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If you love pizzas and are tired of tasting the same style of pizzas over and over again then you must check Pi Co Pizza’s menu to have a unique style of pizzas. They specialize in making the best fast food products and they offer quality, made-to-order, Neapolitan-style pizzas in a unique quick-serve experience.

All the pizzas are made with great care and you will realize after having a bit that they only use the highest quality possible ingredients. Besides all the quality and taste, they serve all of their items at reasonable prices. Here is the entire Pi Co Pizza menu with prices:

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Menu ItemsPrices
Craft Yours Regular Dough£19.00
Gluten Free Craft£23.00
The Camden Special£19.00
Garlic Bread£6.00


The Pi Co Pizza menu entertains its visitors with its signature Pizza menu. Through this menu, they serve you the most gratifying pizzas in the town. The quality is great and these pizzas don’t have any harmful effect on your health because all the ingredients are and without any mixing. You will be in for a treat as they offer four of the best-selling pizzas on this menu.

Menu ItemsPrices
Craft Yours Regular Dough£19.00
Gluten Free Margherita£19.00
Gluten Free Craft£23.00

Preset Pizzas

The Pi Co Pizza menu boasts of serving the Present Pizzas menu. All the pizzas are so luscious in taste. By the way, there are seven kinds of pizzas available in this section of the menu. You can have a blast with your friends as well as with your colleagues by ordering these amazing pizzas at reasonable rates. Moreover, the toppings make the look of these pizzas eye-catching.

Menu ItemsPrices
Danforth Pi£19.00
Fairview Pi£19.00
The Adelaide£22.00
The Camden Special£19.00
The Sherway£19.00
Yorkville Special£22.00
The Midtown£19.00


The Salads offered by the Pi Co Pizza menu are so scrumptious and tasteful. There are two types of salads available for visitors. One is the larger one and the other is the small one. The prices may vary from size to size. These salads add some extra flavors to your pizza carvings and make your meal more enjoyable.

Menu ItemsPrices
Main Salad£17.00
Side Salad£12.00

Small Bites

Small Bites is another great menu through which the Pi Co Pizza menu serves delicious cheese and vegetables. All the products presented in this menu are very healthy and help you maintain a healthy diet. There are a total of four items and their prices range from six to eight dollars. Three of them are served at the same price.

Menu ItemsPrices
Goat Cheese, Honey and Crushed Walnuts£8.00
Garlic Bread£6.00
Tomato Caprese Salad£8.00
Beets Caprese Salad£8.00

Sweet Pi’s & Treats

The Pi Co Pizza menu also offers some of the best quality Sweet Pi’s & Treats to the customers. There are various varieties of these delights to choose from. There are many varieties that are presented in different packs. Some include six items and some may include twenty-four items. The prices may rise with the number of food items.

Menu ItemsPrices
Craft Yours Sweet PI£8.00
Chocolate Chip£3.50
6 Count£18.00
12 Count£34.00
24 Count£64.00
Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Cookie£4.50
Gluten Free 6 Count£24.00
Gluten Free 12 Count£48.00
Gluten Free 24 Count£96.00


The Drinks menu by the Pi Co Pizza menu is really amazing. You can pick from so many drinks available. You will see many varieties of water as well as other beverages. Black cherry is highly recommended to everyone because of its tenderness and delicacy. Moreover, these drinks make you digest your heavy fast food in a smooth way.

Menu ItemsPrices
Naya Water£3.00
San Pellegrino Orange£3.00
San Pellegrino Blood Orange£3.00
Diet Pepsi£3.00
Dr. Pepper£3.00
Mountain Dew£3.00
Mug RootBeer£3.00
Schweppes Ginger Ale£3.00
7 UP£3.00
San Pellegrino Sparkling Water£4.00
Pure Leaf Lemon£4.00
Pure Leaf Peach£4.00
Pure Leaf Raspberry£4.00
Bubly Blackberry£3.00
Bubly Cherry£3.00
Bubly Lime£3.00
Tropicana Orange Juice£4.00
Black Cherry£4.00

About Pi Co Pizza

The Pi Co Pizza team is fanatical about food, passionate about craft, and obsessed with quality – from their market fresh toppings and the finest flour from Italy to custom salads.
They serve it all up in a thoughtfully designed, fuss-free space. No white tablecloths here. Their motto is fast meets fresh which means you can enjoy your fast food here which is freshly made for your dining. They also have a delivery service which is meant to be taken advantage of.

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Pizza places in the city were the same old, same old- either quick & dirty pizza chains or fine-dining hot spots. But who said there couldn’t be something in between? In 2016, the Pi Co Pizza team and owners created just that. A place where authentic, custom-crafted Neapolitan pizza could be fired up in 90 seconds, and enjoyed without a reservation, white tablecloth, or 20% gratuity, and this specific feature makes their restaurant a fan favorite place to dine for pizza cravings. Their service is really quick.

The Pi Co Pizza is a place where ‘quick & easy’ could actually mean fresh, healthy, and high-quality.
And a place that turns something you’ve eaten a million times, into a completely fresh, new experience. “Let’s have pizza” will never mean the same thing again to you. They also provide you with a cozy and comfy environment. All the staff members are really friendly and down to earth.

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