Teriyaki Chicken,
Grilled Steak, Sweet Chili Shrimp, Orange Chicken and Habanero Chicken.
These delights are pure in quality and give a gentle relief to the tongue because
of the tenderness of Japanese style.

Yoshinoya menu 2022
Yoshinoya menu 2022

Yoshinoya Veggie

In the veggie category of the Yoshinoya menu, you have Japanese Udon
Noodles, White Rice, Brown Rice, Vegetables and Coleslaw.

They also offers Ramen of different types including Beef Ramen, Grilled Chicken
Ramen, Salmon Ramen, Ebi Fry Ramen, Karaage Ramen and more! A single
bite of these recipes will make you fall in love with Yoshinoya.

Besides the classic Beef and delightful Veggies, The Curry Rice of Yoshinoya
is highly appreciated. It comes in Beef Curry Rice, Ebi Fry Curry Rice, Egg
Curry Rice, Salmon Rice, Tori Katsu Curry Rice, Grilled Chicken Curry Rice and
Tsukune Meatballs Curry Rice.

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Yoshinoya menu with prices

The Yoshinoya menu is making a close bond with its customers and becoming their foremost
choice for eating Japanese cuisines. Moreover, the real reason behind its attractiveness is the limited budget prices in comparison to its worthful dishes.

Currently, there are more than 2000 branches of Yoshinoya worldwide, serving more than 500,000 delicious bowls on a regular basis. That is a living example of Yoshinoya
supremacy. To fulfill the demands of their loyal customers, Yoshinoya usually
makes modifications in its menu. Here are some well-known food items from the
Yoshinoya menu:

Combo Bowls
Combo Bowl$10.66
Combo XL Bowls
Combo XL Bowl$12.01
Large Bowls
Large Grilled Steak$12.10
Large Habanero Chicken$10.29
Large Orange Chicken$10.29
Large Original Beef$10.35
Large Original Beef with Veggie$10.35
Large Sweet Chili Shrimp$12.10
Large Teriyaki Chicken$10.29
Large Grilled Teriyaki Glazed Salmon$12.27
Regular Bowls
Regular Grilled Steak$10.88
Regular Habanero Chicken$9.11
Regular Mixed Vegetables$6.66
Regular Orange Chicken$9.11
Regular Original Beef$9.17
Regular Original Beef with Veggie$9.17
Regular Sweet Chili Shrimp$10.88
Regular Teriyaki Chicken$9.11
Regular Grilled Teriyaki Glazed Salmon$11.02
Kids Meals
Kid Orange Chicken$6.67
Kid Original Beef$6.67
Kid Teriyaki Chicken$6.67
Clam Chowder$3.01
Side Orders
Udon Noodles Only$3.89
Brown Rice Only$2.69
Coleslaw Only$2.77
Grilled Teriyaki Glazed Salmon$7.68
Habanero Chicken Only$6.39
Orange Chicken Only$6.39
Original Beef Only$6.41
Steak Only$7.80
Sweet Chili Shrimp Only$7.81
Teriyaki Chicken Only$6.39
Teriyaki Sauce Only$0.93
Vegetables Only$2.77
White Rice Only$2.77
Chocolate Chip Cookie$1.18
Apple Juice$3.35
Aquafina-20oz Bottle$3.29
Diet Pepsi$3.35
Dole Strawberry Lemonade$3.35
Sierra Mist$3.35

Beef with Vegetables Bowl

Without a doubt, this is the most loveable Item of the Yoshinoya menu. In this
recipe, sliced beef is boiled gently in Yoshinoya’s very own special broth
seasoned with over a hundred years’ recipe of herbs and spices, and together
with yummy onions and a colorful mix of salad vegetables and corn. It is served
on a boil with Delicious Japanese Rice.

Kids Set 1 – Salmon

This heartwarming salmon is cooked in a luscious perfection with tasty Jikasei
sauce, served on a bed of fluffy Premium Japanese rice, in company of a fresh
cup of corn and tasty crispy potatoes.

Vegetable Curry Rice

This vegetable Curry rice is a healthy treat for Rice cravers. It is a traditional
Japanese Rice with a colorful mix of vegetables which includes lotus root,
pumpkin, long bean, carrots and corn.


A perfect dessert for Sweet tooth’s. This is made in Sweet and creamy style
cheesecake and baked on a buttery graham cracker crust.

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