The Corner Deli Menu USA with Prices 2024

The Corner Deli menu

is the perfectly suited place for the food adventurers who crave for the best and mouth watering Sandwiches. They make all the items from scratch and put all the effort in raising their quality and divinity. Above all that, they want customers’ happiness more than anything. For this purpose, they have kept the prices budget friendly. Here we will provide you the entire The Corner Deli menu USA with prices:

Specialty Sandwiches

Heart Attack SandwichPKR 10.99
Honeymooner SandwichPKR 10.49
Deli Choice SandwichPKR 10.49
Firecracker SandwichPKR 9.99
The Supreme SandwichPKR 9.99
God Father SandwichPKR 11.49
The Spice Bomb SandwichPKR 10.99
Gravy Train SandwichPKR 10.49
Chopped Cheese SandwichPKR 7.99

To start your day with an energetic mood is quite hard to do but the Specialty Sandwiches, offered by the Corner Deli menu restaurant, have the power to do this easily. if we say that your breakfast will turn into a happy meal of the day if you try these. There are a number of sandwiches you can select from. However, you must insist on the Godfather Sandwich. It is an awesome combination of genoa salami, pepperoni, ham, provolone, mozzarella, lettuce, tomato, oil and vinegar, salt, pepper, and oregano on hero.

Classic Deli Favorites

Philadelphia SteakPKR 9.99
Mexican SteakPKR 9.99
Italian ClubPKR 9.99
Classic ClubPKR 9.99
Crispy Bacon ClubPKR 9.99
Cheese Burger DeluxePKR 8.99

The Corner Deli has a sub menu named as Classic Deli Favorites. This menu has been endowed with only one goal which is to gather all the best items from the entire menu into a single one. You will be able to get satisfying steaks as well as other dishes. You should pick Cheeseburger Deluxe. It is  a Burger topped with melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and a side of French fries.


Deli Wraps

Egg Salad ExtravaganzaPKR 9.49
California WrapPKR 9.49
Chicken Caesar WrapPKR 9.49
Fresh Turkey CobbPKR 9.49

The Corner Deli menu feels immense joy while offering its made from scratch Deli Wraps. You will wonder that a simple dish like the wrap can have the quality and taste of this extent. All the customers get to choose their wishful wrap from the four available items. Even though every wrap has a unique touch, still most people go for Chicken Caesar Wrap. It contains grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, parmesan cheese, and Caesar dressing. .

Our Signature Hero

American HeroPKR 9.99
Philadelphia SteakPKR 9.99
The Wild West HeroPKR 9.99
Italian Steak HeroPKR 9.99
French SteakPKR 9.99
Italian HeroPKR 9.99
Chicken CutletPKR 9.99
Lemon ChickenPKR 9.99
PastramiPKR 9.99
Ham, Turkey, and American CheesePKR 9.99
Roast Beef, Turkey, and American CheesePKR 9.99
Mexican SteakPKR 9.99

In Our Signature Hero menu, offered by none other than the Corner Deli menu itself, they serve and bless your dining tables with their awesome signature dishes. The major items in this part of the menu are steaks and chicken products. If you are newly introduced to the restaurant, we can suggest something that you will surely admire. Lemon Chicken is the most liked item here. It is grilled lemon chicken, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayonnaise on a hero.

Boar's Head Specials

PastramiPKR 9.99
Turkey BreastPKR 8.99
Honey TurkeyPKR 8.99
Pepper Mill TurkeyPKR 8.99
Salsalito TurkeyPKR 8.99
Beef SalamiPKR 8.99
Roast BeefPKR 9.99
Hard SalamiPKR 8.99
Genoa SalamiPKR 8.99
Virginia HamPKR 8.99
Spiced HamPKR 8.99
TunaPKR 8.99

Boar’s Head Specials contain some divine dishes to be enjoyed to the fullest. The customers spend a lot of time selecting some items from this menu as it offers tasty varieties of ham, turkey, salami and beef. This entire section consists of healthy ingredients such as vegetables and cheese. You should try Virginia Ham because it includes Virginia ham, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. Pricing is kept really easy so everybody could enjoy the quality food.

Coffee and Tea Bar

Ice Coffee (20 oz)PKR 3.49
CoffeePKR 1.99
TeaPKR 1.99

The Corner Deli restaurant is more than proud of its Coffee and Tea Bar menu. This particular section of the menu offers you hundred percent pure colombian coffee. These yummy coffees will be enough for your coffee cravings. Two items cost equally while the third one costs a bit more. However, the price won’t matter to you when you will have the first sip of your ordered tea or coffee.


Essentia WaterPKR 0.01
Smart WaterPKR 0.01
Fiji WaterPKR 0.01
Poland Spring WaterPKR 0.01

The Corner Deli menu also offers purified  water to the visitors. It is completely germ free water and is very light to consume.

Soft Drinks

NesquikPKR 3.69
Pure LeafPKR 2.99
Tropicana Juice (15.2 oz)PKR 2.99
Vitamin Water (20 oz)PKR 2.99
Gatorade (20 oz)PKR 2.79
Snapple (16 oz)PKR 2.49
20 oz BottlePKR 2.49

The Corner Deli menu offers its customers some marvelous soft drinks. Everyone loves these soft drinks as every drink has an international standard. You will have an amazing experience while enjoying titillating sandwiches with quality soft drinks. These will not only quench your thirst but also will make your digestion process quite smooth. Every drink is available at the price rate of less than four dollars.

About The Corner Deli

Wagamama Menu USA

Ever since its foundation, the Corner Deli restaurant has been recognized as one of the most dedicated food chains across the USA. It has got the status with the untiring efforts of its crew and the owners. They live only to give the best in everything they serve. Their foremost aim is to please the visitors. They have managed to create a wholesome atmosphere in the restaurant that you will feel like you are at home.

Besides every service, they also have started a home delivery service. You can place your order online and it will be delivered to your location in the quickest time possible.

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