AMPM Menu with Prices 2024

AMPM Menu USA is a convenient store that claims to have everything to keep your stomach full. They offer tasty Hot Foods, Snacks, Chips, Desserts, and Drinks at very affordable prices. Here is the complete AMPM Menu USA with prices:

Picked for you

Menu itemsPrices
ampm Spicy Chicken Sandwich£3.59
Jack Links Beef Jrky Peppered (3.25 oz)£10.09
Milk 2% (1 gal.)£5.15
Whole Milk (1 gal.)£5.15
Bang Blue Razz (16 oz)£3.89

Prepared Foods

Menu itemsPrices
ampm Cheeseburger£3.59
ampm Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissant£3.59
ampm Spicy Chicken Sandwich£3.59
ampm BBQ Rib Sandwich£3.59
ampm Beef Jumbo Hot Dog£2.39
ampm Corn Dog£2.15
ampm GSB Turkey Ham Provolone Sandwich£5.99
ampm GSB Turkey Cheddar Sandwich£4.79
ampm GSB Tuna Salad Sandwich£4.79
Green Chile Egg and Bacon Burrito£3.59
Green Chile Beef and Potato Burrito£3.59
Del Real Shredded Chicken (16 oz)£9.59
Del Real Carnitas (16 oz)£10.79
Del Real Refried Beans (24 oz)£5.39
Del Real Rice (25 oz)£5.39

Ice Cream Love!

Menu itemsPrices
Ben & Jerry’s The Tonight Dough Pint£8.39
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pint£8.39
Ben & Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake Pint£8.39
Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Pint£8.39

Energy & Electrolyte Drinks

Menu itemsPrices
Rockstar Punched #TMGS Berry Sangria (16 oz)£3.49
Gatorade (28 oz)£3.29
Red Bull Cans (8.4 oz) (6 Pk)£12.99
Red Bull Cans (8.4 oz) (4 pk)£9.59
Monster Energy Can (16 oz)£3.59
Monster Energy Zero Ultra Can (16 oz)£3.59
Monster Ultra Watermelon (16 oz)£3.59
Red Bull Can (12 oz)£4.49
Red Bull Can (16 oz)£5.29
Red Bull Can (8.4 oz)£3.29
Rockstar Energy Can (16 oz)£3.49
Bang Blue Razz (16 oz)£3.89
Bang Peach Mango (16 oz)£3.89
Reign Inferno Watermelon Warlord (16 oz)£3.89
Reign Melon Mania (16 oz)£3.89
5-Hour Extra Strength (1.93 oz)£4.39
5-Hour Extra Strength Grape (1.93 oz)£4.39
5-Hour Energy Berry or Grape (1.93 oz)£4.39
Electrolit Strawberry Kiwi (21 oz)£3.59
Monster Energy (24 pk) Cans (16 oz)£47.99

Tasty Bundles!

Menu itemsPrices
The Heavenly Morning!£8.99
Ay Caramba Breakfast!£8.99
The Triple Joy!£8.99
The Snacker!£5.99
On the Go!£8.59


Menu itemsPrices
ampm Chocolate Chunk Deliciousness (3 Cookies)£1.19
ampm Oatmeal Raisin Deliciousness (3 Cookies)£1.19
ampm Strawberry Cheese Croissant£1.79
ampm Chocolate Donut£1.09
ampm Churro Donut£1.09
ampm Cinnamon Roll£1.79
ampm Jelly Roll£1.79

Jerky & Nuts

Menu itemsPrices
Planters Tube, Roasted or Salted Peanuts (1.75 oz)£0.99
Slim Jim Monster Stick (1.94 oz)£3.49
Slim Jim Monster Stick Tabasco (1.94 oz)£3.49
Slim Jim Giant Slim Original (0.97 oz)£1.79
Tillamook Smoked Sausage Teriyaki (1.44 oz)£2.19
Tillamook Country Smoker Pep Steak (1.44 oz)£2.19
Old Trapper Beef Jerky Hot & Spicy (10 oz)£19.19
Old Trapper Beef Jerky Teriyaki (10 oz)£19.19
Old Trapper Beef Jerky Old Fashioned (10 oz)£19.19
Old Trapper Beef Jerky Peppered (10 oz)£19.19
Jack Links Steak Teriyaki Jumbo (2 oz)£4.79
Jack Links Orig Beef Steak Jumbo (2 oz)£4.79
Jack Links American Beef/Cheese Combo (1.2 oz)£2.69
Jack Links Beef Jerky Original Or Teriyaki (3.25 oz)£10.09
Jack Links Beef Jerky Sweet & Hot (3.25 oz)£10.09
Jack Links Beef Jrky Peppered (3.25 oz)£10.09
Spitz Sunflower Seeds Cracked Pepper (6 oz)£2.39

Candy & Gum

Menu itemsPrices
Good Stuff Gummy Worms (3.25 oz)£1.49
Skittles Original Standard Size (2.17 oz)£3.19
Skittles Original King Size (4 oz)£3.19
Starburst Original King Size (3.45 oz)£3.09
Sweetarts Ropes Cherry Punch King Size (3.5 oz)£3.19

