Javier’s menu with prices USA January 2024

If you are looking for the latest and updated Javier’s menu with prices 2022 USA then you are at the right site as here you can have all the useful information related to Javier’s cantina menus USA.

The quality of the food that Javier’s offers to its visitors is top-notch. In fact , they are very focused regarding the quality and taste of their food. Therefore, they select only the best and freshest Ingredients. They want to provide the best possible meal to their valuable customers at any cost. This affection and so much care for the clients differentiates Javier’s from other food selling brands. Here is the newly updated Javier’s menu USA with affordable prices:

Javier's Appetizers

Nachos Supremos$9.99+
Taquitos Aperitivos$9.59+
Guacamole Dip$9.99
Grilled Quesadilla$7.99

Javier’s cantina appetizers are claimed as one of the most impressive additions in the menu Javier’s. You might have tasted various kinds of  delicious appetizers at different popular eating points but there is nothing like Javier’s appetizers you have tried before.

These appetizers give you a unique and everlasting taste. Also, they are prepared in a way that they can be matched perfectly with any of the main dishes you order from the menu.


Dinner Salad$11.99+
Fiesta Salad$11.99+
Javier's Salad$13.99+
Taco Salad$11.99+

For making their menu balanced and sustainable, Javier’s proudly presents various varieties of ultra delicious salads to its visitors. These Salads have proven to be one of the most attractive sides of the Javier’s salad menu. And if you are health conscious and remain serious about your diet then it would be very difficult for you not to get attracted to these soul touching salads offered by Javier’s cantina.

Lunch Menu

#1 Lunch$11.99
#2 Lunch$10.99
#3 Lunch$11.49+
#4 Lunch$11.49
#5 Lunch$12.49
#6 Lunch$10.99
#7 Lunch$10.99
#8 Lunch$11.99
#9 Lunch$11.49
#10 Lunch$11.49
#11 Lunch$10.99
#12 Lunch$11.49
#13 Lunch$13.99+

Javier’s lunch menu USA takes the honor of introducing you with their highly appreciated Lunch. You can have a huge collection of superbly prepared delights in the cantina lunch menu. Each recipe in this specific category is made by the professional chefs with an aim of giving you a fine and classic lunch experience.

Here you can choose your favorite meal as there are 13 different options available for you. Each dish in the special lunch menu is offered to you at the price range that you can easily afford.

Steaks and Carnes

1. Steak Ranchero$13.59
2. Steak Quesadilla$13.29
3. Carne Asada$15.99
4. Three Carne Asada Tacos$13.99
5. Javier's Fajitas$16.99+

Steaks and Carnes are there to please fast food lovers. Steaks and Carnes menu has become a great source of attention among the customers. People love the quality and taste of the Steaks and Carnes that Javier’s menu has to offer. Moreover, another reason behind their popularity is their uniqueness.

They put different innovations in these Javier’s Steaks and Carnes menu items to give a new and exciting experience to their visitors on every visit. If you are looking for any suggestions, Javier’s Fajitas is the one you should order from the list.

Deluxe Dinners

1. Zapata Mexican Dinner$12.99+
2. El Tambor Dinner$12.79+
3. Tacos Don Antonio$12.59+
4. Enchiladas Texanas$12.49+
5. El Paso Combo$12.59+
6. Enchiladas Mexicanas$12.99+
7. Zacatecas Comida Grande$12.99+
8. El Mexicano Combo$12.99+
9. Chile Relleno "Raul" Especial 2 Rellenos$12.79+
10. Pancho Villa Combo$12.99+
11. Chile Verde "Lucita"$12.79+
12. Vegetarian Combo$12.79+
13. Breeze Combo$12.79+
14. Pepe's Combo$12.99+
15. Blanche's Special$12.99+

Javier’s menu USA not only entertains its valuable clients with the lunch menu, but also becomes a trustworthy partner in their dinners. Deluxe Dinners have everything a food lover wants and demands. There is an extremely long list of unbelievably delicious dishes in this section of the Javier’s Deluxe Dinners menu.

Whether it is a business meeting, a hang out with friends or a family gathering, Deluxe Dinners are there to fill every need of their visitors. Zapata Mexican Dinner and El Tambor Dinner are two of the most favorites items.

Mexican Specialties

Taquitos Don Manuel$11.99+
El Senor Ron Chimichanga$13.49
Quesadilla de Lujo$11.49
El Rancho Quesadilla$12.49
Stuffed Sopapilla$12.99+
Huevos Rancheros$11.99+
Huevos con Chorizo$11.99+

One of the most demanding and prominent sections from the whole menu of the Javier’s is Mexican Specialties. Mexican menu clearly tells that here you are going to find authentic Mexican recipes that stand second to none in terms of pleasing the Mexican food cravers.

Mexican Specialties contain those recipes that are hailed as the best selling products of the Javier’s menu USA. It is truly a very special area of the menu which has become highly successful in snatching the attention of every single individual.


Visiting a restaurant that possesses authentic and traditional Mexican cuisine and not imagining Burritos in it is not so possible. The food adventures are served with various varieties of Burritos. Some have chicken while others are filled with beef or veggie.

