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In the USA, you will find ample Mexican themed restaurants but it is difficult to find a decent one which offers quality food at decent price rates. Luckily, here we will tell you about El Camaron Loco menu USA which has all the qualities you would like in an ideal Mexican restaurant. This restaurant is well known for serving traditional as well as distinctive varieties of Mexican food in breakfast and dinners. The prices are very budget friendly so you can get decent food without money problems. Here is the whole El Camaron Loco menu USA with prices:

Breakfast (Desayunos)

Just as your day starts with the breakfast meal, exactly in the same order, the El Camaron Loco menu begins with the breakfast menu. There are a lot of choices to pick from, most of the food items contain eggs which provide you a great amount of nutrients.

Soups (Caldos)

Through the soups menu, the El Camaron Loco menu serves various varieties of soups including fish and octopus soups as well. These soups are very tasty and are in great demand by the Mexican food lovers.

Entrées (Entradas)

The El Camaron Loco menu offers some delicious types of entrees which are liked by everyone who visits them. You will be treated gracefully with amazing chicken dishes and different types of quesadillas. All the items possess an incredible quality and taste.


You visit a Mexican food store and don’t see burritos is impossible in every universe of the multiverse. The El Camaron loco menu offers its visitors some awesome varieties of burritos which they like from the heart.


Whenever someone hears about Mexican food the first thing that comes to mind are Tacos. Nowadays, Mexican food is in trend and so are the Tacos. The El Camaron loco menu blesses your tummy with marvelous tacos at good prices.


Tortas is a classic Mexican food which tastes so good that it will explode your taste buds. Tortas are made available for the visitors by the El Camaron loco menu. All the good ingredients are used in the preparation of tortas.


Sopes are great Mexican food as well and the El Camaron loco menu serves the best of them. There are a total of two sopes items available on their menu but they are everyone’s favorite.


Tostadas are yet another amazing food offered by the El Camaron loco menu. There are many kinds of Tostadas on the menu. Tostada Deshebrada is a special one and it is made of shredded beef, lechuga, pico de gallo, sour cream, and cheese. They are served with avocado and pico de gallo.

Grilled Style Hot Plate (Parrilladas)

The El Camaron loco menu takes great pride while serving its magical Grilled Style Hot Plate. All the items in this part of the menu are mixed seafoods or mixed meats. You will get ample food that would be enough for a group of people


Molcajetes is yet another important menu offered by the El Camaron loco menu USA. You will get food items made of shrimps, chicken steaks and delectable seafoods. The prices are nice considering the quantity and quality of the food.

Filets (Filetes)

In the Filets menu at the El Camaron loco, there is a large variety of items available for the Mexican food admirers. There is enough food to fill your food cravings. Seafood, rice, vegetables and what not, everything is present here for you.

Seafood Dishes (Botana de Mariscos)

As we have mentioned time and time again, seafood is in great demand in America and every food store takes great benefit while serving this specific food. Seafood Dishes served by the El Camaron loco menu are very luscious and worthy of your appreciation.

Cocktails (Cocteles)

You will rarely find Cocktails in a family food serving restaurant but the El Camaron loco menu does that with ease. It offers you some of the best cocktails made with all natural ingredients and has an amazing taste as well.

Oysters (Ostiones)

Oysters are very popular among Mexican food lovers. This part of the El Camaron loco menu offers two of the best items from the whole menu. These items may seem costly but when you get your order served, you will be amazed to see the quality of brilliant food.

Shrimp (Camarones)

Shrimp is something which is made affectionately by the El Camaron loco restaurant in the USA. There are so many products in a single order that are more than enough to fulfill your food cravings. Moreover, you will be able to choose from a large variety of items.

Prawn (Langostinos)

There are three items in the prawn section of the El Camaron loco menu. All of these include rice, beans and salad to fill your plates. They are made with only the freshest ingredients selected by the chefs.

Fish (Pescado)

Fish is a really great seafood which has the ability to fulfill so many nutritional needs of the human body. The fish products offered by the El Camaron loco menu are of the best quality. Furthermore, they are made according to the health standards which make them even more beneficial.

Pina Rellena

This section has two of the most ordered items from the El Camaron loco menu USA. These are filled with pineapple and meats to make their taste savory and likable. First item costs twenty seven dollars while the second one costs twenty dollars approximately.

Specialized Dishes (Combinaciones)

When you order from the Specialized Dishes menu at the El Camaron loco restaurant, you feel like you are in the heaven of Mexican food. There are a huge number of items in this part of the menu. All the items are great and taste delicious. The prices are kept reasonable too.

Side Orders (Orden Extra)

Side Orders at the El Camaron loco menu are great as well. You will have the privilege to choose from nine items which are made available for the customers. These will surely add a level of authenticity in your meal.

Kids Plates

The El Camaron loco menu cares for its customers. Indeed, it comes in their top most priority to satisfy every customer. Same is the case with kids, and to please them, they have added a Kids Plates menu so the children can have something to celebrate.

Desserts (Postres)

There are two desserts which are offered by the El Camaron loco menu USA. Both are so yummy and mellow and only cost four dollars each.

Aquas Frescas

Aquas Frescas is a part of the El Camaron loco menu which offers you the purest quality of water. This water is so soft and easily drinkable.

Beverages (Bebidas)

The El Camaron loco menu has so many items in its menu that you may get confused while counting them. Besides all the great products, they also offer some high quality beverages. You can get coffee and other drinks to enjoy.

About El Camaron Loco

The El Camaron Loco Menú USA is a very famous Mexican themed restaurant. It was established some years ago in America with a sole purpose to end the rift among the Americans and Mexicans with the help of food because they believe that food has the power to do so.

At El Camaron loco restaurant, you will see that there is no discrimination of any kind. They welcome everyone with an open heart and treat them as their own. Ever since its establishment, the El Camaron loco restaurant has been a great success and its future looks very bright as well.

The staff is very welcoming. They have hired some of the best chefs in the country. They treat you very politely and make you feel like home. All of their stores have beautiful interior designs and a friendly atmosphere. They also offer a fast home delivery service. So if you don’t feel like going outside, you can just order your food online and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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