Chips & Crackers

Menu itemsPrices
Funyuns Regular XXVL (2.35 oz)£2.69
Barcel Takis Fuego (4 oz)£2.69
Cheetos Crunchy XXtra Flamin’ Hot (3.25 oz)£2.69
Cheetos Crunchy Flamin’ Hot XL (8.5 oz)£5.39
Cheetos Flamin’ Hot XXVL (3.75 oz)£2.69
Doritos Nacho Cheese XXL (9.75 oz)£5.79
Doritos Cool Ranch XXL (9.75 oz)£5.79
Nacho Cheese XXVL (3.125 oz)£2.69
Ruffles Cheddar and Sour Cream XXL (8.5 oz)£5.79
Munchies Flamin’ Hot (8 oz)£3.95
Lunchables Turkey and Cheddar (3.2 oz)£3.59
Lunchables Ham and Cheddar (3.2 oz)£3.59
Pringles Original (5.26 oz)£3.59
Pringles Sour Cream and Onion (5.57 oz)£3.59
Chester’s Fries Flamin’ Hot (5.25 oz)£2.75
Chester’s Fries Flamin’ Hot XXVL (3.625 oz)£2.69
Gardetto’s Original (5.5 oz)£3.49
Cheez-It Original (3 oz)£1.95
Chex Mix Traditional (3.75 oz)£2.65
Baken-ets Hot and Spicy (3 oz)£2.79

Chocolate Treats

Menu itemsPrices
M&M’s Plain King Size (3.27 oz)£3.19
M&M’s Peanut Butter Share Size (2.83 oz)£3.19
M&M’s Peanut King Size (3.27 oz)£3.19
M&M’s Peanut Standard Size (3.1 oz)£2.29
M&M’s Plain Standard Size (1.69 oz)£2.29
Snickers Bar Standard Size (1.86 oz)£2.29
Kit Kat King Size (3 oz)£3.19
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Almonds King Size (2.6 oz)£3.19
Hershey’s Milk Chocolate King Size (2.6 oz)£3.19
Reese’s Sticks King Size (3 oz)£3.19
Reese’s 4 Peanut Butter Cups King Size (2.8 oz)£3.19
Reese’s 2 Peanut Butter Cups Standard Size (1.5 oz)£2.29
Reese’s Sticks King Size (3 oz)£3.19
Reese’s Fast Break King Size (3.5 oz)£3.19
Twix Caramel King Size (3.02 oz)£3.19

Sweet Baked Goodies

Menu itemsPrices
Bimbo Mini Mantecadas (4.41 oz) (4 pk)£3.19
Hostess Donettes Frosted (3 oz) (6 pk)£2.69
Pop Tarts Frosted Strawberry (3.67 oz)£1.49

Coffee, Fountain Drinks, and Frozen Drinks

Menu itemsPrices
Starbucks Frappuccino Vanilla (13.7 oz)£4.19
Starbucks Frappuccino Mocha (13.7 oz)£4.19
Starbucks Frappuccino Chilled Coffee (13.7 oz)£4.19
ampm Fountain Cup XX-Large (50 oz)£2.69
ampm Fountain Cup X-Large (40 oz)£2.15
ampm Fountain Cup Large (30 oz)£1.69
ampm Fountain Cup Medium (24 oz)£1.69
ampm Freeze Cup Medium (24 oz)£1.09
ampm Frozen Coffee (16 oz)£2.39
ampm Coffee (24 oz)£2.39
ampm Coffee (20 oz)£2.29
ampm Coffee (16 oz)£2.15

Nutritional Bars

Menu itemsPrices
Nature Valley Crunchy Oats and Honey (1.49 oz)£1.19


Menu itemsPrices
Pepsi (20 oz)£2.99
Diet Pepsi (20 oz)£2.99
Coke Classic (20 oz)£2.99
Diet Coke (20 oz)£2.99
Sprite (20 oz)£2.99
Mountain Dew (20 oz)£2.99
Dr Pepper (20 oz)£2.99
Coke Classic (2 lt)£3.39
Pepsi (2 lt)£3.29
Sprite (2 lt)£3.2
Dr Pepper (2 lt)£3.29
ampm Fountain Mug (64 oz)£10.79
Pepsi 12 Cans Pack (12 fl oz)£7.99
Coca Cola 12 Cans Pack (12 fl oz)£8.39


Menu itemsPrices
Hydrate (1 lt)£2.69
Glaceau Smart Water (1 lt)£3.29
Deluge Spring Water (1 lt)£1.79
Good Stuff Water (1 gal)£2.69
Good Stuff Water (5 lt) (24 pk)£5.99