No matter what kind of flavors they have, one thing is sure and that is you are not going to be disappointed by the quality and taste of these Burritos. There are a total of 11 options of Burritos available here at a very friendly budget price range.

Large Combination

Combo #1 Comida Suprema$14.99+
Combo #2 Burrito$13.99+
One Fish Taco & One Carne Asada Taco$13.99

Serving you in every way possible is the basic motive of Javier’s menu USA and Large Combination is the result of that aim. As the name specifies, in a Large Combination, they offer you something more than extra, something that you could only wish and desire. So be the witness of having one of the best dining experiences with a large Combination because they will cost you a very suitable amount of money.

Tacos (A La Carta)

Taco Corn$4.99
Taco Flour$5.99
Carne Asada Corn Taco$6.99
Fish Taco Flour Taco$6.49

Another excellent and mouth watering Mexican treat in the Javier’s Tacos menu. Tacos is one of the signature items in every Mexican themed eating spot.  Here at Javier’s, It has also collected a lot of fame and love among the Americans because of its ambrosial taste and superior quality. There are 4 different options of Tacos that you can select from the above mentioned list. All are served at reasonable prices.

A La Carta

One Corn Enchilada$4.99+
One Flour Enchilada$6.99+
Two Flour Cheese Enchiladas$6.99+
Two Corn Cheese Enchiladas$6.99+
Two Corn Cheese Enchiladas with Side$11.98+
Bowl of Chile Verde$7.99
Chile Relleno$5.99
Tostadas Beans$5.99
Tostadas Chicken$6.99
Tostadas Beef$6.99

As Javier’s is known for offering a large amount of Mexican dishes so there is a slight chance you could find something else in their menu. A La Carta is yet another brilliant side of the cantina menu which makes your mouth watered with amazing products.

These dishes are mesmerizing and heart loving and have the capability to increase your appetite and hunger. Each recipe presented in the A La Carta is loaded with fresh and top-quality ingredients.

Side Orders

Spanish Rice$3.99
Sour Cream$2.99
Two Flour Tortillas$2.99
Two Corn Tortillas$2.99
Pico de Gallo$4.99

Everyone loves side dishes because they have the potential to make your meal look prominent. At Javier’s menu USA, they offer you some quality sides to have with your favorite main dish.

There are many different varieties of side orders on their broad menu and you will be free to choose your favorite one. There are so many sides to order that sometimes a customer gets confused about what he should choose.


Mexican Fried Ice Cream$7.49
Ice Cream$5.99
Sopapillas (3 Scones)$7.49
Nachos Dulces$8.99
Nachos Dulces (Half)$7.99

Dessert is considered as one of the crucial parts of the menu of a well known Javier’s restaurant.  Because desserts are loved by every age fellow. Apart from serving different types of ambrosial and savory food items.

They provide a massive variety of desserts. And if you face any trouble while choosing and looking for someone to guide you then you should pick Nachos Dulces as it has fried tortilla, honey butter and a topping of ice cream.

Pints To Go

Happy Salsa$7.99
Red Salsa$6.99
Green Salsa$7.99
Enchilada Sauce$6.99
Chile Verde$7.99

One of the most interesting portions of the menu, Pints To Go, has got you covered by offering some top quality products. Pints To Go is quite famous among food explorers. Here you will get different kinds of sauces, salsa and beans and more!

There are a total of 7 heartwarming items available in this section of Javier’s Pints To Go menu starting from 6 dollars to 8 dollars. This price range is not high as if you are a food explorer and have good knowledge about quality food.


Diet Coke$3.99
Dr. Pepper$3.99
Hot Chocolate$3.99
Hot Tea$3.99

Last but not least. Javier’s chooses beverages as its concluding menu item. For your dry throat and to quench your thirst, they produce a list of some very refreshing and heart melting beverages. Beverages are the drinks that can be consumed and enjoyed in every season of the year.

So whether it is summer or winter, the doors of Javier’s beverages menu are open for you to get pleased by your favorite Soft and Hot Drinks. Another mind blowing fact about these beverages is that they not only have a soul touching taste and supreme quality but also have very limited budget prices.

About Javier’s USA

The story of Javier’s began when the company opened its first restaurant in 1995 in Laguna and quickly became a local favorite. After  remaining prominent for thirteen years, the brand closed its Laguna Beach restaurant on New Year’s Eve 2007 and relocated to the Crystal Cove Promenade – Newport Beach in  2008. The  reason for the originality and variety of Javier’s menu is their dedicated cooking staff.

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Originating from different regions of Mexico, they have brought their family favorites to share with you. Their goal is to bring authentic tastes of Mexico with all the flavors and variety they have to offer. So if you have a cravings for any kind of Mexican food, they have got you covered with their vast and broad menu. Along With a cozy ambiance and professional staff, Javier’s gives its clients a facility of fast delivery service.

Javier’s is a famous food serving brand in America which proudly serves authentic Mexican cuisine to the Mexican food seekers. At Javier’s, you will find all the variety of Mexican food in distinct flavors.

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