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Stoney River is known as one of the leading steakhouses of the United States. It specializes in offering the best possible food in different places of America. In the Stoney River menu 2023, you have an ample amount of food items to choose from. Here different varieties of dishes are served in different categories.

With providing top class quality and sizzling taste to the valuable clients, Stoney River menu has not taken much time to be customer’s favorite. Basically the secret of their success lies in the effort and dedication they put while preparing each meal. Here is the entire Stoney River menu USA with reasonable prices:


Deviled Eggs$16.00
Spinach Dip$20.00
Tuna Stack$23.00
Whiskey Shrimp on Country Toast$23.00
Steak Rolls$20.00

While opening the Stoney River menu, you will find Appetizers on the top front. No one disagrees with the fact of how deep and powerful impressions appetizers have made in the field of restaurants. By taking this thing into consideration, Stoney River menu introduces a great variety of Appetizers to the food explorers.

These are the best way to know how much caliber the restaurant has in the manner of taste. Order these heartwarming appetizers and satisfy your food craving.

Soups and Salads

French Onion Soup$13.00
New England Lobster Bisque Soup$16.00
Side House Salad$16.00
Baby Kale Salad$16.00
The Wedge Salad$16.00
Classic Caesar Salad$16.00

Soups and Salads of Stoney River menu are high in demand. A large percentage of the customers have given soups and salads very positive remarks and there would be a very rare number of customers who might not like them. There is nothing that can let you not fall in love with these ultra delectable and yummy recipes.

Salads of Stoney River contain pure and certified ingredients such as bleu cheese, honey mustard, buttermilk ranch, fresh herb vinaigrette, and honey-lime vinaigrette. And if you are looking for any suggestions related to the soups then New England Lobster Bisque Soup is for you.

Entree Salads

Thai Chicken Salad$21.00
Cumberland Salad$24.00
Steak Salad$33.00

For the sake of their visitors’ health and also to make them satisfied, the Stoney River Salads menu proudly presents Entree Salads. These salads are full of nutrients elements as each ingredient chosen in their making is 100% natural and fresh which comes from different trustful sources of the country.

There are a total of 3 entree salads available here with the price range starting from 21 dollars. If we look at the quality and taste of these salads, this price rate is quite balanced.

Burgers and Sandwiches

French Dip Sandwich$30.00+
Veggie Burger$21.00+
Stacked Cheeseburger$25.00+
Steakhouse Burger$25.00+

As Stoney River is a casual steakhouse so it is obvious that Burgers and Sandwiches will be on the menu. They offer some seriously tasty variety of Burgers containing everything that a Burger lover wants to have in his Burger. They come at different sizes according to your level of hunger.

Sandwiches produced by Stoney River menu stand second to none in terms of giving the customers a satisfactory taste and quality. Alongwith Burgers, Sandwiches have remained in the forefront for delighting the clients. Here you are allowed to choose and include any 1 side dish with any of these Burgers and Sandwiches.


Wild Mushroom Meatloaf Special$31.00+
Bistro Chicken Special$33.00+
BBQ Danish Baby Back Ribs Special$41.00+

As the name clarifies, Specialties is a section of the menu where they offer special dishes to the customers. Each item in this Specialties play an equal role in making your eating moment special as well as remarkable. If you wanna taste something extraordinary then you must give a try to these Specialties because they will not disappoint you. They give you an opportunity to pick any 2 sides with these Specialties.


Jumbo Fried Shrimp$40.00+
Pan Roasted Cold Water Salmon$40.00+
Pecan Trout$40.00+
Ahi Tuna$43.00+

The Seafood served by Stoney River menu has attained a huge fan following. Food explorer adore them for their extremely delicious taste. Every item in the Seafood stand superior to another quality wise. If you are a regular seafood eater then you can judge by your own how glorifying these Seafoods are. Professional chefs of Stoney River make these Seafood from scratch to perfection. These offerings are served at a very affordable price rate.

Legendary Steaks

Coffee Cured Filet Mignon$58.00+
Steak and Fries$41.00+
14 oz. Ribeye Steak$55.00+
16 oz. New York Strip Steak$55.00+
22 oz. Bone in Cowboy Cut Ribeye Steak$68.00+
Prime Rib of Beef$45.00+
Center Cut Filet Mignon$52.00+
Stoney River Legendary Filet$65.00+

Legendary Steaks has the privilege to be hailed as the most prominent section from the whole Stoney River Steaks menu. The reason why Stoney River has become the first and only choice of the customers are their Legendary Steaks. For food cravers, the steaks offered by the Stoney River menu are nothing but a blessing.

These legendary steaks are cut in-house and seasoned with their special seasoning blend and grilled on a 1,600° Montague broiler to perfection. All of these steaks served with your choice of 1 side.


Au Gratin Potatoes$11.00
Garlic Whipped Potatoes$11.00
Caramelized Onion Mashed Potatoes$11.00
Parmesan Fries$11.00
Sweet Potato Casserole$11.00
Sauteed Asparagus$13.00
Smoked Gouda Mac and Cheese$13.00
lb. Baked Potato$13.00

Sides offered by Stoney River have the same importance as any other menu section has. With superior quality and loveable taste, they are not far behind in the manner of  providing the visitors a well deserved eating experience. These side orders come in different appreciated varieties. Each has a distinct and unique taste.

To give you a more interesting dining experience, the Stoney River menu particularly serves those sides that could be easily matched with your main dish. Along With gratifying taste and excellent quality, these sides also have accessible prices. 


Key Lime Pie$13.00
4 Layer Chocolate Ganache Cake$15.00
Carrot Cake$16.00

The desserts Stoney River menu has to offer are fascinating and mellow. They offer some of the best quality desserts to the customers.

The desserts served at Stoney River are divinely tasty and have the capability to cast a magical spell on you. There are a total of three different types of desserts that you can choose from.

About Stoney River USA

Stoney River is the most popular restaurant chain where you are entertained with hand-cut steaks, fresh seafood selections, signature salads and house specialties. It was founded by J Alexande’s in 2002. The restaurant was  started with an aim of serving the best Steaks to the locals at a an affordable prices so every single individual of any class and community can be the owner their food. Since its emergence till now, it has remained true to their words and taste among its loyal customers.

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Whether relaxing at the bar or dining in the comfortable atmosphere, their mission is to provide the highest quality food in a polished environment, delivered by professional servers with a sense of genuine hospitality. They have managed to spread their brilliant taste in different areas of the country with their 13 successful locations.

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