Bread & Milk

Menu itemsPrices
Nesquik Singles Strawberry (14 oz)£2.75
Nesquik Singles Chocolate (14 oz)£2.75
Crystal Creamery Whole Milk (1 gal.)£5.15
Crystal Creamery 2% Milk (1 gal.)£5.15
Crystal Creamery 2% Milk (0.5 gal.)£3.59
Crystal Creamery Whole Milk (0.5 gal.)£3.59
Whole Milk (1 gal.)£5.15
Milk 2% (1 gal.)£5.15
Whole Milk (0.5 gal.)£3.59
2% Milk (0.5 gal.)£3.59
Bimbo Soft Wheat Bread (20 oz)£4.19
Bimbo Soft White Bread (20 oz)£4.19
Sliced White Bread£4.19
Sliced Wheat Bread£4.19

Personal Care

Menu itemsPrices
Chapstick Regular (0.15 oz)£2.89

AMPM Updated Menu USA 2024

Do you want to know what’s new in the AMPM Updated Menu USA? Worry not as we have got you covered. AMPM is a well-known convenient store and like all the other competitors, it also regularly keeps updating its menu with relatively new and quality items, especially snacks and drinks. AMPM’s Updated menu has introduced some varieties of sandwiches that are considered to be perfect meals for your breakfast cravings.

A Town Wings Menu USA 

AMPM updated menu USA is really conscious about the customer’s satisfaction so as a result, new items are added with the quality remaining intact and sometimes even better. One such example is their recently added snack Rx Bars. Now, we will mention some of the famous products from the AMPM menu USA:

AMPM Snacks

AMPM Snacks are in great demand and have been a huge success since their addition to the menu. Their snacks are available at very affordable prices so you can have brunch whenever you need to.

The AMPM menu has a lot of snacks such as Hostess which is on top and only costs $2.99. Some other crunchy snacks include Rx Bars, Kind Bar, One Bar, Natural BValley Bar, Tigers Milk, Cookies, Amous, and Jack Link Beef Jerky. Snacks are one of the most ordered items on their menu. You can pass your time with them and also can please your hungry tummy.

AMPM Snacks
AMPM Snacks

AMPM Dessert

What would turn your hot day into an enjoyable one? Obviously some cold, frozen, and mellow dessert. The AMPM Dessert menu is introduced only for such purpose which is to freshen up your dull mood. AMPM desserts include King as well as Standard Size Candy, Orbit Gum, Gum, and Combo which contains some extra cold beverages.

This particular menu is one of the best-sellers nowadays. You don’t have to worry about the prices as all the items range from $2.49 to$4.99 only which seems reasonable given the quality and taste of their desserts. The Combo meal is meant for more than one person so you can have a blast with friends, family, or colleagues.

AMPM Drinks

AMPM drinks are not ordinary drinks. These include cold drinks and beers too which means young and adults, can enjoy them equally. Different varieties of drinks are available on the AMPM menu. You can get a drink of your liking from a quite big list. 

They offer distinctive drinks and have introduced two more varieties like Starbucks and Soda. Other cool drinks include Gaterade, Milk Half Gallon, water (1L), Smartwater , Monster Energy (16 Oz.), Rockstar (16 Oz.), Bang Energy (16 Oz.), and the Redbull (8.4 Oz.). Prices are kept low on purpose so everyone can enjoy them.

AMPM Drinks
AMPM Drinks

AMPM Hot Food

AMPM Hot Food menu offers delicious items to fill your breakfast palate. You can get quality and quantity with 2 Sausage, Egg & Cheese Croissants with cage-free eggs for just $5.

Moreover, you can grab a tasty Chicken Sandwich at the price of $2.49. Other delectable hot foods on the AMPM menu in the USA include Corn Dog, Jumbo Hot dogs, and Double cheeseburgers which are in your reach at $1.79, $1.99, and $3.49 respectively.

You will have the time of your life while having their hot food. If you ever want to order something, do not forget to order something from their hot food menu.

AMPM Hot Food
AMPM Hot Food

About AMPM Restaurant

AMPM menu is one of the most popular convenience stores in the USA. They have different food items to offer. You can get snacks, chips, sandwiches and so much more at very affordable prices. 

They have a very fast delivery service which comes in handy when you can’t go out from your home or office. So you can simply order your desired food online and it will be delivered in no time, at your location. AMPM food stores are established across many major cities in the USA.

AMPM menu in the USA is the point where the most crave-able food and snacks intersect with the most convenient experience around which you will ever find. You can get a lot of delicious food items which are exclusively found at ampm.

AMPM Restaurant
AMPM Restaurant

Willa Moore, a true Brooklyn native, has been a local enthusiast since her earliest days, with her go-to bagel spot remaining a constant through the years. Her journey before joining The Infatuation involved a unique blend of event production and food styling, where her duties ranged from orchestrating large events to scouring New York City for the perfect pop rocks. This diverse experience not only honed her attention to detail, but also deepened her appreciation for culinary creativity.

At the heart of Willa’s gastronomic passion is her unwavering love for a well-crafted Bloody Mary. She believes that skeptics of this classic drink simply haven’t experienced its full potential. Her expertise and palate now find a new home at, where she delves into the world of restaurant menus and reviews. With a keen eye for culinary excellence and a taste for authentic flavors, Willa brings her Brooklyn-rooted, worldly perspective to guide food lovers through the diverse culinary landscape.

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