Quench Juicery Menu with Prices 2024

Quench Juicery menu USA is well known food store which exists only to serve the best quality drinks such as juices to the customers of all ages. All the drinks are made of pure and natural ingredients. Besides its signature juices, In the menu of Quench Juicery also offers some other enjoyable food products at affordable prices. The crew is fantastic and prepares everything with care and affection. Here is the complete Quench Juicery menu USA with prices:

Acai Bowl
Power Bowl$10.05
Green Goddess$10.05
Berry Bowl$10.05
Chocolate Banana$10.05
Skinny Minny$10.05
Plant Power$10.05
Avocado Toast
Avocado Toast$4.45
No Bake Energy Bites$3.95
The Zinger Kids$7.29
The Zinger$8.39
Get up & Glow Kids$7.29
Get up & Glow$8.39
Liquid Sunshine Kids$7.29
Liquid Sunshine$8.39
‘C” Turtle Kids$7.29
‘C” Turtle$8.39
Green Machine Kids$7.29
Green Machine$8.39
Dottie’s Detox Kids$7.29
Dottie’s Detox$8.39
Cold Kicker Kids$7.29
Cold Kicker$8.39
Can’t Be Beet Kids$7.29
Can’t Be Beet$8.39
Sunset Fizz Kids$7.29
Sunset Fizz$8.39
Spicy Lemonade Kids$7.29
Spicy Lemonade$8.39
Island Breeze Kids$7.85
Island Breeze$8.94
Vanilla Volcano Kids$7.85
Vanilla Volcano$8.94
Berry Blast Kids$7.85
Berry Blast$8.94
Hass Monkey Kids$7.85
Hass Monkey$8.94
Muscle Beach Kids$7.85
Muscle Beach$8.94
Super Smoothie Kids$7.85
Super Smoothie$8.94
Morning Buzz Kids$7.85
Morning Buzz$8.94
Single Shots
1 oz. Ginger$3.90
1 oz. Kale$3.90
1 oz. Spinach$3.90
Specialty Shots
Immunity Shot$3.90
The Roots Shot$3.90
Sea Shot$3.90

Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl is a great food item served by the Quench Juicery. It consists of a bowl which open from the upside for servings. There are different types of Acai Bowl available for the visitors. One noticeable detail is that all the items in this part of the menu are made available to the customers at the same prices.

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Avocado Toast

An Avocado Toast on the Quench Juicery menu is a whole wheat toast topped with organic avocado, diced tomatoes, sea salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. The taste is so graceful that it will melt your heart.


As we have mentioned earlier, the Quench Juicery menu is particularly famous for its scrumptious juices. They have many varieties of juices to offer. Every single juice has a distinct recipe as well as a unique taste. The process is very simple, just enter in the place and select your favorite flavor and it will be served as soon as possible.

Quench Juicery Menu Juice
Quench Juicery Juices


Although the Quench Juicery menu USA is popular for its savory juices but their smoothies also come in the list of most ordered items from their menu. You will be pleased to see their large number of smoothies that are available at very affordable prices.

Single Shots

Single Shots is yet another cool menu offered by the Quench Juicery restaurant. While having these, you will realise the importance of the phrase quality over quantity.

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Specialty Shots

Specialty Shots are offered to the customers by Quench Juicery menu. These shots will refresh your mood like no other. All the drinks in this section are very special to the customers as well as to the owners.

About Quench Juicery

Quench Juicery was introduced in the USA because of the revolutionary and unique vision of two highly qualified individuals named Emily Farr and Patrick Farr. The o-Founder and Owner University of Arizona class of 2005 – Bachelor of Science in Business Management Emily Farr has 5 years experience working in the hospitality management field as well as 4 years experience working in various executive support and investor relations roles within the private equity industry which makes her worthy of owning this amazing food chain..

Emily enjoys running, hiking, hot yoga, warm weather, and most importantly she firmly believes in the power of food over medicine for the healing of both physical and mental ailments. A self proclaimed “health nut” for as long as she can remember who has always dreamt about opening a health conscious business of her own to help educate others.

Patrick Farr is the Co-Founder and Owner Bentley University class of 2001 – Bachelor of Science in Economics / Finance Patrick has 12+ years experience in various financial roles within the banking, venture capital, asset management and insurance industries. Patrick is an avid runner, completed 50+ organized road races, including 6 full marathons, 5 sprint triathlons, and 2 fifty mile bike races. Founder and promoter of Sharksbite Road Runners in Charlotte, NC.

Also, a passion for living a healthy lifestyle, including eating local healthy food and preparing and consuming fresh juices daily all these qualities of him inspired him to open a restaurant which would serve healthy drinks and juices to the customers. That’s the Quench Juicery came into existence.

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