Gelati Celesti menu with prices 2023

The proprietary process of Gelati Celesti lessens the air filled into their product, making it uniquely flavorful, thick and creamy, and special for the customers. Here is the complete list of all the products of Gelati Celesti menu 2023 USA with their affordable prices:

Picked For You

Ice Cream$6.95
Just Ask$6.95
Birthday Cake$6.95
Chocolate Peanut Butter$6.95

Most Popular

Blanchard's Coffee$6.95
Butter Pecan$6.95
Coffee and Cream$6.95
Mint Chip$6.95
Salted Caramel$6.95
Vanilla Chip$6.95

Ice Cream

Ice Cream (Ice Cream)$6.95

Ice Cream Cookies

Oreo (Ice Cream Cookies)$4.95
Vanilla (Ice Cream Cookies)$4.95
Chocolate Decadence$4.95
Chocolate Decadence (Ice Cream Cookies)$4.95
Cookie Dough$4.95
Cookie Dough (Ice Cream Cookies)$4.95
Birthday Cake (Ice Cream Cookies)$4.95
Chocolate Covered Strawberry$6.95


Gelati Celesti is a famous Ice cream spot that takes the pride of serving the most delectable and soul touching Ice cream products in the country. Their ice cream tastes exactly how a great Ice cream should taste; pure, fresh and natural. Gelati Celesti is truly a heaven for Ice cream cravers and for those who want to get rid of the hot weather and want to be treated with something unique and innovative. The menu of Gelati Celesti opens with various heart loving flavors of ice creams and cookies.

The menu of Gelati Celesti opens with various heart loving flavors of ice creams and cookies. Each one has a different class and stands superior to the other in the manner of taste and quality. Because each batch of Gelati Celesti menu is handmade by collecting the best quality ingredients from different places of the world.

Popular items

Here you will get the list of those menu items of Gelati Celesti, which, not only are very popular among customers, but also have succeeded in making a huge impact on their hearts. Some of these are Just Ask, Chocolate Peanut  Butter and Chocolate Decadence.

Ice cream

Without a question, the reason for the attractiveness of the customers of the Gelati Celesti menu is none other than Ice cream. Gelati Celesti is specialised in making the most delicious and heart melting. Certainly, it is very hard to find such flavorful and top quality Ice cream batches at any other places. Once you have tasted any of its flavor there is no going back.

Mastro’s menu USA with prices

Each cup of these Ice cream is prepared with love and passion. Another pleasing factor about them is that you don’t need to pay too much money to have the taste of one of the most delicious Ice cream flavors of all time.

Ice cream

Ice cream cookies

After Ice cream, the second most appealing item of the Gelati Celesti menu is Ice cream Cookies. With the help of professional chefs, and using the finest quality ingredients, the Gelati Celesti menu is able to make these sweet and buttery cookies at his best. Here is the list of these Ice cream cookies with prices.

About Gelati Celesti Cream

Gelati Celesti began as a mixed effort

by father and son. In 1984, Peter Edmonds and his father, John, opened the business with one location in Richmond, Virginia with a shared vision and a single goal–to bring joy to others by making the very best ice cream possible, scooped up with the very best service. Here, Ice creams are prepared fresh daily in the back of the store and sold by the cone, the cup, or hand-packed for taking home.

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